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    Say hello to my newest great-granddaughter and future Falcon fan - Nyomi Ashli Rose, born 11/23/16 with Great-Grandma's help! She's perfectly perfect and perfectly beautiful and mother and daughter are amazingly well! And I - am in love - all over again!
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    http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/blog/article-1/Falcons-Alum-Kerney-Analyzes-Beasleys-Progress/389cfa39-f345-4fc9-9157-a5592489bc72 Falcons alumnus Patrick Kerney, who tallied 58 sacks in eight seasons with Atlanta, has a story that, in many ways, is similar to Vic Beasley's. Both were first round picks. Both dealt with challenging adjustments during the early portion of their NFL careers. And both worked through adversity to become reliable pass rushers. In a follow-up to an interview from February, Kerney spoke with AtlantaFalcons.com about Beasley's progress this year. Andrew Hirsh: Thanks for taking the time to chat. Now that we’re more than halfway through the season, how would you evaluate Beasley’s performance so far in 2016? Patrick Kerney: He’s been operating much more intelligently. That’s the best way to sum it up. I’ve yet to see him line up seven yards outside the tackle. He’s obviously done the math on the shortest distance between two points. That makes me wonder — he’s got a pretty wise teammate now in Dwight Freeney, who is as fast as any pass rusher who has ever played. He probably made (Beasley) aware that if you start too far away, no matter how fast you are, you’re just not going to get there. Also, he’s reconciled with the fact that he has to address the hands of the blocker. A lot of young guys who come to the NFL who run well are under the impression that they are so fast that they can sprint past the offensive tackle, sprint left or sprint right and be after the quarterback. The physics and geometry dictate that it’s just not really possible to sprint past the offensive tackle to take the edge. It just doesn’t work. So Vic has realized that something has to be done with the hands. AH: When you first entered the NFL, you had a star pass rusher as a teammate in Chuck Smith. Based on your experience, how much does it help someone like Beasley to have a mentor like Freeney? PK: To reference Chuck, he was a guy early in my career who believed in — and still professionally believes in — the art of pass rushing, as well as the science of it. Dwight handles himself in that same level of professionalism in terms of really honing his craft. It’s why he’s one of the best pass rushers to ever play. Having that influence around someone like Vic at the player level where there is no barrier in terms of management vs. labor or anything like that, when it’s within the fraternity, it makes a big difference. It reduces any doubt in terms of the intentions of the advice. Dwight is obviously an incredibly proven guy. Dan Quinn and I are friends, and this spring he said, “I’d love to have you down some time to talk to our D-line about the pass rush," but when they signed Dwight, I was like, “You don’t need me to talk to your guys anymore.” AH: Quinn recently told the media that Vic has done a good job preparing for and adjusting to each offensive tackle he’s set to face in a given week. How critical is it for pass rushers to study opponents? PK: You can’t overstate the importance of understanding the opponent. Not only from an individual standpoint, but also from an offensive coordinator’s standpoint and how they run their protections. You can pick up sacks just based on tendencies and how teams run protection — where the center’s going in relation to the back, and what that then means for how the tackle is going to be set. It’s sort of a domino effect in terms of, "The center is doing this, that means the guard is going to set this way, which means the tackle is going to move this way." A lot of critics were saying Vic needs to put on 10 pounds, 15 pounds. I said no. It’s neck up stuff for him. And I see evidence that that’s (developed), and the numbers reflect it. AH: When we last spoke, you mentioned the value of having a “power rusher” inside. It seems like Grady Jarrett has been that guy in 2016. PK: I’ve definitely seen Grady supply that pressure up the middle so the quarterback just can’t step up. The quarterback can either get smacked in the chest by Grady or stand back and risk getting struck from behind by Vic. The sack-strip Vic had (in Philadelphia) — think about that, the way he reached from the tackle and stripped the ball. With less interior pressure, that’s literally three inches from not being a sack. That’s not even one shuffle step, that’s just (being able to) lean forward with no sense of interior pressure. No sack, no fumble, no change of possession. So that’s how we all work together in a pass rush. It’s showing through for Vic. AH: What do you think he needs to do at this point to improve? PK: Probably the biggest key to improvement is a philosophical one. Just understanding that no matter what type of numbers he ends up with this season or what accolades he receives, the effort is never over. The effort for improvement is never over. No one’s ever played a perfect game, no one’s ever rushed the passer perfectly. Continuing to develop an understanding of how to improve himself — that’s a never-ending journey.
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    Sometimes, you have to look just beneath the surface to see the beauty in a teams cumulative record. One difference that some overlook is that 6-4 this season has been a much tougher road than 6-4 was last year. We started last year by sweeping the NFC Least in the first 5 games of the season. Only one team in that division would finish over .500 (Eagles at 9-7). We went 3-1 vs. the AFC South. Only one team in that division with finish over .500 (Houston 9-7...Colts finished right at .500). Of those 8 games, 7 of them were in the first 10 games of the season, and they accounted for 100% of our first 6 wins. Another way of saying that is that we got to 6-4 without beating a single team outside of the worst two divisions in the NFL. I don't think any of the 4 losses came to a team that was over .500 at the time we played them (Colts, like the Eagles this year, went to 5-5 after beating us). This season, we have 6 wins. One important aspect of three of those wins is that we have beat every team in our division once. Last year, we had won zero division games at this point. 3-1 in the division is not what we talk about, but it may be the single most important difference between this season and last season. Here is the more obvious difference between 6-4 now and then. We have beat 6 teams that have a combined record of 32-28. Road wins against Denver and Oakland are the highlights. Yes, we had two extremely lucky bounces on consecutive late drives to beat Oakland, but the win still counts. We also shot ourselves in the foot with penalties plenty of times in that game. Only 2 of our losses have been to teams under .500 when the games started (Eagles 4-5, Bucs 0-0, Seattle 3-1, Chargers 2-4). To the jeers of some, I commented before the season that we could finish with the same record this season, and still be a much better team. I think the information above supports that sentiment. We have the same record to this point, against much tougher competition. Record wise, we actually have it pretty easy from here on out. Of our 6 remaining opponents, only one has a winning record (I do think about 3 of them give us serious matchup problems at the LOS). Last year's record and this year's record look alike on the surface. If you look a little deeper, the team's talent, execution, and game plans are far superior in 2016.
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    Did he try to break the bank on his last contract? Ryan is like Julio. He'll get what he's worth, but he's not going out trying to redefine expected contracts for his position.
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    You just have to love it folks! It appears we might have found Abe's replacement. After 10 games the Falcons have one of the best pass rushers in the NFL in Beasley with 9.5 sacks and 4 FFs. Only 3 other pass rushers have a half sack more than him wit 10 sacks each. Beasley also leads the NFL in forced fumbles and already has 30 tackles. This is amazing! This year Beasley is putting up similar production to Abe in his prime. This is indisputable. Think about , the most forced fumbles Abraham ever had in his 15 seasons was 6. Beasley already has 4 in 10 games of his second season. Beasley already has 9.5 sacks in 10 games his second season making him on pace for 15. The most sacks Abraham had in his 15 season career was 16.5 sacks with his second best season totaling 13 sacks. Beasley is on pace for 48 tackles this year, the most tackles Abraham ever had in a single season was 53. I loved John Abraham and I love Vic Beasley. I have only love for both of them. I'm simply providing some perspective at just how good Vic is playing this year. I'm also not PREDICTING Vic will be better than Abraham as that would be a prolific prediction even I wouldn't make, I'm simply saying he's got the talent to be as good or better just as I said last year. Crazy Trav, Godzilla1985, Sidecar Falcon and 3 others like this
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    Its been 8 years since ive seen members of the right use the stock market as a measure of anything political. Good times.
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    I see a lot of team friendly deals during the season .. RS is a player that deserves a contract ... Reward your udfa that has proved he can play
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    The real issue here is that Trent Richardson is considered a professional.
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    Adorable. My wife had our kid on the 19th as well. Right on time for Thanksgiving too! Congrats
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    So with everything that has been going on I figured I would start a Thanksgiving thread....let's talk about what you are thankfull for and what you are having for dinner. For me I am thankful my girlfriend who is one of the kindest and most well meaning people I have ever met.... and now that she is out of room...........I am thankful that the falcons are still relevant!! For dinner we will be at her family's house with the typical stuff....I am making home made cranberry chutnee and home made green been casarol with bacon and criminiI and Portobello mushrooms.
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    Today is a day to come together, drop the agendas and just be grateful for all we have. I've traveled the world and seen so much suffering, disease and grinding poverty and know how blessed we ALL are to live in this country despite its imperfections. I've been to Africa several times bringing food and had starving children screaming at me for a single slice of white bread. We are so fortunate here in the US. Happy Thanksgiving my brothers and sisters
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    It's like everyone forgot we just dominated TB in their house
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    With the Falcons drafting later in the first round, a dominant defensive lineman is less likely than a Quality upgrade at Guard at that point in the draft.
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    Yea it's wonderful to have a day we can be thankful for all of our bounties. It's great to be in a place where we can be grateful that we do have things but most important is to be thankful for family and friends--even our TATF friends. Things come and go but family and friends are most precious --hold them dear.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We have been through a lot this year, both as a nation and as individuals, but I am so thankful to be living in a country where we can agree to disagree and still be friends, I really feel that we are family (Yes including the crotchety old Uncle and I'm really not sure what Aunt Mae put in this casserole); and when the chips are down, we all really care about each other. I love you guys
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    Like everyone else, I'm thankful for family, friends, etc. But I'm also thankful for my adopted sons birth mother. She's led a rough life, dealt with substance abuse, made countless poor decisions, but she did something for my wife and I that we couldn't have otherwise done. Thankful is an understatement.
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    The commercials will be glorious. :lostone stands at a urinal and pees: :upon finishing, he walks out of the bathroom...without washing his hands: :just before exiting shot, lostone looks directly into the camera: "You know what's really disgusting? The special interests and lobbyists who control our government." :walks off camera:
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    My black Muslim jiu-jitsu coach has taken to wearing this t-shirt to class.
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    I agree that the remaining games will determine what happens with the Falcons. Pretty much the way it does every year for every single team in every sport in the entire world.
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    to all. lets remember today is a day of unity. there is enough in life dividing us. the falcons help bring us together. happy thanksgiving and thanks to all the men and women that protect the freedoms we enjoy so that we may enjoy this day with our loved ones.
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    Man Dallas got a good looking offensive line. That's what zone blocking is supposed to look like. Interesting that Bill Callahan who built their line is on the other sideline today. Washington's line has been playing well lately too, and that's without Trent Williams.
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    That sounds like an Urban Dictionary euphemism of some kind. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    VB jr is ahead of the curve IMHO. I wanted ATL to draft him above all others and he hasn't disappointed. Played through injury and bossed when healthy...thanks DF.
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    One more season under Freeney's guiding hand and Beastly will be a certified ninja QB assassin.
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    Crunching the numbers, means an 8 mil signing bonus, with 4.25 of his salaries guaranteed. It also means a 2.6 cap hit in 2017, and 6.6 in 2018 and so on His 2017 cap hit is barely larger than his 2016 Edit: OK, so factoring in Prof's post below, this actually gives him a just over 7 million cap hit in 2017.
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    I saw a good piece on Dak on ESPN. He was raised by a single mother (his mother was white and his dad was black) who said he would play for Dallas, and she died of cancer his senior year in college. It's sad that she's not here to see his success.
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    I love it. I remember a few years ago everyone was saying there's no need to draft a back in the top ten, that it was an interchangeable position. I love what Dallas has done with their team. Running is the essence of football.
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    My god this awful half time lip syncing tool.
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    I take everything in terms of Julio on the injury report with a grain of salt. The guy is always hurt because he just plays so hard and physical. Nothing will stop him from getting on the field. I mean, the guy broke a screw in his foot, came back on the field and made a left handed deep ball catch. Beast
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    It was one of those games where you just knew about 5 minutes in that the Falcons hadn't shown up. Even with Philly doing everything they could to hand it to us, in your gut you knew it wasn't happening.
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    Yeah there was a big blow up on some of the Reddits and twitters about this when Trump disavowed the Nazi element. What Watson is calling the new right. Which is a very eclectic group were telling the Nazi fringes to dump their leadership and get right. It is a interesting story how these groups got kind of intertwined. That is why I posted the video talking about how this really all got kicked off in that Hillary speech. It was kind of a plan by the more new right element to get pushed out into the public with bad publicity in order to just lure people in. Then red-pill them as they call it. That is why months ago in the old thread I posted the Watson video of that Clinton speech where he told them they had walked into a trap. Ah I can not wait to tell my Grand kids how a goofy meme effected an election and changed the course of a country and possibly the world. You can not make this stuff up. MSM got their ***** kicked by internet trolls and **** posters. Greatest election EVER!
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    Why not? Democrats used cooked unemployment numbers as evidence of their success over their last 8 years. Then had the nerve to be shocked when the rust belt told them to get bent.
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    Their offense runs through Johnson now. Palmer has regressed and Floyd and Brown look like different players. Fitz is still a good player, but that offensive line is horrible.
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    I am thankful that my family is healthy and happy. Thankful to be a citizen of the U.S.A. even though Trump is President. Food is always great on thanksgiving . Thankful for 6-4 falcons.
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    That's awesome. Hope he keeps playing on a high level for us.
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    Don't fret he's just being real and a realist and really real.....
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    We have too many fans who ask people to sit down, too. I think it's a good move to bring the black jerseys in against a ULL. It removes that ridiculous "fake juice" point those fans love spout and reintroduces it as what it is - a cool alternate uniform. Having a "blackout" event for a game is only a positive.