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    Lmao if we can't win scoring 37 pts MAYBE, just maybe Sark isn't the issue.
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    Yeah I figured some one was going to blame Sark.
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    Why are you even talking about Matt? We scored 36 points today. That should be enough for a win.
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    This is a loaded thread, I better Duckett.
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    Matt Ryan season stats to date: 68.3% completion, 1316 yards, 9.1 YPA, 12 total TD’s, 2 INT, Matt Ryan stats 4 games into the 2016 season: 72% completion, 1473 yards, 10.5 YPA, 11 total TD’s, 2 INT Ryan is playing like an MVP. He is currently on pace for 48 touchdowns, 8 interceptions, and 5264 yards....and his team is 1-3. Unbelievable
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    Odd how it's always after facing Matt Freaking Ryan that DB's and DC's lose their jobs... yet it's always Matt's fault on these boards when we lose...
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    I'm Snelling a click bait thread
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    Your choice. You're a Freeman
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    Been a disappointing season, but this guy has not been disappointing. 156/224 (69.6%) 1955 yards 14 TD's 2 INT's with 2 rushing TD's as well
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    And when all of a sudden Ridley disappears because defenses can double cover him with no Julio around the line of thought will get re-evaluated real quick.
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    This thread sucks, I hope someone Turner's it around...
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    If I’m being honest with myself I find I enjoy the season more the less time I spend around this place. And that’s if we’re winning or losing. So I feel you homie.
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    Pretty sure DQ doesn't give a flying **** about your fantasy team ...
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    i am sure it kenn be done.
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    Gents (and ladies), I have been going back and forth on whether or not I was going to post one of these posts, but I decided to due to the amount of good people that are on here and those I have grown to appreciate and enjoy. Also, a couple things this is not...this is not a cry for attention. For those who know me, know I could not care less about being front and center with some 'look at me' post...this is not that. This is also not an attempt to get anyone to try to convince me to stay. I also do not need that in my life. Finally, this is not one of those posts where someone says they are leaving only to be back 12 hours later. This ain't that. This is my goodbye to this forum and to the friendships I have formed therein. I was going to @ all the people that I have grown close with, but honestly it would be too long of a list and I would undoubtedly forget people so I will just say I will be DM'ing the people that I have grown closest with this week to get their contact info to stay in touch. If you would like mine, please do the same. I've been sitting on this for a week mainly because I got a nice week long vacation at the hands of Larry. The week off was justified I must admit...he gave me warning points which I did not agree with, and I had some less than choice words for him via DM about those warning points. The fact of the matter is, this forum has been trending downwards for some time. The good posters and posts are drowned out by all the bad posters and posts. It seems like there is just this constant regurgitation of the same bad, inaccurate, unfounded, conspiracy posts and it just makes it incredibly hard to focus on the good that this forum brings. I find myself more annoyed and angry when reading through these threads more than anything else and it just seems pointless to put myself through all that any longer. Seeing the 'I'm Done' thread, and the replies kind of sealed it for me knowing that it isn't just me feeling this way. I also want to use this time as a plead to those who can turn this place around...so consider this my exit interview, mods. @PK Manley, @Monoxide y'all are cool with me. I enjoy your posting, and I think you are good people and good moderators. @DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry, I can't say the same for you. Not sure how you are in person, but to be honest as a moderator of these forums you leave a lot to be desired. You are a hypocrite. You say and do things that you have given me warning points for. You say and do things that go against the the code of conduct you hide behind, including calling someone crazy literally days after giving me warning points for the same thing. You talk down to people. You patronize people. You don't operate in "a healthy and civil manner", and yet it's alright for you to do it because, why? You are a moderator? Nah. Truth is, this place will continue to die a slow death the way it is currently being moderated. Truth is you push the rules when it is convenient for you. Folks continue to go around the language filter. Folks continue to comment on Sark's alcoholism. Every single thread goes against the "Provoking or instigating arguments in a way that disrupts the board's general cohesiveness will not be tolerated" conduct argument...and yet, you seem to want to push points for those of us who call a spade a spade and call people out on their terrible posting. We have people here who make terrible thread after terrible thread. Filling the front page with several different threads about the same terrible thing. We have folks who love making up clever and witty nicknames for players that make them sound like children. We have folks who routinely move goal posts and beat around the bush whenever a more knowledgeable poster tries to teach them something about the game, or this team and players, and yet they go unchecked. Because why? Because it's more important for you to seek and destroy the folks who call dumb posts dumb? Maybe if you did a better job of moderating these forums, people wouldn't have to make these posts calling others out? Maybe if there was a post limit for creating new threads? Maybe if the negative reputation was brought back? Maybe a combination of all of the above would prevent this place from circling the drain? I don't know...but picking and choosing when to enforce rules and picking and choosing when to apply warning points instead of being consistent may be a good place to start...just a thought...maybe try to make this place tolerable again? I appreciate the time I had here and I appreciate those of you who I have grown close with, you know who you are. As I said, I will be reaching out to some of you this week to get your contact info so we can keep in touch. I will miss y'all. This will be my past post here RISE UP!
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    I'm done with TATF. This place is a total train wreck and I just don't understand it. I'll still post in TATB and college sports but I'm done with TATF. I will not let this place suck the joy out of my Atlanta Falcons. I still love my team. I still believe in my team. There's a reason so many great posters have left here over the years. Selah!!
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    This thread is going better than I thought. Really Rison up the list.
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    ??????? He's already in the elite class. Not having a ring doesn't mean you aren't elite.
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    It sure is. Hopefully one day we can all crack open a Beerman
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    I'll leave this here just in Case.
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    Why so he can slam into big fatties penetrating our backfield? We need to fkg block someone man.
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    I honestly am baffled by stuff like this. Isn't wins what matters? If so then why all the constant *****ing and moaning?? Most regular season wins since 2015 Patriots - 40 Chiefs - 36 Steelers - 35 Panthers - 34 Vikings - 33 Falcons - 30 Seahawks - 30 Those are the only teams in the NFL with at least 30 wins since the start of 2015. Most playoff wins since 2015. Patriots - 6 Falcons - 3 Steelers - 3 Packers - 3 Broncos - 3 Eagles - 3 Those are the only teams with at least 3 playoff wins since the start of 2015.
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    Kony Ealy is a bum. Robert Ayers was cut a day after signing with the Lions. Let's not act like we're missing out on something just because you know their names.
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    This GAME defines Matt's career in Atlanta He goes 29/39 for 419 (10.7 YPA), 3 TDs, No Picks or Fumbles, puts up 36 points and can't get the W because the defense can't stop a wet dishrag.
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    Threads like this is why i enjoyed the down vote button.. you knew the second you saw the name what kind of thread it would be. I vote we bring it back
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    I know everybody is in panic mode about the defense given all of the injuries that have happened. But it doesn't matter if the DC isn't putting the guys he has in the best positions to win. The first step Manuel needs to do is help himself and his defense. There were several issues with the plan of attack Sunday, starting from the very first snap. This falls on both the DC and the players understanding who they're playing and who's on the field and figuring out how the offense is going to attack you and with who. We all knew going into this game the Saints offense goes through Thomas and Kamara. Yes, we were shorthand. I heard that a million times now. But that's nothing but an excuse in my opinion. I'm going to show examples of just small changes Manuel could have made to at least give himself a better chance. Play One: As you see, the Saints line up in a 3x1 formation with the back side TE (Watson). That means Meredith, Thomas, and Ginn are the WRs. We clearly see it's man since Kazee is on the TE and the CBs are all on the other side. Problem? Poole is the one in man vs Thomas, not Trufant or Alford. If we're in man, how does this possibly happen. ESPECIALLY considering we see Trufant is inside on the WR closest to the ball, so you can't blame this on him just playing his side. This tells me clearly that they had no intention of Trufant matching up with Thomas in man situations. None. This is inexcusable. The result? Michael Thomas gains 35 yards. Play Two: It's 1st & 10 from the 23. The offense lines up in a 12 personnel shotgun. This play comes down to understanding personnel. The Saints TEs are not major threats. Thomas is the only effective WR on the field. Given the field position, Manuel decides to play a very passive Cover 3 coverage. The result: You end up with three players guarding two TEs. Tight Ends. Nobody is within 15 yards of Kamara, the ONLY other receiving threat on the field after Thomas. Lack of awareness by the players on the field. Clear passive playcall by the coach off the field. Result? 11 yard pitch and catch. Play Three: Lack of awareness. Why isn't somebody always checking for Kamara? And this is a Cover 1 call. Somehow Kazee and Campbell decide to double a TE instead of putting eyes on Kamara and making sure he's covered. This is pre-game stuff. It was clear nobody was the primary cover guy for Kamara. Yes, Debo is gone. But SOMEBODY has to have their eyes on him. Luckily this doesn't connect because it's a big play waiting to happen. Play Four: 3rd & 14. Clearly playing the sticks. But I have no clue what coverage Manuel called. For one, Trufant is 1v1 on the back side with Thomas. Everybody else is to the field and keeping everything in front of them. Here is the result: Thomas is running wide open. Wide. Open. On. Third. Down. You've got two people doubling Cameron Meredith. For everybody complaining about Sark going conservative at the end of the half, you better save some for Manuel here. Line up and play for a stop and don't concede the 3 points. In a game you ended up losing in OT. I've got plenty more plays, it's just late and I don't need nightmares of this plss poor job Manuel did.
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    Somebody'll just tear a ligament locking the door.
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    There will soon be one of these with Quinns face if it doesn't get fixed
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    Well that's a load of Mularkey
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    Yeah, the camaraderie on display here is great, really Tuggle my heartstrings
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    Ito is leading the NFL in missed tackles per rushing attempt. This dude is shifty. Looking forward to seeing him get more carries. Looking like another great mid round RB selection by TD & Co.
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    Dan Quinn announces Freddie Falcon placed on injured reserve, will miss remainder of 2018 13 It’s disappointing news for a mascot fans were expecting to return soon. By Matthew Chambers@FalcoholicMatt Oct 18, 2018, 10:00am EDT SHARE https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/10/18/17989838/dan-quinn-announced-freddie-falcon-to-be-placed-on-injured-reserve-ir-falcons-injury-mascot Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports The season of injuries continues strong. The Atlanta Falcons lost Devonta Freeman for likely the rest of the season thanks to a groin injury this week. It started with Deion Jonesand Keanu Neal going to injured reserve after Week 1. Then came Andy Levitre, Ricardo Allen, Grady Jarrett, Matt Bryant, and even today injuries of unknown severity to Mohamed Sanu and Calvin Ridley. Just when you think the Falcons could not have any other injuries, Dan Quinn confirmed rumors from earlier in the day: Frederick Falcon is heading to injured reserve. “This may be the toughest injury to overcome this season. After consulting with multiple doctors, it was determined that Freddie [Falcon] needs to undergo surgery. He won’t return this season. But there’s no quit in this team. We are always talking about next-man-up. It’s time for some younger guys to step up and keep us in this season. We know Freddie, and he’s going to fight to come back healthier, stronger, and hungrier than ever.” This is disappointing news, especially since Quinn previously stated the injury was not expected to keep Freddie out for long. Quinn expressed vague but optimistic statements about Freddie getting closer, and yesterday’s MRI being only precautionary. Not even 24 hours ago, Quinn described being “very optimistic” Freddie could suit up against the Giants. “We might not be able to replace Freddie’s sunny demeanor, the feathers he leaves all over the **** place, or his breakdancing skills, we know he will be around the facility, rehabbing, motivating players, and working on his hype skills.” Atlanta has no good replacements for Freddie at this time. The team could trade for Swoop from the Philadelphia Eagles, or take a radical route and sign Fredbird from the St. Louis Cardinals. Neither would come close to Freddie. The roster move marks the 6th starter placed on injured reserve after only six games.
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    LMAO he was 29/39 for 419 yards and 3 TDs. Sure, he 'could' have completed 10 more of those (in some bizarre Madden Fantasy world), but are you really gonna try to put any reasonable degree of proximal blame on him? 3 of our ~4 best defensive players are out and the D (perhaps expectedly) was embarrassed yet again. But instead of bellyaching about the need for marginal improvement from the replacement (and a few regular) guys on D who played terribly, you whine that a guy who had a(nother) great day didn't have an unrealistically magical one, and blame him for the loss. The mental gymnastics on display on this board are truly top-draw.
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    I was wrong about the guy, he is performing regardless of having wimps like Wes, and Fusco at G. He is a genius and I am an idiot. Anyone want to donate some food for tell the truth monday? Our defense will be eating for two.
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    Okay, been meaning to get this one for a while. About a month or so ago after our first game I made a thread pointing out how Matt missed a couple of gimmies that could have changed the outcome by not going through his pre-snap reads and I think what I was saying might have went over a few folks' head. Well as I suspected, he quickly got the problem ironed out and has been playing light's out the past few games. And when I say "lights out", I mean he's putting up another MVP caliber season that I fear is going to waste. But that's neither here nor there today. I wanna talk about the good. PRE-SNAP READ (PSR): first off, what is a pre-snap read? Glad you asked. It's exactly what it sounds like. The QB steps to the line and he's going to get a read on the defense before the ball is snapped. He's looking for every little clue that's going to if not completely give away the exact coverage, narrow it down to one or two possibilities. Now every QB, every system has its own "ritual" if you will, but generall speaking QB breaks the huddle, ideally with around 16-15 seconds on the playclock. He's wants to get everyone lined up so he can take his time looking over the defensive alignment. He's looking at the safeties. This is a big one because corners can lie, linebackers can lie but safeties will tell you the truth. Their alignment will usually give away the coverage. Are there two high safeties, or one high? Two high, it's cover-2, man under, or quarters. One high, it's cover-1, or cover-3. Are there two high safeties but they are both sitting really shallow, like under 10 yards? That's an oh **** moment. That's cover-0. You know the defense is bringing the house and the ball's gotta come out quick. What's the depth of the safeties and width? If there are two safeties sitting at around 10-12 yards and they are split kind of wide of the hash, then that's some sort of Cover-2. Are there two safeties sitting a little more shallow, say around 10 yards and they're tucked in a little tighter than normal, sort of hovering over the #2 receiver, that's quarters. Then you move to your corners. Are they pressed or playing off? Are they looking at the QB or the receiver -- that's a big clue man or zone. If they're looking at the QB almost 100% zone. Is one pressed and the other playing off? That's a clue that you're gonna get some sort of split field coverage like Cover-6. If you are in a 3 receiver set what's the slot corner doing? Is he directly over the slot receiver or is he cheating over close to the LOS? If he is and the safety to that side is sitting shallow and playing closer to the LOS than normal, that's a slot corner blitz. What's the linebacker's doing? Are they aligned over their normal gaps or are they maybe stepped over kind of funny? That could tip a blitz, etc. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Every single snap of the game the QB is taking seconds right before the snap to gather as much information as possible. And that information is going to tell him where his first look is on the play. Every play has a progression, 1 to 2, to 3. But who the first look is on the play is determined by the PSR. That's the point I think a few people were missing on the thread I'm referring to. Now I want to first take a look at what it looks like when it's done wrong. This play right here the Eagles are in Cover-0. No doubt about it, the alignment of the safeties gives it away. Instead of taking Sanu right there in the slot who was uncovered, Matt forces the ball to Julio on a 7 route. Wrong read. This is the stuff that keeps points off the board and gets you beat. The PSR should have taken him to Sanu as the first look. Now here's what it looks like when it's done right. I'm gonna throw up a couple of plays... not all in order but (I think) but bear with me. Play #1 - 1st quarter, we're looking at 2nd and 4. You can't see it from the tv copy but it looks like the Bucs were in 3-Cloud (could have also been Cover-6) with a safety over the top to help the underneath corner on Julio to the top of the screen. Good anticipation on this call because we aren't even gonna keep Julio on that side and make it easy for the D. Julio motions across the formation, turning it from a trips look to a trey y-flex. As you can see, the corner does not follow Julio, confirming that this is zone. And here's our new formation. Now what have we learned that we can add to our PSR info? Corner stayed to the top of the screen and didn't follow Julio so we know it's zone. Julio is uncovered in that #3 position and the safety to his side of the formation is still sitting at 12 plus yards so a pressure is unlikely. So we've narrowed the defense down to a zone, most likely a split field coverage based off the corner and safety. Matt pretty much knows right now what side of the field he's going to read first. Quick look at the routes we got Julio running sticks, Sanu clearing out the underneath stuff on a vertical, Ridley a speed out. To the top of the screen Hooper running a hook, Coleman leaking out to the flat. And here we go. Safetys bail and the flat defender follows Coleman, which makes it look to me like the may have checked the coverage to Mable, but whatever the case that's curl/flat concept to that side of the field. Bucs have no chance. As soon as the flat defender follows Coleman the ball comes out right now to Hooper. Hooper didn't quite get deep enough so it's 3rd and 1, but you can see the principles at work. 2nd and 4 just gone get the easy throw. Pass rush has no chance. Matt stays clean.
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    So, yesterday we visited my husband's (Nito's) surgeon who told us everything went really well - but now he has to have chemo to be sure they have gotten everything. However, there is a lot of fluid built up in the remaining part of his right lung - so we have to go back to Emory this week to have it drained out before the chemo can start. Plus - he's down 22 pounds (134 pounds now ) and I need to get some weight on him (truly impossible task - sigh! ). But we want to get his chemo started as soon as he's able. Bottom line - I'm having a quilt made from photos and sentiments from friends and family - and I've saved a spot for our Falcon buddies. I'll put it together in a collage which will go on one of the quilt squares - a nice warm quilt with pictures of the people he loves and pieces of our life. The Falcons are a big piece of our life and I'd like to add this piece. If you could just put a word or two of inspiration, comfort, friendship or whatever to help encourage him - while keeping him warm through the days of chemo. His name is Nito for the purposes of the blanket. Please no cursing though - I don't know what mix of patients might be at the hospital and I don't want to insult anyone. Here are a few quilt patches I've put together so far - to give you some ideas of what we are doing:
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    Atlanta Falcons: C No one has worse luck than Matt Ryan. No matter how many points he puts on the scoreboard, it's never enough. For the second week in a row, the Falcons lost a shootout and for the second week in a row, they lost despite getting a mistake-free game from their offense. If you're wondering how rare that is, well, it's rare. Scott Kacsmar‏Verified account @FO_ScottKacsmar Since 1940, teams scoring 36+ points at home with 0 turnovers are 402-4. The Atlanta Falcons are 0-2 since last week when doing that. Half of the losses are Atlanta now. 3:28 PM - 30 Sep 2018 The Falcons went 11 of 15 on third downs, turned the ball over zero times and only punted once, but somehow still managed to lose. That's not easy to do.
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    The word chruch has its root in the Greek word ekklesia, which refers to the gathered ones. The church isn't the building but the people as noted in Acts 5:11 and Acts 15:3.
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    why would he be laughing when he was a terrible HC himself?
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    all the other QBs that were supposed to surpass Ryan has already came and went, no one has lived up to expectations or first 2-3 years of fluke success. Locker, Luck, Winston, Sanchez, Bradford, Stafford, Griffin III, Gabbert, Tanehill, Mariota, Manzell, Bridgewater, Prescott, Lynch, Freeman, Tebow, Manuel, Ponder, Flacco, Carr, and the list goes on and on lol. Ryan is still here and consistently good, no matter what labels the media and sheep fans try to place on the guy
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    I didn't really see any potential the first time I read the thread and I just Leftwich was a mistake.
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    Any blame on the offense, players, coordinators, is misguided. This one is all on the defense.