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    Listening to this around the house makes everyday sh*t seem dramatic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjdK2h0rfnw
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    Also not going to watch episode 2, but I did just re-watch Episode 1. I liked it for a re-establishing episode of sorts and a set-up to the rest of the season, but there were things that bothered me as a book reader. No spoilers I promise, just observations. The lack of the prologue was strange to me. I was hoping to see the prologue done like they did in Season 1. The book starts with the Dragonstone scene and we're introduced to Maester Cressen and the red comet first. It would have been an ominous sight to open up with a shot of the red comet hanging above Dragonstone and then have the events play out that eventually lead up to Maester Cressen attempting to poison Lady Melisandre but the poison not working on her. Would have been a great way to start and show just how dangerous the Red Priestess is. Also bothered me that her eyes weren't red, but whatevs, Dany's aren't purple either so I can get over it. Craster's Keep just looked like a cabin in the woods and Craster himself was way too clean-cut and nicely dressed. His keep is supposed to be this creepy, frozen, disgusting, Texas Chainsaw Massacre type mansion with filth and animals and women taking up entirely too much space. Everything looked too clean and un-scary. When I was reading that chapter in the book it was incredibly off-putting hearing about this place. I hope they really ratchet up the horror aspect of being north of The Wall as the season progresses. Robb saying things to Catelyn in the show that Catelyn says to Robb in the books. They seem to have made Catelyn much less of a strategist and adviser for television purposes but I'm not sure why. Maybe they feel they need Robb to be less naive for the show so he can seem more like Eddard Stark now that Ned's dead baby, Ned's dead. It's her idea in the book to go treat with Renly Baratheon to see if she can win him to their cause and she is also never insistent that she go back to Winterfell to be with Bran and Rickon. She actually refuses an order Robb gives her to return home. Robb is very much caught up in his desire for revenge and Catelyn serves as a calming influence and political adviser for him throughout their time together. I promise I'm not going to be "Book Guy" throughout the entire season, as these are very minor things that wouldn't even matter to most people but I wanted to get one of you guys' opinions that also read the books to see if you felt the same or not. I'm so tempted to watch Episode 2 but I have to wait to watch it in glorious 52-inch HD.