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    We're a family of 5 again. We got this guy today, an older gentleman is moving and couldn't take him with him. He's a Boston Terrier mix, not sure what he's mixed with. He's very sweet. He and Waylon are still getting used to each other. We're trying to decide on a name. He's about 2 1/2 years old.
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    Ellie Mae will allow McPigglesworth to be used.
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    Not surprising he's a little punk butt female dog.
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    Yeah... I like the whole walk up to the "biggest guy" (figurative usage only of course) and punch him concept, but in reality I'd rather see LSU in the SECC were we to make it to Atlanta. I definitely want to be in the game if we can get there, but heck if I'm going to ask for Kirby to go H2H with Saban in year 1 if we can avoid it. LSU would be good as well to have Chubb/Fournette showdown and would be a better matchup. Still not saying we would win that game, but it would likely be a more enjoyable game to watch. 2017/18 is likely a better timeframe to see us really competing, with a full recruiting cycle for Kirby and this year's freshman class getting some live fire in the SEC.
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    After the conference, he was cursing out some of the media.
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    So can this little Japanese girl named Chicchi Pipeline Walk don't Run Chicchi with Nokie Edwards
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