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    Sigh.... They are not even practicing - they are only doing conditioning and lifting weights right now and its only been one day. I swear ATL sports media is the worse lol
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    You don't need to play hurt when we have Tevin Coleman.
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    I don't think Nick Foles really torched the Falcons unless you consider 23/30, 246 YDS, 0 TD, 0 INT, as being torched.
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    Him and Donald are gonna demolish interiors
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    He was literally an all pro and led the league in sacks and forced fumbles 2 years ago. Played out of position and was hurt last year and now you’re done with him? Lmao this board.
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    "Let's be honest," none of us know who will and won't be there at 26, let alone whether we'll even be there, nor can we effect anything...might as well have fun with it.
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    I just wanted to post this somewhere, figured this thread would do.
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    throwback thursday ..... When scouts turn around like " bruh this cant be right.. did this dude clock in the 4.3s" ...And you are a LB... You might be something special
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    First let me say that when your draft slot is #26, the odds are stacked ridiculously against you getting the pick right - if Falcons had the #1 overall pick, it would be hard to predict, much less giving 25 other GMs the chance to take DQ/TD/Pioli's preferred player. Having daid that, this is a game and it is supposed to be fun - a plug here for @Draftnut57 game - "Pick 20" - where you get 20 picks and we see who can get the most Falcons draft picks out of the 20 you designate....fun game, you should link up and do it. Here is link to it: Onward w/ the mock draft. As I have said in past, at the beginning of draft season I do mocks based on what I would want the Falcons to do. Prior to Free Agency, I wanted the Falcons to draft Georgia OG - Isaiah Wynn. I was also hoping we could figure out a way to keep Poe - although I knew it wasn't feasible as he would get more than he is worth - and his 3yr $27mm deal is more than he is worth in my estimation for a guy that cannot regularly effect the QB. Looking at what the Falcons ARE DOING with signing RG Brandon Fusco and re-structuring Andy Levitre - with Schweitzer/Garland(2nd rd tender) and Harlow - I just don't believe Falcons are going OG - so I am throwing Wynn and Hernandez overboard as draft possibilities. As others have pointed out like @Unintentional Grounding @theProf @FentayeJones and others that keep up w/ it (thank you BTW), Falcons are gonna pick players who they either workout, have in for visit to FB and/or attend Pro Days, interviews at NFL combine or Senior Bowl, etc. Another plug link for this info is here: While not all workouts/visits become public knowledge - my peeps above and others have done a good job keeping track with most of them. Wouldn't be shocked if we drafted some players not on this list and we found out later they had workouts, but this is best gathering of info. out there. Also, from looking at this list, the positions that jump out that the Falcons have had the most contact with seems to be DT, CB, OLB, WR, RB, OT - probably would put them in that order. We have worked out some TEs but not that many. We have had meetings w/ a few edge rushers but not that many. Obviously if a real draft steal at a position other than DT, CB, OLB, WR, RB, OT falls to us, we could go off script, but for now, I am going to stick to the script. Ok.....whew, here we go - cannot believe after all of this I am going to give you a boring/predictable draft but here goes... Falcons showed a ton of interest in Michael Bennett before watching him go to the SuperBowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. Falcons love Bennett the player but I am sure Arthur Blank was not that impressed w/ Bennett the person and mix that up with his advancing age and large salary and Falcons likely bowed out towards the end. However, I see Falcons #1 need is a player that can play on the edge on first downs and kick inside as a passrusher in the nickel - who better to draft to fit this scenario than..... "With the 26th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select..... #1-26) TAVEN BRYAN, DT - University of Florida (6'4", 291lbs, 4.98/40, 30reps, 35" vert, 119" broad jump) - the big question many of you will have w/ this pick is just "will this guy fall all the way to #26?" and it is a fair question. I believe he sneaks through as I think both Vea and Payne will fall down the draft board and neither will be selected before about pick#17. I think he falls, he is a RAW prospect so that will give teams and GMs who are not as secure in their positions pause to take the risk. Dan Quinn is so dialed in on what he wants from a defensive player that he will not hesitate. Bryan will be looked at as a 5-tech and a 3-tech for the Falcons. Taven Bryan checks off most of the boxes for what Dan Quinn wants in a defender - relentless player with a high motor-Check, quick for the position-Check, Warrior mentality-Check, throwing in that Taven Bryan was raised by a Navy Seal and was made to work hard at early age - well that just isn't even fair-Check, Check, Check!!!!!!!!!!! NFL Comp: Michael Bennett Now onto round #2. the list will stay the same and I am not taking DT off the list - remember in 2013 when Falcons took Trufant/Alford back-to-back on the double dip - if you recall that year, Falcons let Grimes walk - similiar to this year when we let Poe walk. Looking at the list of DTs we have worked out, they all look like penetrating 3-Techs - not pure NTs - would not be surprised if Ahytubi Rubin already knows he will be re-signed as depth and short yardage. I have a surprise pick here and I think he leaps ahead of the prospect we showed more interest in early in the process. There was talk at the press conference that one player got moved up and I think it was this guy who had TD and DQ at his workout last week. #2-58) P.J. Hall, DT - Sam Houston State (6'0", 300lbs - wasn't at NFL Combine but tested fast, jump high and quick at Pro Day) - it is no coincidence that the Falcons have shown late interest in this player and he is so often compared to Grady Jarrett. Of course so far it has flopped, but Falcons increased their interest in Duke Riley because his natural comparison was Deion Jones who the Falcons loved in his rookie year. I believe the Falcons would love to have a rotation of Jarrett, Bryan and Hall in the interior with Taven Bryan being able to kick out to 5-tech and rush from inside or outside. This also frees up the Falcons to let Beasley walk should he have another unimpressive year - not saying that will happen or that I want it to - you are always better when your studs perform but I could see a scenario where the Falcons let Vic walk - even if Vic is re-signed, to have Takk/Vic/Jarrett/Bryan/Hall as passrushers would be a DQ fantasy. Many pundits will deem this a "reach" pick just like they said Keanu Neal was a reach and Deion Jones was a reach - F-them! We take him a round early because he won't make it to the back half of the 3rd round. NFL Comp: Grady Jarrett #3-90) Nyheim Hines, RB/WR - NC State ( 5'8", 197lbs, 4.38/40, 35.5" vert, 119" broad jump) - this guy is the 2nd coming of Darren Sproles. Just a big play machine and can be lined up in the slot. He will apprentice under Teco for 1 year and will assume the 3rd down role and backup RB position after Teco moves on next year. Should Teco be traded on draft day, he would step in as #2 RB on day#1. Also has the versatility to be a slot WR with great hands. NFL Comp: Darren Sproles 4th rd) Genard Avery, LB - Memphis (6'1", 248lbs, 4.59/40, 36" vert, 124" broad jump) - state champion power lifter and tested off the charts at the NFL combine for ability to explode - look at those numbers. Can be a Day#1 special teams ace and provide good depth at MLB position. 6th rd) Brett Toth, OT/OG - Army (6'6", 291lbs) - Tough player but will need to be developed and likely headed for the Practice Squad. 7th rd) Michael Joseph, CB - Dubuque (6'1", 181lbs) raw talent who played Division 3 and dominated competition. Will be a big adjustment to NFL level. Could take a few years to develop but could be a find. NFL Comp: Eric Rowe 7th rd) Vyncint Smith, WR - Limestone (6'3", 195lbs) - blazing speed at 4.36/40 and 39.5" vert - he can fly and jump out of the gym. Not ready for prime time and likely practice squad candidate but he has traits that could be developed into a starter down the line if he has the work ethic. The theme you continue to see above and in Dan Quinn drafts is "urgent athleticism" and all these guys above - on some level or another for their positions - show these traits. Obviously as you make your way to the end of Day#3, you see more developmental players. I look at Hines to be used as a #4 WR with 1-2 plays a game being run for him and an instant special teams return man. Can work into the RB rotation as well with more prominent role in 2019. We probably look to pick up a QB in UDFA early and more RB, CB and LB competition.
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    SMDH, should be SB MVP imho. Glad we have him.
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    Jason and Jalen Collins lookin at eachother like "Who brought the weed?"
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    The Saints scout sitting there writing: No way this guy will almost single handedly beat us in a game in a few years.
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    Threads like this really show you the difference between folks that have a high NFL IQ and those that don't know the difference between a hole in their head and a hole in the ground.
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    Would snatch that mofo off the board if he's the BPA at one of our picks. The Burner 2.0. Remember what he did for our offense? Yes I'm a UGA homer but a beast is a beast.
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    For the millionth time...the only people worried about this contract are the fans running around screaming the sky is falling because we can't sign any players because MATT RYANS CONTRACT which is and has been a false narrative from the get go. Matt isn't going anywhere. He never has been.
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    No? I can’t think of anyone who would. Why wouldn’t you just keep the RBs that have been so successful here in ATL already and use that second round pick of a younger and much cheaper WR?
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    Then for your brother's sake admit your knee is jacked so we can go back to the big game. Dang dude if you would have sat out one half we might have a trophy. Remember pride comes before the fall
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    Just thought I'd put this together so we can see who we're looking at and where. Let me know if I'm missing anyone or if I have someone ranked improperly. These are all the folks the Falcons have met with. Some have just been meetings at the Combine, Senior Bowl, E/W Shrine Game, some have been campus Pro Days, and others have been official workouts either on school campus or brought to Flowery Branch for a private. But as far as I know, this is everyone. If I get a chance later, I may even label how we met with them. DL: DL Vita Vea, Washington - 1st DL Da’Ron Payne, Alabama - 1st DL Taven Bryan, Florida - 1st DL B.J. Hill, N.C. State - 2nd DL Nathan Shepherd, Fort Hays State - 3rd DL P.J. Hall, Sam Houston State - 3rd-4th DL R.J. McIntosh, Miami - 3rd-4th DL Folorunso Fatukasi, Connecticut - 4th DL Deadrin Senat, South Florida - 4th-5th DL Breeland Speaks, Mississippi - 4th-5th DL Kentavius Street, N.C. State - 5th DL Justin Jones, N.C. State - 5th-6th DL Jullian Taylor, Temple - 7th DL McKay Murphy, Weber State - UDFA DL Kingsley Opara, Maryland - UDFA LB: LB Rashaan Evans, Alabama - 1st LB Leighton Vander Esch, Boise State - 1st LB Uchenna Nwosu, Southern California - 2nd LB Dorian O’Daniel, Clemson - 5th LB Jack Cichy, Wisconsin - 5th LB Fred Warner, BYU - 5th LB Genard Avery, Memphis - 5th LB Foye Oluokun, Yale - UDFA LB Deion Pierre, Samford - UDFA LB Patrick Afriyie, Colgate - UDFA LB Junior Joseph, Connecticut - UDFA EDGE: EDGE Harold Landry, Boston College - 1st EDGE Joe Ostman, Central Michigan - 7th+ EDGE Davin Bellamy, Georgia - 7th+ EDGE Jalyn Holmes, Ohio State - 7th+ EDGE Jake Martin, Temple - UDFA EDGE Jacob Tuioti-Mariner, UCLA - UDFA EDGE Danny Ezechukwu, Purdue - UDFA EDGE KeShun Freeman, Georgia Tech - UDFA CB: CB Jaire Alexander, Louisville - 1st-2nd CB Isaiah Oliver, Colorado - 1st-2nd CB D.J. Reed, Kansas State - 3rd-4th CB Grant Haley, Penn State - 4th CB Michael Joseph, Dubuque - 6th CB Linden Stephens, Cincinnati - UDFA CB Rashard Fant, Indiana - UDFA CB Lance Austin, Georgia Tech - UDFA CB Chandon Sullivan, Georgia State - UDFA CB Malik Boynton, Austin Peay - UDFA CB Jerrell Foster, Kent State - UDFA CB Mike Minter Jr., Middle Tennessee - UDFA S: S Siran Neal, Jacksonville, St. - 5th-6th S D.J. Smith, South Carolina - 6th-7th S Afolabi Laguda, Colorado - UDFA S Corey Griffin, Georgia Tech - UDFA OL: OT Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame -1st OT Kolton Miller, UCLA - 1st-2nd OC Frank Ragnow, Arkansas - 2nd OG Braden Smith, Auburn - 2nd-3rd OT Tyrell Crosby, Oregon - 3rd OT Brandon Parker, North Carolina A&T - 3rd OC James Daniel, Iowa - 3rd OG Tony Adams, N.C. State - 7th+ OT Brett Toth, Army - 7th+ OT Rick Leonard, Florida State - 7th+ OC Austin Golson, Auburn - 7th+ OG Cory Helms, South Carolina - 7th+ OG Anthony Coyle, Fordham - 7th+ OG Matthew Gono, Wesley - UDFA OG Jeremi Hall, South Florida - UDFA OT Korey Cunningham, Cincinnati - UDFA OT Jamil Demby, Maine - UDFA OC Tejen Koroma, BYU - UDFA OC Patrick Morris, Texas Christian - UDFA OC Harley Vaughn, West Georgia - UDFA RB: RB Ronald Jones II, USC - 2nd RB Nick Chubb, Georgia - 2nd RB Kalen Ballage, Arizona State - 3rd RB Nyheim Hines, N.C. State - 4th RB Chase Edmonds, Fordham - 7th+ RB Boston Scott, Louisiana Tech - UDFA RB Malik Williams, Louisville - UDFA RB J.J. Green, Georgia Tech - UDFA RB Mark Thompson, Florida - UDFA WR: WR Dante Pettis, Washington - 2nd WR Keke Coutee, Texas Tech - 4th-5th WR DaeSean Hamilton, Penn State - 4th-5th WR Deontay Burnett, USC - 4th-5th WR Javon Wims, Georgia - 6th+ WR Richie James, Middle Tennessee - 7th+ WR Vyncint Smith, Limestone - 7th+ WR Jonah Trinnaman, BYU - UDFA WR Jake Wieneke, South Dakota State - UDFA WR Dorren Miller, Carson-Newman - UDFA TE: TE Hayden Hurst, South Carolina - 1st-2nd TE Troy Fumagalli, Wisconsin - 4th-5th TE Tyler Conklin, Central Michigan - 7th+ FB: FB Jaylen Samuels, N.C. State - 5th-6th FB Ryan Nall, Oregon State - 6th FB Nick Bawden, San Diego State - 6th-7th QB: QB Riley Ferguson, Memphis - 5th-6th QB Kurt Benkert, Virginia - 6th-7th QB Tanner Lee, Nebraska - 6th-7th QB Quinton Flowers, South Florida - 6th-7th QB Alex McGough, Florida International - UDFA QB Brandon Goodson, Wofford - UDFA
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    Man this is perfect! Exactly what I was hoping for after hearing we opened at Philly and had NO on Thanksgiving. We should be one of the healthiest teams all year. We have: a 10-day break before week 2 a 10-day break after Thanksgiving a 14 day break after week 7 That's a lot of rest that teams don't normally get during the year. Having a 10 day break before that December gauntlet is going to be crucial!
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    I'll just say his biggest strength as a pass rusher was nullified by how he was utilized last year. Not really a point in having a world class 1st step/get off/explosion when you arent on the LOS
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    A little different mock draft from the ones I've been seeing. All of these players have had private workouts or official visits with the Falcons. 1. Rashaan Evans LB (DQ loves him some LBs with speed and coverage ability. Evans would give Falcons one of the best LB corp in football) 2. B.J. Hill DT (Got to replace Poe) 3. Nyheim Hines RB/Slot Receiver/Returner (track star with 4.38 speed, versatile as change-of-pace RB or speedy slot receiver, Falcons desperately need a a Returner) 4. P.J. Hall DT (Grady clone, penetrator and disrupter) 6. Kurt Benkert QB (need a better, lower-priced back-up QB than Matt Schaub, who is counting $4.5 million against the 2018 salary-cap. Draft Benkert and cut Schaub) 7a. Nick Bawden FB (no FB currently on the roster) 7b. Vyncint Smith WR (4.36 speed with 39.5 vertical. Reads like a cross between Taylor Gabriel and Aldrick Robinson )
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    1. DT 2. WR/TE/RB 3. DB 4. DT 6. FB 7. OL/TE 7. LB
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    Love this! Think what you will about TO, but dude knew how to prepare and put in work. https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2018/04/11/matt-ryan-says-julio-jones-is-working-with-terrell-owens/
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    Very underrated signing. I for one am sick of seeing Alford covering punts right before having to cover on defense. Our ST coverage just went from a weakness to a relative strength
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    That's 5th out of 26: "RANK 5 Thomas Dimitroff, Falcons Dimitroff gets extra credit because he's made the Falcons into a consistent threat with two different coaches (Mike Smith and Dan Quinn), a rare feat. The Falcons' roster is built primarily around his draft picks, with some key veteran acquisitions, like center Alex Mack and wideout Mohamed Sanu. The Falcons stick to their core philosophies (SPEED! URGENCY! MORE SPEED!) and regularly field a roster without glaring weaknesses. Using a deep bench of experienced evaluators behind him, Dimitroff has only suffered through two losing seasons in the 10 years since he arrived, and he has the Falcons positioned to contend throughout Matt Ryan's prime. It's not Dimitroff's fault thatDevonta Freeman missed that third-down block in Super Bowl LI." Belichick is number 1, then Steelers, Eagles & Ravens GMs round out the top 5. Think that's a pretty fair assessment and ranking.
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    The fuk has Finneran done or won? How many championship teams has he coached?
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    Sigh. That game. That golden opportunity. I still can't bear to watch a single moment of it. I can REMEMBER Brady on the turf watching Alford's back recede into the distance with what I was sure was the clinching play. Or Julio's beautiful other-worldly catch that I thought had saved us and won us our first Lombardi. But I can't watch them. It's still cringe worthy to think about 'em. UGH.
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    Amazing how you were able to still get his first name wrong despite it being in the posted tweet. I'm impressed.
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    Matt and Sarah had their twins, Marshall and John (Johnny). https://www.instagram.com/p/BhUHhmfD_Hy/
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    1 year deal for the LB/SS! http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/transactions/article-1/Falcons-agree-to-terms-on-a-one-year-deal-with-safety-Kemal-Ishmael/09259e1f-c63b-4110-b2f7-be0fa6124b85
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    It is amazing how some express such condemnation over a young kid making a mistake like pulling his girlfriends hair. It’s ok,e they’d want him never to work ever again. They want him absolutely destroyed. that kind of wholesale condemnation is more a reflection of who is throwing the stones than it is Hageman. Hageman made a bad mistake and paid an enormous price for it. Do we really need to wish for total destruction of the kid? Who here hasn’t done something, maybe drive with your kid after having a couple of beers, or even drive after a few beers to get home? Many others would suggest that was far worse than what Hageman did. Do you deserve to be destroyed for it?
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    Seriously, NFL.com allows you to sort stats by position and year. For second year TE's this year, it's Hooper and Henry and nobody else is close. Hoop: 49 catches/526 yard/3 TDs. Henry was better Henry 45/576/4, but not by a whole lot, after that, nobody else has more than 30 catches, 350 yards , most have 1 TD Would have been the 2nd best 2nd year TE in 2016 3rd/4th in 2015 3rd/4th in 2014 2nd in 2013 2nd in 2012 Would have been 5th/6th in 2011, but the 5 ahead of him were Graham, Gronk, Hernandez, Gresham, Dickson. For a 2nd year TE, Hooper had a pretty good year. Hoop improved by 30 catches and 255 yards this year, he does a similar improvement in his 3rd year, you've got a real weapon. If he stays the same, still a valuable piece.
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    It must be so hard for some of you to get up in the morning.
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    Lol I'd let half of TATF walk long before I ever thought about letting Jake walk. Ya'll think left tackles grow on trees...they don't.
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    I can't keep up with all these moves we are making its too much for me.
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    Enjoy the draft and complain after every pick you don't like. Endorphins bro.
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    I’m against the idea of trading up for any position this year. Maybe if Quentin Nelson was within reach, but that’s not the case. Top player on the board at 26, or try to move back.
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    Does he know if he truly has passion for the game now?