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    when it comes to discussing with Swift and a few others, all you can do is go and move along with your day.
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    Hey yall. I am new. I have been arguing for the past couple of days with swift and muskokas. I need help. I need someone with some real clout. I try to persuade them but its not working. I feel like i'm at a dead end street and my car won't go into reverse. Lol. Been reading for years for news mostly but have become addicted. Hope yall welcome me to the family.
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    ya_boi_j I just re-watched the first full-length trailer for the upcoming Capt. America movie and I'm not so sure that Fury dies in it. Check out the scene at 1:57 and it looks like it's post car crash and surgery. Let me know what you think.
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    I hate to encourage you, but this just made Stacey LOL, big time.
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    The jury only deal-iberated for two and a half hour. They definitely were not deal-atory in their verdict.
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    That is interesting. Either way if this helps your family becomes whole again then that is even better. Congrats again.