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    Quick hit Q/A with recent commit Trey Blount. Link That's a pretty exciting little nugget there. The bit about the two Offensive Linemen has been shared a lot, but looking at the university as a whole and all of the individuals he could influence to help our program is pretty cool. Love everything I've heard about the kid so far and just seems to be really excited to wear the red and black.
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    Hey, new to the board but a Falcon fan since 02. I'm 29 born and raised in Wigan, England and a big fan of my local Football (soccer) team as well. Played as a OT on my local American Football team in the U19s league until a serious knee injury. Looking forward to next season already especially after the draft. #RiseUp
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    To boat sails to cover her endowments. Clowney, is it just me or is she packing downstairs?
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    Sadly, my wife's aunt shared this on her facebook page. I didn't have the heart to tell her....
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    I'll join your book club, Reese.....
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    People keep forgetting about Tyler Simmons. He ran a 10.67 100m (at 200lbs) last week.
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    So...That's why they're Team Cap...