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    I like the cake idea. Or maybe three.....one for each of the parties involved: A Fishcake for our strength and conditioning coach, Jeff Fish. A Fruitcake for DHall, of course. And for Smitty.....a Pound cake, because that's what he would do to the Fruitcake.
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    Rapture. H3ll will have opened up and fire and brimstone would be belching from the darkness of the underworld.
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    Dear MB, I have a non-profit organization called, "ARMS" Assisting Rehabiliting Members of Society That said, we are currently in need of supplies in our pantry. Our food pantry provides groceries for single parent familes, the homeless and working poor. ARMS also supply GED classes, computer lessons, and an after-school program for at risk children. Also, we give assistance to those leaving prison in our after-care program. This is not a joke. We can use your help. If anyone is niterested in helping assist the least among us, please contact me at deonking@bellsouth.net.
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    I agree. I think our fan base needs a new image more than the team lol.
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    Here is an idea..... Smith or the organization will not accept the money. So....set up a paypal account and have the money go to Smith's favorite Charity if/once the team declines to accept our contribution to his fine. A nice donation to Mikes Charity from the fans at AFMB would be a nice gesture. Im in for $25 edit: I see poutlipper already made the suggestion of a charity.
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    I'm in as well. To make this worth while, this has to get media attention and has to be more than like $200 bucks. We need to raise over $1,000 to be significant. If nothing else it can goto a Charity or something.
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    I am feeling generous so i am going to contribute $650. Tell the Falcons to take it out of the $650 I had to pay for 10 worthless preseason tickets.
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    It's a nice gesture, but he's not going to need my money. The Falcons players will be fighting over who gets to pay that fine for coach Smith, and I think donations will be pouring in from around the league, along with congratulatory notes.
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