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    UGA Football Live ‏@UGAfootballLive 22s22 seconds ago 5 star ATH Terry Godwin is sticking with The University of Georgia! #GoDawgs #UGA
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    Read all my posts, before mouthing off about WHY I'm HERE!! I already said in a previous post...IN THIS THREAD, that I'm here talking about this and bitching about it...Because we're ALL buying the same Product...NFL Tickets, and what effects you all today will end up effecting me down the road! I don't sit in the nosebleed sections of Raymond James, and I doubt many here sit in the nosebleeds of the Ga. Dome either. In fact where I've sat...for the PAST 39 YEARS would cost me in excess $80,000.00 to $120,000.00 just for the the right to buy tickets!!! If you can't figure out why people are pissed off and bitching about this, I suggest you re-examine your priorities. Because I've ponied up BIG TIME over the past 39 years, and sat through some miserable ******* football, as well as many here have, I'm sure. To have that loyalty all of sudden shoved up your ***, is something I'm gonna be very, very, VERY LOUD ABOUT in my protest. You wanna meekly say, Sure Arthur, and Rodger, could you just give me a little kiss on the cheek first...By my Guest! But I encourage those here that are sick and tired of the never ending greed of the NFL and its owners, Take a stand! I know if this were the Glazers trying to pull this crap and turn our team into a fauna for the wealthy 1% I'd be screaming everywhere. Like I said earlier, if they keep getting away with it, its simply a matter of time before they're doing the same thing down here. DON'T LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU!!!!!! Stand up for yourselves, and the loyalty and $$ you've shelled out over the years!!!! YOU'RE FALCON FANS!! LET 'EM KNOW IT!! BE LOUD & PROUD!!!!
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    This thread is like herpes & psl's--it just wont go away
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    I'm sorry you are incapable of reading a diagram. The lower bowl between the 10 or 15 is indeed now club section. Even esmithidoc said that in a previous post. You are wrong, sir.
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    mods please delete this thread 1% vs the rest of the world
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    I don't think anyone is embracing it. I hate it. With a passion. I hate the idea of them. But, I love going to the games. Even if I choose not to purchase the PSL's, I'll still be getting tickets and going. For me, and many other fans for that matter, being at the game, experiencing the sounds, the electricity in the air - the passion from other fans - even the freaking heartbreak with other fans - is what we get up before dawn for , drive 3+ hours to get there for, face the traffic and the hassle for - every home game - and we keep coming back for more. It's a passion and I would have to add - an addiction. The experience is different when you are there. You see things you don't see on TV, you experience things you can't experience from a television set - no matter how big it might be or how great the surround sound. I watch the game at home if I can't attend, but it's not the same. Not even close. I am wanting to be there every minute that I'm watching. So - I'll still go to the games. That's my choice. I won't pay the PSL's if I feel they are not reasonable enough that I could resolve the purchase later if I had to. But, I will buy tickets - and I will attend. Yes, there will be fans who will no longer attend. They will lose some good fans from the stands. But, if the team performs well, they'll sell enough new ones that it won't matter to them. To us, though, the fans who have Falcons in our blood and can't get enough of the game day experience - we'll have to survive either by conforming or changing our method of attending.
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    You know what I can buy for 10K?..which is really 20k if you take your wife or someone.. seriously..
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    It's paying for the chance to pay for entertainment.
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    Roquan-my head said Ucla. My heart said uga.
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    lol van jefferson pushed his signing back now to 3:45.
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    munky, I really don't have any idea how you can look at the map that the Falcons have put out and think that the sideline seats are not considered club seats. It couldn't be anymore explanatory.
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    These PSLs are going to explode in Blank's face. Bank on it.
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    This thread represents the biggest FAIL in the history of viral marketing. People who have 10,000 to 45,000 to spend on a PSL are few in numbers on this board I think, and I doubt that any of their decisions will be influenced by this guy's pitch. And in the process of giving an inneffective sales pitch to the few elite on the board, he's managed to enrage every fan who'd like to have season tickets but can't afford a PSL. That is probably 98% or 99% of the people that have read this thread. Very well played Falcons. Very well played.
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    And you really expect us to believe you don't work for the Falcons Ticket/PSL Dept.? Dude, you're insulting the intelligence of every Falcon fan here! Do your superiors know you're doing this? You all should call the ticket office and complain about this guy. Unless of course, they instructed him to do this... How low can you get? If I were a Diehard Falcon fan, I'd be pissed that they'd send someone into their team message board lying about his identity, just to hawk these ridiculous PSLs.
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    Your solution usually only deals with one hand though, right? Lol
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    I know one way to defeat her. It's NSFW though. She looks like the freaky type
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    I see your point doc I love PSL's It's good for our fanbase and builds team spirit, RISE UP crap on the poor haha stupid fans who don't make enough money is their own fault
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    Yeah the guys behind us are starting to actually lose it completely Wiz/Raps both lost yesterday I'd rather be in our position where although Lebron is really the only true vet with real postseason experience. We've got Horford/Teague/Brand/Thabo/Kyle I'm trying to figure out if Millsap and DMC went to postseason with the Jazz(Yeah it's been that long it feels like since I've heard they were a threat to be in postseason etc.) Think at least for Millsap they did go so that brings total up to 6 players and I could think DMC also so maybe 7. Still the only true threats for us are Bulls/Cavs Bucks/Raps still scare me, but Bulls/Cavs will get those calls we all know that.
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    The bolded is what killed me about PSL's. I'm not a STH, but if I was I'd be pissed. I go to games occasionally, and even though watching it at home for free is great, there really is no substitute for a live game. But the games are already great in the GA Dome. I don't care if there isn't a 500 foot tall 4K video screen, or if the seat is wide enough to accommodate Grady Jackson - just watching NFL football live in the crowd is an experience in and of itself. But because the NFL is so money driven, they have to make it as appealing to as wide a range of folks as possible, so they need to attract the folks that, unlike Tandy and I, aren't tickled shitless by simply watching a game in person. They need all this fancy bull **** to attract the kids, spouses, and indifferent corporate types to come to the games. And the folks who get screwed are the ones who don't care about all of that stuff and just want to watch some football. Sure, the amenities are cool, but they're not essential to me. I'll take the OP at his word and believe that he's an eye surgeon that lives in East Tennessee and is a STH. But based on everything he's posted, he sounds like someone who really only cares for the amenities and luxuries at the game, and not necessarily the game itself. Maybe I'm assuming incorrectly there, and maybe that's an unfair statement to make, but as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones once sang, that's the impression that I get.
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    Couldn't have said it better. When I finally was able to move back to the Atlanta area and get tickets, I did and I'm going to keep going. If I have to downgrade my tickets to the top row of the upper deck, so be it. I have too much fun going down there tailgating with friends and going to the games to give it up now.
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    Come on up to UGA Roquan the water is fine...
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    He represents auburn well. Yoga pants, suede loafers and a pink jacket.
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    I would bet money that if Blank was on the other side of this, he would never go for a PSL, as it is a bad investment with a terrible ROI.
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    Radi Nabulsi ‏@RadiNabulsi 1m1 minute ago Dan Quinn may have just made his most popular move to date.
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    I'm glad we took 2 guys late who really wanted to be at UGA.
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    I'm still laughing at your response. LMAO
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    The Giants and Jets tried this in the New Meadowlands and they weren't able to sell all the seats. Their PSLs had lower prices than the Falcons. NYC has 20 million people in the metropolitan area and 400,000 of them are millionares. They also have passionate fan bases. If those teams couldn't succeed with this, I think it is a pretty good sign that the Falcons effort will be a complete failure. Will be interesting to watch.
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    No Chit!!! This doc fellow just digs a deeper hole with every post!
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    esmithidoc....ranting fans? You are here to doing the same. Geez man you are calling out the whole fans.
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    A freaking hour before signing day? No respect.
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    One other nice change is that there are large outdoor patio areas (much larger than Falcons Landing altogether) that are actually inside the stadium property (requires your ticket to get in). They are doing this so people have an incentive to enter the property with their ticket early and then hang around. This will clear a lot of the congestion getting into the stadium and allow people to get to their seats in time for kickoff easier. I saw this at the Dallas Stadium and it made for a much better experience for everyone at the game. You can see the patio areas a little in the end view picture above.
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    Caitlin: "You deserve a peak" I'd do some seriously nasty stuff right about then
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    That's because they are giving current Club seat holders FIRST DIBS on seats that used to belong to long time season ticket holders. Then they are pricing them so high that they assume there won't be a whole lot of people displaced. Because a lot will have to drop out or move to upper level.
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    The current Club seat holders (in the Dome) are being offered Club PSLs in the new stadium. We have until Feb 15 to commit to new Club seats, then those will be open to STH who are not currently in Club seats. The new stadium has a total of 75,000 seats, 7,500 of them are Club. The first 30 rows of the lower level seats between the 40s are Founders Club with a 45k PSL. Mega, why did you drop your season tickets before there was a PSL?
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    I've been a fan since the age of ten and for forty two years I've bled red/black and it was tough being a Falcon fan in school, college and even in the business world. I've heard just about every joke about the Falcons imaginable. Our halls aren't exactly lined with hardware. The product they have put on the field and the history of this franchise doesn't even remotely justify this move I would have been happy with a dome renovation and keeping ticket prices affordable for everyone. I was excited at first about the new stadium but they way they are handling the cost with PSL's, contractual obligations and the worst they have the audacity if you do not payoff your PSL by 2017 you will be charged interest are you ******* kidding me. Even our beloved DR. above stated he went on a 10 year financial plan. Now just let that sink in we have gone from my father taking me to see a game in Fulton County Stadium on his only day off after working his *** off in a plant to be with his son to this corporate greed bullshitt. No stadium could be built or amenities imagined that could replace that. Now here's the irony my father instilled a work ethic and I worked my *** off all my life and now through hard work I'm financially secure. I could afford any ticket in the place but I refuse to part with one dollar toward the new stadium. (not gonna lie I may use Stub Hub and see a game of my choosing) I'll go to our local bar with friends and family and raise a beer together and celebrate our Falcons and thank my dad for that Falcon coat at 10 and all the times we had at Fulton County Stadium together even when times were tight. Nothing can even come close to those great memories **** you PSL's
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    You don't seem to understand...at least about what I'm saying. Say you've had 4 season tickets in the first row on the 45 yard line for the past 45 years.....They're telling you know you either have to pony up $180,000.00 or get the **** outta those seats! A fabulous way to say thanks to those loyal enough to sit through season after season of crap. You explain to me how that is even remotely fair to longtime Falcon fans......Go ahead, I'll wait.
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    If people think the Falcons are going to sell out the entire stadium worth of PSLs, I think people are smoking some serious crack. Remember that purchasing a PSL is a lifetime commitment to buy season tickets. I don't even think they would sell them all if the price was 1 dollar.
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    Sadly at this point i think the Falcons do not really consider or view any long time fan(or season ticket holder for 10+ years)or for that matter anyone on a message board as part of their targeted demographics(in terms of the new stadium)they are more looking for the corporate types that do not mind paying the extra $$ (basically tax write off/Business expense types)but like others have said it is a fine line (true fans vs. corporate types) at the end of the day they best be winning(a lot) and going to some Super bowls to keep any sort of excitement in the new stadium (or be ready to pay the penalty for pumping in crowd noise)during the sub 500 years when the money folks do not want to show up (because the team is not in style/winning)
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    Well then what exactly is it you're trying to do at this point?
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    The funny thing is the Falcons have been pumping in crowd noise since 07
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    Did St. Nick let you sit on his lap when you transacted this deal?