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    The Shotfather

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Detective Comics sucked until the new team took over, and now it has really gone back to emphasizing Batman's detective skills for the first time since Scott Snyder was on the book.
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    Shotty Nice

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The Dark Knight trilogy had great action sequences, but some really bad fight scenes. The only really good fight scene was when Bane beats the **** out of Batman. They were all too short and not choreographed very well. I really thought the Ra's/Bruce sparring on this ice could have lasted a lot longer and could have been done much more creatively. The Dark Knight Rises sucks complete ***, but the trilogy is still the best comic book movie story ever off the strength of the first two movies alone IMO. Nolan understood the importance of villains, and more importantly the THEMES of the villains, with Scarecrow being Fear, Ra's being Balance and Order, Joker being Chaos, Two-Face being Hate, and Bane just being hellbent on ruination. The execution could have been a little better in some places, particularly at the end of TDKR when they turned Bane, yet again, into a bitchass lackey to a devious woman, but for the most part they're also the best villains that have ever been in a comic adaptation. My two main criticisms of Marvel movies are that the plots seem to always be "bad guy gets possession of glowy-thing that will destroy the city/planet/galaxy/universe and the good guys have to stop them" and all of their villains are empty, boring, and completely forgettable outside of Loki. Hopefully Thanos and/or Ultron can buck that trend.
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