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    Nah, but your phrase "mindless violence" is kinda what I'm talking about. These days, any act of violence or rioting is condemned, downplayed, or dismissed-- mindless violence, savages burning their own communities, etc. The "correct" way to affect social change is to be nonviolent like MLK or Ghandi, and if you cross that line then your cause is obviously not just. It's propaganda and it's historical revisionism. As if widespread riots and cities burning didn't influence the government's actions on civil rights or Vietnam, and all it took was some nice speeches and peaceful sit-ins. Is mindless violence truly mindless if it leads to positive social change?
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    If only they had targeted Fowler over BJ in the first place like a lot of us wanted.
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    #Braves RF's vs LHP Nick Markakis 2014: .280/.343/.330 Career: .288/.344/.398 Jason Heyward 2014: .169 /.252 /.225 Career: .221/.301/.349
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    Cops don't be in my neighborhood and we don't have any of those problems, so I think your just saying that. Problems only seem to arise when the cops are around. And just because there are no cops doesn't men there won't be some kind of group to uphold civility. But the group ding it now....**** them dudes. I say throw away the system because it doesn't work, not just the cops, none of it works. When I have something that obviously isn't working, I throw it away.
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    I think the thing that Medlen is upset about is the salary in the second year (2016) declining and that I can totally understand. If he were to come back and pitch like he did in 2012 and 2013 and went to arbitration like normal he would be getting $10M plus in 2016.
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    That is pretty d!ckish. Sounds like the joke offer the gave Hudson last offseason.
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    don't watch much baseball if you think those two are close to being similar
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