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    If you watch the video, there's no way to see the guy is foaming at the mouth. He was still talking saying he can't breathe after the cop released the choke, and the cop that was choking him was on his back until they could get him down. The dude was about 400lbs, and the cops struggled to get him down on the ground. Honestly, when I first started watching the video, I thought the cop sounded weak and scared, more whiny than authoritative. It was a different cop that came along and took him down. All in all, the guy wasn't complying with police. The whiny cop said he saw him sell a pack of cigarettes to somebody else and they did try to tell him he was under arrest. When they tried to cuff him, the guy pulled his arm away from the cop saying don't touch me, which is when the cop put the choke on him. The cop had the choke hold on him for a total of 13 seconds. Once he was down, he released the choke and was holding his face against the ground. In my opinion, this was not police brutality or excessive use of force. It's sad that the dude died over something so petty, but I can't blame the cops on this one. If I was a cop and I had to arrest a 400lb man, I don't see what else the cop could've done once he snatched his arm away when they tried to cuff him. The link is down due to copyright infringement. It's up on the news website. Link. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/staten-island-man-dies-puts-choke-hold-article-1.1871486
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