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    Yup. As good as our run game is this year, he still would have made more of a difference than Beasly has!
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    You are the number one reason why I don't come on here anymore. I don't know if misspelling so many words is your schtick or if you are legitimately stupid. Either way you come off as an imbecile. You are in every thread with nothing but garbage. Sac, is there anything you can do to clean this up? It's gotten just a tad out of hand. Thanks.
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    So we're playing Auburn at noon on CBS. Since it's at Auburn, I'm good with that time.
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    Todd Gurley is everything anyone that watched him at UGA knew he was. I'm not surprised one bit. It's why I wouldn't have been upset one bit had the Falcons drafted him. I actually had him ranked 2nd on my list of wants behind Beasley.
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