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    First off, know this much - I get you. At least on a surface level, it looks like we traded Free, a guy who a lot of TATF liked, for a guy with similar injury issues, a guy who had a down year, and we did it with money that could've been dedicated to the defense. But let me point out a few things that have me high as Khalifa on this Gurley signing. 1) Contract conditional on physical: Gurley's deal with us is conditional on him passing a physical, which means if his knee is really as bad as everyone's making it out to be, he won't count a penny against our cap. Plain and simple. 2) Low risk: This contract is for just one year. And his injury isn't ligament damage - it's arthritis. I have yet to hear about someone with an ACL injury that doesn't have some form of arthritis. It's incredibly manageable at 25. Again, this guy is just 25. The people worried about this are mostly going off what others say. Sure, I wouldn't give Gurley 30 carries every game, but he's not this fragile butterfly you have to tiptoe around. And again - if he fails the physical, we're not on the hook for a dime. 3) The money's right: This move doesn't just mean we get Gurley for a year on 5 mil. It also means we can move on from Hill if no one bites on the 5th round tender (it isn't likely) and save another 2.3 mil or so. Then, we either sign him back or draft a RB in a loaded draft. And we don't even know the breakdown - there could easily be incentives and injury stipulation in the contract. It's such a win-win I can barely understand the gripes. 4) Post June 1st workings: I was annoyed with Tru being designated a Post June 1st cut because it didn't help us with signings at the beginning of FA and it didn't help us with the draft class signings since it wouldn't come free until all our draftees were signed. Well, Gurley was a Post June 1st cut too. What does that mean? His money doesn't even hit the cap till June 2nd. In other words, the money we freed up from Tru (10.75 mil) is going to great use when it likely would have sat for months otherwise. Those saying we should have signed defensive players with it, what D guys are you even talking about? I don't see a single guy with a June 1st designation that was released that interests me. It'll only help with the guys still chillin once June 2nd hits, and the Gurley signing doesn't impact that at all imho. 5) Insanely high reward: This can't be overstated. People saying Gurley had his "worst year," were you around in 2016? He averaged 3.2 ypc and had less yards and TDs than 2019. And that year, it wasn't because he was barely being used. He was just worse. They stacked the box against him, forcing Goff to beat them, and he just couldn't. Why? Because Goff ******* blows. When McVay leaned on Gurley this year, it largely worked, except that OL...oof. Go back and watch All 22 of Gurley, it's free. That trash OL is getting him hit behind the line every play. He gets even one step and it's a first down, if not more. There were so many plays Free hesitated or was too slow on that Gurley makes a big gain in his place. Also, in 2017 and 2018, the offense was marginally better, and they couldn't stack the box against Gurley as well. Here? See my next point. 6) Gurley won't be the focus of the defense: And if he is, defenses will get punished. Holy ****, we have SO many weapons compared to the Rams. Our play action game is going to be lethal if Koetter's dumb *** even begins to get into a groove. He has an obscene amount of weapons at his disposal. I'd love to see teams leave 6 or 7 in the box against Gurley like we faced so often last year. He's going to make them pay, especially if our OL takes the next step like I believe they will. 7) Fan turnout: Sure, this is kinda cheating since it's for AB more than anyone, but I bet sales are gonna pop off with Gurley here. It's a fairweather fanbase. Just the way things are. But if we get a legitimate homefield advantage, games are going to be so much more fun to watch. I'm hopeful. 8) McVay is arrogant: And not in the same way Shanny was. Call it rumor and hearsay if you like, but I've heard that there were issues on McVay's part where he didn't like that Gurley got so much credit for the team's success compared to him and Goff. He was a team captain every year minus 2019. Wonder why? And so much of the creativity with Gurley died in 2019 compared to years past. Then there are the games where he was killing it (Pittsburgh, Carolina, both with 6+ YPC) and he only got 12 and 14 carries in each game (respectively). Both were one score games and they were 1-1 in them. There was no reason not to lean on Gurley. Trust me - there were issues there, and a lot of Rams fans have been saying similar things about McVay either not using Gurley or using him poorly. 9) The draft opened up: I like the RBs in this draft a lot. But it sucks when you're hemmed into taking a position. As is, we were practically locked into taking a RB and CB with two of our first three picks, and arguably a LB in those first three two. That's all needs-based drafting. I hate strictly needs based drafting. This move means we have so much more flexibility. Can we still draft a RB? Sure. I'd love it tbh. But now we don't have to. And we can have more BPA drafting in general. This is all good news, folks. Not to mention, if he balls out, we get a comp next year if he walks. 10) Something to prove: People might hate this reason, but to that, I'll say - these players are HUMAN. Gurley was just recently considered the best RB in the NFL. Over the course of a single season where he was horrendously underutilized, he became "washed," "damaged goods," whatever you want to call it. He was cut. That stings. And now, here he is, headed back to the home of his alma mater, where the most raving of Gurley fans reside, and you want me to believe he isn't going to be working his butt off to show everyone he's still got it. Ha. If it doesn't pan out, the reason won't be Gurley not having something to prove. He's going to be putting his all into this offseason and season itself, guaranteed. It's his last chance at a big contract, and more than that (knowing his competitiveness), it's his last chance to ensure he has a chance to cement his NFL legacy. Anyway, that's 10 reasons. Feel free to add your own. I just can't find any big downsides to this. I'm pumped.
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    One year deal is smart, if he blows up.resign him if not then let.him go. But something tells me that he will be proving a lot of people wrong. This sounds exciting, Gurley with Julio, Ridley, and Hurst ?? Who can all stretch the field. Dmn
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    I think it is indeed possible that nothing of substance is brewing.
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    TD is killing the off season right now! He needed to have a great off season, and he has started in fantastic fashion. Hooper wanted too much money, so he let him go. Free was over paid, so he let him go. Hated to see Tru go, but I get it. Team balled out 2nd half of the season without him, so it makes sense to let him go. Campbell got more money than we could afford, so he didn't resign him either. Letting Beasley go seemed like a no brainer to most, but with keeping him last year, nobody knew. He definitely made the right call there. After losing the players above, the team had some obvious needs, so he goes out and acquires a TE that should be able to hit the ground running - for a bargain basement price. Possibly provide a better weapon for Koetter's offense. He's faster, and a better blocker. Then he goes out and gets a RB that has injury issues, but he comes on a bargain 1 year, prove it deal. He also went out and replaced Beasley with a better player for not really that much more than they were paying Beasley last year. Now he can focus on the defense that needs a few plug and play starters that can produce at a high level early on. He's set us up for draft success by eliminating some of the glaring needs on this roster. The offense is pretty much set, so he can go get us a DT, a CB, and a LB. Maybe he'll get us a C in the mid rounds that can be developed. With the moves he's made, he can move up or trade down. Fact is, he's earning his money. Some of you may not like him, but he's not staying put. I think we are **** lucky to have him, and I am excited about the coming year.
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    Whiniest board on earth. Sounds like yalls cycles sync’d up
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    If you want to grind some tape while quarantined...this thread is for you! NFL Game Pass will be offered free of charge until May 31 to fans within the U.S., and starting Thursday until July 31 to fans outside the U.S. and Canada* with the following features: Game Replays Replay games from 2009-2019 including full broadcast replays of games, commercial-free in HD (International – 2019 season only) Includes Preseason (excluding 2009 season), playoff and Super Bowl matchups from the past 11 seasons (International - 2019 Season only) Condensed 45-minute game replays Access 'All-22' and 'High Endzone' angle footage with Coaches Film Exclusive NFL Game Pass Film Sessions NFL players and coaches take Brian Baldinger and Ron Jaworski inside the film room to break down game-winning plays and technique NFL Shows & Game Archives 2019 episodes of NFL RedZone (International Only*) Previous seasons of NFL Originals such as Hard Knocks, Mic'd Up, & A Football Life Live NFL Network (International Only*) 24/7 coverage of Free Agency, NFL Total Access and more To sign up for their complimentary access to NFL Game Pass, fans just need to create an account on the web at NFL.com/GamePass, or via the NFL app across mobile and connected TV devices.
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    Do the fkg Aints ever do anything wrong according to the adoring media hacks? Ever?
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    That's cool. He's given us the best years the Falcons have ever seen. 2 NFCCG appearances and would be 2 SB's without 2 coaching brainfarts. 7th best record in the NFL the last 10 years I believe it was. Dude has his flaws but he's been good for us.
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    Ryan. Burrow hasn't even played a down yet in the NFL. This isn't college.
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    If he fails the physical the contract voids
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    /steps up to the mic /clears throat "Troffed"
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    Sometimes this group makes me sad to be a falcons fan. Some of y’all seem to just never be satisfied no matter what they do lol. They could draft Jesus as the starting QB and someone would yell bust haha
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    I'm good with this. I appreciate his play for us, but honestly, he just hasn't been the same since he got hurt in 16. And really, I thought the defense played better when he went down that season. He's our veteran, and early last season he wasn't communicating with the other DBs and he was terribly misplaying his assignments. For the money he gets paid, you can't have that. Sorry to see him go, but it was entirely predictable.
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    I always liked Terrell Davis. I’m pleased to hear he made lemonade out of lemons by becoming an orthopedic surgeon after his playing days were over.
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    I know I know not Falcons but **** it Traded for an older lineman, losing a probowl lineman and got 0 picks.
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    Love the trade down, hate the player in Round 1.
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    He was already gone anyway
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    Decided to do this myself to help out those in need like myself who aren't all caught up on every move the Falcons have made. Here's what I know. RE-SIGNS QB Matt Schaub (Option picked up - $2M) FB Keith Smith (3 Years, $4.3M) OL John Wetzel (1 Year) DE Steven Means (1 Year) DT Tyeler Davidson (3 Years, $12M - $4.5M Guaranteed) CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson (1 Year - $1.05M - $137.5K Guaranteed) S Sharrod Neasman (1 Year - $950K - $40K Guaranteed) K Younghoe Koo (1 Year) P Ryan Allen (1 Year) P Sam Irwin-Hill (1 Year) CUTS RB Devonta Freeman TE Luke Stocker OT Ty Sambrailo CB Desmond Trufant - Lions (2 Years - $21M - $14M Guaranteed) FREE AGENT ADDITIONS RB Todd Gurley - Rams (1 Year - $5M) WR Laquon Treadwell - Vikings (1 Year) OL Justin McCray - Browns (1 Year) DE Dante Fowler Jr. - Rams (3 Years - $48M) LB LaRoy Reynolds - Bengals (1 Year) FREE AGENT LOSSES QB Matt Simms RB Kenjon Barner RB Brian Hill WR Justin Hardy TE Austin Hooper - Browns (4 Years, $44M - $23M Guaranteed) OL Wes Schweitzer - Redskins (3 Years - $13.5M) DE Vic Beasley Jr. - Titans (1 Years - $9.5M) DE Michael Bennett DE Adrian Clayborn DT Jack Crawford DT Re'Shede Hageman LB/S Kemal Ishmael LB De'Vondre Campbell - Cardinals (1 Year - $8.5M) CB Jamar Taylor S John Cyprien S J.J. Wilcox P Matt Bosher TRADES TE Hayden Hurst, 2020 4th Round Pick (143) from Ravens for 2020 2nd Round Pick (55) and 2020 5th Round Pick (157). Alright folks, help me out if I missed anything. I'll try to keep this OP update.
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    All first round starting line up qb ryan rb gurley wr juio wr ridley wr treadwell te Hurst lt Matthews lg carpenter c Mack rg Lindstrom Rt mcgary
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    Are you allowed to post "pro-Dimitroff" posts in TATF???? (P.S. I agree with you!)
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    Now if we can replace Kutty with an OC that uses a balanced scheme we might be onto something.
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    We'd have fans here crying their eyeballs out over all the guys we'd have to let walk
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    Now that the Combine is over, I’m doing my second to last mock of the year. The last one is gonna be post-FA, pre-Draft. God knows FA is going to throw a wrench into all the mocker fockers hopes and dreams…so let’s have fun while we can. Disclaimer: I know that the CBA isn’t finalized, so I won’t be doing designated June 1st cuts or assuming a higher salary cap. The proposed changes could affect cap space drastically, freeing up more space for our Birds, but I’ll be using our current cap figures with the projected 2020 cap to limit the hypotheticals in what is already a guess-heavy piece of writing. Other disclaimer: This isn’t what I think Dimi would do, it’s what I would do. I’m trying to have fun writing this, after all. Let’s get into it! Starting Cap Space: 4.5 million (I’ll be using Spotrac to calculate remaining space after trades/adding players CUTS Luke Stocker (2.6 million freed up) Ty Sambrailo (3.7 million freed up) Allen Bailey (4.5 million freed up) I don’t think any of these cuts require much explanation, but if you have questions, feel free to comment. The money can go better places, I’ll say that much. In terms of who wasn’t cut and why – Freeman and Trufant aren’t cut for reasons explained later. Mack is dealt with later too. No one else is really worth talking about, seeing as we either couldn’t free up space or they would have to be a June 1st cut (CBA not finalized). Cap Space Post-Cuts: 15.3 million EXTENSIONS Alex Mack (two year extension, frees up 4 million in 2020). OL, especially smaller OL like Mack, have a history of playing into their late 30s. Mack was much better than I remembered him being last year, enough that I think he has another 2-3 years in the tank. That being said, this could be easily structured as an out in 2022 (the last year of the deal), and I doubt Mack wants more than 8 mil/year or so. His cap number is reduced to 6 million this year (from 10 million) and the next two years are between 8 and 10 million. Also, Mack happens to be the perfect mentor for one of the draft picks I make in this mock. Cap Space Post-Extensions: 19.3 million TRADES Some of these are more likely than others. Remember, it’s what I would do if possible, not what I think the Falcons are likely to do. That said, I think the 1st one is actually likely to happen in some form, even if not to this exact team. The rest? I’m totally aware of how unlikely it is things pan out this way. Falcons trade Desmond Trufant to the Los Angeles Chargers for a 2nd round pick. The Eagles are likely a better fit, especially with having brought on Marquand Manuel as a DB coach, but the Chargers have less money and more needs on offense. The fit here is stellar. Trufant is still a really good CB, just not a fit for what I believe the Falcons are trying to do. The Falcons choose to favor the high draft pick over cap relief, so the Chargers get Tru for 5 mil, 10 mil, and 14 mil over the next 3 seasons (a great deal for a starting caliber CB) and the Falcons free up 5 million in cap space. Falcons tag and trade Austin Hooper to the Redskins for a 3rd round pick. A bidding war is apparently brewing for Hooper, and the Skins, Bears, and Packers are at the forefront. I doubt the Pack is willing to give up a 2nd rounder if it comes down to it, and Washington picks before Chicago, so it comes down to who has the best pick to offer. Godspeed, Hooper…and please, understand that it isn’t you. It’s us. Falcons trade Devonta Freeman, a 5th round pick, and a 7th round pick to the Lions for cap relief and a 6th round pick. The 5th rounder is a pretty steep price to pay, especially given Freeman still has talent, but the Falcons need cap relief bad. I wanted to have the Lions give a 7th round pick back, but instead they give a 6th and we give a 7th to comp the difference since they don’t have any 7th rounders. This idea stems from the Brock Osweiler trade, where he was traded along with a 6th and future 2nd for a 4th rounder and cap relief. The Lions were interested last year and have 46.5 million in space this year, a number that’ll turn into nearly 60 million if they trade Slay like they’ve been rumored to be considering. This move frees up 9.5 million this year and more in the years to come, and the Lions can still cut Free next year to free up 6 million if he doesn’t turn out to be a fit. Falcons trade a 4th round pick to the Browns for David Njoku. This idea has been tossed around a good bit by now, and I think it’s a better solution than any TE that’ll be available in the 4th round of the draft. Don’t get me wrong – I like guys, but expecting a draft pick from a weak class like this to start isn’t great. Njoku has experience, talent, and even production, but for whatever reason, he hasn’t clicked with Mayfield and co. Koetter is the perfect remedy. The Falcons take on no money this year (the Browns are looking for a Day 3 pick and we give them the highest possible) and have a 5th year option they can exercise, making him an admittedly less immediately good substitute for Hooper with no risk outside of the draft pick we gave up. Cap Space Post-Trades: 33.2 million LET WALK Devondre Campbell Austin Hooper Vic Beasley Justin Hardy Kemal Ishmael J.J. Wilcox John Cyprien Jamar Taylor Rashede Hageman John Wetzel Matt Bosher Jack Crawford Matt Simms Michael Bennett Brian Hill Sean Harlow Campbell can be upgraded, Hooper is good but will be expensive, and Beasley will be more expensive than other FAs that can offer similar production. Won’t hate if we bring certain people back if the price is right, but I don’t plan on it. The other guys are JAGs at best and will likely be able to be re-signed for vet minimum contracts if need be. RE-SIGN Adrian Clayborn (2 years 5 mil, 2 mil hit) Blidi Wreh-Wilson (vet min) Tyeler Davison (2 years 3 mil, 1.25 mil hit) Steven Means (vet min) Kenjon Barner (2 years, 2 mil, 1 mil hit) Keith Smith (vet min) Sharrod Neasman (vet min) Wes Schweitzer (vet min) These are all pretty straightforward. Clayborn got 2 mil last year and is the most crucial re-sign, but he isn’t breaking the bank, especially at his age. Neither is Davison. Both get a nice pay bump though. Ditto Barner. Schweitzer gets vet minimum after garnering no interest in FA. The other guys are all vet min too. Vet minimum is calculated according to the proposed CBA values. All in all, when accounting for only top 51 contracts, this puts cap for the FA period at: Cap Space Pre-FA: 24.9 million Not a ton, eh? The nice thing is that only our top 51 count, and after this, according to Spotrac, we have 56 guys on the roster. That means every signing from here on out (including the rookies) is going to be roughly a half million less on the cap table than it appears to be. FREE AGENCY Jayron Kearse (1 year, 2 mil). I would love this move. Non upper-tier safeties don’t get paid much in FA to begin with, and Kearse has some issues that let us snag him cheap. I doubt this move elicits much excitement from those of you who don’t watch the Vikings much. That excitement is likely tempered even further when you look at his recent history, which includes a DUI and some history of undisciplined off-field behavior. However, when you have the limited cap space we do, you have to go with some high risk, high reward plays. When he’s been on the field, Kearse has been a terrific player, and he’s one of my favorite Vikings to watch as a result. He’s a faster and meaner replacement for Kemal Ishmael, capable of playing both strong safety and weak side linebacker. He may very well take Neal’s job, and to those of you who like PFF – he got a 89.0 grade for the season. Not bad for a relatively cheap contract. Bruce Irvin (2 years, 9 mil, 4 mil hit). Irvin comes back to the ATL. Irvin can compete at SAM and replace a lot of Beasley’s snap on the line, and I think he’s far better for the locker room. It’s an easy move to make, but a crucial one. Tramon Williams (1 year, 3 mil). Williams is older, and he certainly isn’t the player he was 5 years ago, but he’s coming off a really good season for the Pack and has familiarity with Whitt Jr. To add to this, Williams is going to be a crucial mentor to our young CB corps. Kendall Fuller (2 year, 8 mil, 3.5 mil hit). Basing the cap numbers on Poole’s NYJ contract. Fuller was one of the best slot CBs in the NFL before the move to safety – this contract is assuming other teams are valuing him at last year’s level of play and not the previous year’s. Fuller has oodles of talent and could potentially shore up the nickel for years to come if the move pans out, but for now, he gets a 2 year contract that’s easy to move on from if it doesn’t. Carl Nassib (3 years, 20 mil, 5.5 mil hit). I think Nassib gets something between what William Gholston and Henry Anderson got, right around that 7 mil/yr sweet spot. He’s certainly not cheap, but Atlanta feels like a perfect fit for Nassib. He’s got plenty of skill setting the edge and has shown flashes as an edge rusher. With our DT group shaping up to be monstrous after the draft, Nassib is exactly what the doctor ordered to make our DL competitive. Cap Space Pre-Draft: 6.9 million Looking up rookie pay scale, this is enough to sign our draft class when accounting for only top 51 contracts counting towards the cap. With that said, let’s get into the draft! DRAFT I’ll admit it – for my pipe-dream mock to be a reality, I’m looking for a lot of stuff to fall our way. That said, I’m trying to be as realistic as I can while I do it. I’m putting myself in the shoes of different teams to see how they’d draft and who they’d be happiest coming away with. PS: I’ll be accounting for projected comps, so if the time we pick seems strange in the 6th, that’s why. 1) Panthers select Joe Burrow, QB, LSU. The trade a lot of folks are talking about comes to pass. The Panthers trade an absurd amount of draft capital, but maybe not as much as others are expecting, given that it’s the first pick in the draft. Burrow’s possible lack of desire to be a Bengal factors in here. I’m seeing something like Newton, a 1st this year and next year, and maybe a 2nd or 3rd this year thrown in. Cheap, considering what they’re getting, but definitely a decent chunk. 2) Redskins select Chase Young, DE, OSU. No surprises here – there’s a shot someone tries to trade up for a QB, but who exactly would they be leap-frogging? Young has been linked with Washington for a while and I don’t see them budging. 3) Lions select Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson. A lot of people have been mocking Okudah here, but despite Slay leaving, I think Simmons may fit here even better. Okudah is phenomenal, but there’s more value at CB where the Lions pick in Round 2 than there is at LB. And with Patricia being a Beli disciple, the versatility Simmons offers is sure to be tantalizing. 4) Raiders select Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama. In the trade-up war for #4 that I predict is going to happen between the Chargers, Colts, and Raiders, the Raiders come out on top because of their two 1st rounders. All the accumulation of picks the Raiders have been doing finally comes to fruition. 5) Dolphins select Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon. I was tempted to give the Dolphins an offensive tackle here, but it just didn’t feel right. They have a gaping hole at QB and picks in the middle of the 1st that seem more suited to picking an OT. And hey – Dolphins gon’ Dolphin. 6) Chargers select Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia. Thomas is the single best left tackle in the draft and I don’t think the Chargers want to go QB here with how little value the position offers after 3 were selected in the top 5. They might, sure – but how likely is that, really? Instead, they pick smart, and maybe roll with the stopgap I imagine they grabbed in FA just in case the draft didn’t fall their way. 7) Bengals select Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville. Doesn’t this feel like a Bengals pick? It could be a WR to pair with Cam Newton, but WR talent is deeper in the draft and the raw potential Becton offers has to be exciting for the Bengals FO, regardless of red flags. 8) Cardinals select Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama. I kept bouncing between Jeudy and Wirfs here, but I think the Cardinals want to give Murray a weapon, and who better for Jeudy to learn from than Fitz? It’ll be exciting for the fanbase, especially since Jeudy is arguably a top 5 talent. 9) Jaguars select Jeffrey Okudah, CB, OSU. The Jags really luck out here with Okudah slipping all the way to No. 9 overall. The Chargers were the other place I could see Okudah going, but after trading for Trufant, I don’t think that appeals quite as much. The Jaguars landing Okudah is a coup in replacing Ramsey. 10) Browns select Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa. The Browns are in desperate need of an OT to protect Mayfield if he has any hope of lasting in the league. Wirfs tested phenomenally at the combine and can carve a path for Chubb on the way to the league rushing title. 11) Jets select K’Lavon Chaisson, OLB, LSU. The Jets are a perfect landing spot for Chaisson, and as much as I hate to admit it, this is where I think he winds up going draft night. With a creative DC putting Adams and Chaisson in the best spots to succeed, and a fiery defense with leadership on every level, this Jets defense will keep the team in games. 12) Giants select Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama. Gettleman considers Epenesa here, despite the poor Combine, because “analytics are for squares” or something along those lines. But with a crappy offensive line and the run on OTs recently, Wills is too good to pass up, and Epenesa may be there with the second 1st rounder accumulated with the Raiders trade up. 13) Colts select Jordan Love, QB, Utah State. While I don’t necessarily think this is the Colts first choice at QB, they failed to trade up, and this is a decent situation – have Brissett start for now while Love learns the ropes and the offense before gradually integrating him into the offense. Hard to imagine a better situation for Love. 14) Buccaneers select Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina. The Bucs are one of the trickiest teams to mock due to so much depending on what they do with their talent in FA. Ultimately, I think DT is one of their biggest needs, and Kinlaw feels very in line with Arians attitude and the way they want to build their team. Kinlaw’s rise post-Pro Day might suggest he goes higher, but I think this is a reasonable time to suggest he’s selected. 15) Broncos select Ceedee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma. The Broncos have been looking at WR for a while, and having Lamb fall to 15 is a dream come true. They run to the podium and get Lock a stellar target that could be era defining – if it pans out. And that brings us to the Falcons…where all of a sudden, guess who’s somehow made it this far? That’s right. Thomas Dimitroff selects CJ Henderson. … Kidding! I kid. Oh God, I hope I’m kidding. Please don’t let this happen. We’ve suffered enough. 16) Falcons select Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn. This is the dream situation – we land Brown, who has slipped after a less than stellar Combine and questions about his ability to rush the passer. Because of the QB selection frenzy and the cluster**** of trades early on, things are naturally a bit messy. Brown slots in next to Jarrett and we suddenly have one of the best DT tandems in the NFL. This improves the entire defense, particularly our edge rush, which has a much easier time getting to the QB when they have nowhere to step up. 37) Falcons select Cesar Ruiz, OC, Michigan. The Falcons nab one of the best center prospects in the draft at 37 in Ruiz. I debated where to go here pretty heavily, especially since Hennessy is a big draft crush of mine, but I feel like Ruiz has the skillset to immediately compete at guard while learning from Mack and settling in more than Hennessy does. Ruiz is athletic, strong, smart, and by all accounts a great teammate. He plays hard every snap and has experience at guard before he transitioned to center his sophomore and junior year. And if he isn’t ready at guard right away, we have the depth to let everyone else duke it out for the spot. 47) Falcons select Antoine Winfield Jr., S, Minnesota. Winfield Jr. might be the safest bet at safety in the draft to be a playmaker at the next level. Winfield’s combine seems to have cleared up a lot of the concerns on his athleticism, but he’s still likely a mid-late 2nd round pick in the eyes of a lot of evaluators due to his shorter stature and more limited versatility. That said, he’s a perfect fit for what the Falcons are doing and has an outside shot of taking a starting role year 1. 55) Falcons select Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia. Hall might be my favorite CB this class not named Jeffery Okudah. Do you hate CBs that are tall and lanky but seem allergic to tackling? Do you hate CBs with physical traits that can’t seem to get their head around to intercept or bat down passes? Then look no further – Hall is your guy. If he’d been healthy for the rest of the year and had been able to attend the Combine fully, I have no doubt Hall would be a 1st rounder, but we luck out with his misfortune. 66) Falcons select Cam Akers, RB, Florida State. Talented guy who fits what DK has succeeded at in the past to a “T.” Akers violent running style is a better blend of power, speed, and elusiveness than any guy we currently have on the roster. He’s a complete back, too – runs routes like a WR and loves to pass protect. Have a feeling the staff falls in love with either him or Dobbins this draft. 78) Falcons select Malik Harrison, LB, Ohio State. Harrison hasn’t received the same level of hype other OSU defenders have, but he’s a perfect Campbell replacement. Excellent tackler, plenty of range, better instincts, great blitzer. It’s hilarious seeing how divided scouting reports are on his athleticism – I think he just moves better than most expect a stocky guy like him should, and he tackles better than most LBs coming out do too. I’d take him in an instant if he’s there in the 3rd and we haven’t addressed the position in the draft. Irvin lets him take his time learning the position and acclimating but he’s a ST demon right off the bat. 182) Falcons select Dalton Keene, TE, Virginia Tech. The Falcons nab Rambo in the 6th to round out a stellar draft. Dude is a mean blocker who didn’t get the chances he deserved at VT, but he impressed in his limited reps receiving. He’s a nutty athlete who can contribute right away in the run game and with TE screens as a 3rd TE and fullback while learning the route tree. All in all, we wind up with this… Final Roster (retained FAs in italics, additions in bold): QB: Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, Kurt Benkert, Danny Etling RB: Cam Akers, Ito Smith, Quadree Ollison FB: Keith Smith WR: Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Russell Gage, Olamide Zaccheus, Christian Blake, Brandon Powell, Devin Gray TE: David Njoku, Jaeden Graham, Dalton Keene, Carson Meier OL: Jake Matthews, Cesar Ruiz, Alex Mack, Chris Lindstrom, Kaleb McGary, Matt Gono, Wes Schweitzer, Jamon Brown, James Carpenter, Lukayus McNeil DL: Grady Jarrett, Takk McKinley, Adrian Clayborn, Derrick Brown, Carl Nassib, John Cominsky, Tyeler Davison, Steven Means, Deadrin Senat, Jacob Tuoti-Mariner, Austin Larkin LB: Deion Jones, Foye Oloukon, Bruce Irvin, Malik Harrison CB: Bryce Hall, Kendall Sheffield, Tramon Williams, Isaiah Oliver, Kendall Fuller, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Jordan Miller S: Ricardo Allen, Keanu Neal, Antoine Winfield Jr., Jayron Kearse, Damontae Kazee, Sharrod Neasman, Jamal Carter LS: Josh Harris K: Younghoe Koo P: Ryan Allen KR/PR: Kenjon Barner
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    GURLEY'S REBIRTH? Don't underestimate the back's dynamic potential in Atlanta Don't let Todd Gurley's recent release from the Los Angeles Rams fool you into believing he's a washed-up player incapable of making a resurgence as the Atlanta Falcons' RB1. The 2017 Offensive Player of the Year will not only enjoy a major bounceback season, but he will re-emerge as an MVP candidate while serving as the centerpiece of an offense that will light up scoreboards across the league. I know those are lofty expectations for a running back coming off a disappointing season on a team that was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender, but Gurley is joining the best offense that he's ever played on. The 2020 Falcons have better personnel at the marquee skill positions, and their offensive line is a significant upgrade over the unit Gurley left in Los Angeles. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself. Would you rather have Matt Ryan or Jared Goff? How about the combination of Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Hayden Hurst vs. Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp and Gerald Everett/Tyler Higbee? What about an offensive line in Atlanta that features five former first-round picks? You want that, or L.A.'s patchwork group that struggled for most of 2019 following the departures of Rodger Saffold and John Sullivan? Unless you're a Rams homer, you'd pick the Falcons' nominees in each scenario. The Dirty Birds have premier players on the perimeter, including one of the best receivers in all of football, as well as a former MVP at quarterback. The mere presence of Jones and Ryan will create more opportunities for Gurley to get loose, and he's proven that he's a monster against light boxes in the recent vintage. According to Next Gen Stats, Gurley faced a light box (fewer than seven defenders) on 43.7 percent of the Rams' offensive snaps in 2017 and '18, compiling a robust yards-per-carry average of 5.8 -- most among running backs with a minimum of 100 rushing attempts in this span. Looking at the Falcons' roster and their potential "11" personnel package (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR), the offense should face plenty of light boxes. Opponents will be forced to largely concentrate on defending the Ryan-Jones connection, with Ridley serving as a high-end complement on the back side. Atlanta will be able to take advantage of those looks by getting the ball to Gurley on an assortment of runs and passes out of the backfield. Before you @ me regarding Gurley's diminishing production in 2019, I think it is fair to ask if No. 30's talents were maximized by Sean McVay and Co. during his final season in L.A. In 2017 and '18, Gurley averaged 22.7 touches, 88.1 rush yards and 135.3 scrimmage yards with 40 total touchdowns. In 2019, those numbers plummeted to 16.9 touches, 57.1 rush yards and 70.9 scrimmage yards with 14 total touchdowns. In addition, Gurley's playtime percentages (75.8 to 74.6 to 71.5) and touch percentage (45.4 to 40.0 to 33.8) steadily decreased over the past three seasons. Did Gurley's health dictate the reduction, or did McVay forget about his top offensive weapon? Remember, McVay pointed the finger at himself in early December. Asked about what caused an uptick in usage for the back, the coach deadpanned, "Me not being an idiot." "Gurley still has it," I was told by an AFC running backs coach who studied the Pro Bowler after his release. "They didn't use him enough, but his speed, burst and running skills are still there. ... He just needs to be featured like he was in 2017 and 2018. If he gets the rock, he will put up big numbers." And as I mentioned before, the Rams' offensive line did not get the job done last season. At the end of the regular season, Pro Football Focus ranked the unit 31st. Tough to run through holes that don't exist. It's easy to dismiss a running back when he has reached a certain point of his career, but I wouldn't underestimate Gurley's chances of re-emerging as one of the top playmakers in football, especially given his upgraded supporting cast in Atlanta. Follow Bucky Brooks on Twitter @BuckyBrooks. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Not sure if already posted, Brooks makes some very interesting points.
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    Bringing it back for those of you who remember that someone made this thread before the 2015 draft. Bump until TD bring Gurlie to Atlantie
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    Your threads are like picking up late night Taco Bell drive thru. Causes immediate regret and diarrhea.
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    OK I'll give it a shot - Basically talks about how much the league has changed since he first became GM. - Talks about the Hooper\Campbell situation and basically how they were unable to essentially pay everybody, doesn't mean they did not want them back. - Called the salary cap situation a non "h.ell" situation says that they will have to be more creative in their spending. It will be difficult, but not impossible. - Was asked about the potential to trade up. says he believes there will be some action between 10 to 20 among NFL teams . Wouldn't be opposed to trading down as well. and maybe trading back up at some point lol. - Asked about the Julio trade and what goes into making a trade like that. says a lot or research and analyzing went into the trade-up of Julio ( contracts, length of contracts, etc.) - Asked what the biggest need, states that they were looking into getting to the quarterback as a big priority doesn't necessarily mean an Edge rusher per-say. "Not honed in on one player". - Asked about selecting a RB before the 3rd round, believes that there is great value in the later rounds, but doesn't mean that they would not be opposed to taking a RB before the 3rd round. That's what i got out of the conversation, not alot of meat lol. Others are free to chime in as well.
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    I have to give Thomas credit where credit is due. Factoring out the contracts, if you look simply at the need and the players we got over the ones we had, we have made three upgrades in free agency: 1. Fowler > Beasley. No question about it. 2. Gurley > Freeman. Both have injury concerns but I would still take Gurley over Freeman. 3. Hurst > Hooper. He is bigger and significantly faster than Hoop and with Ryan throwing it, he will be a mismatch for defenses. I think he may have a breakout year Im not looking at this with rose colored glasses and we still have a lot of work to do, including nailing the draft, but in these three spots we have improved significantly.
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    Said it many times before, Roddy is and probably will always be my most favorite Falcon of all time. I’d tread to say he is THE greatest falcon of all time.
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    After the spelling of the first 3 picks I don't blame you for not attempting Okwuegbunam.