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    Hey Guys, just got back home from Emory Hospital after a week long visit. I'm afraid the news is not very good . They've deemed me incurable , my liver is shot and my kidneys are following suit. I've been sent home to finish up my life on Hospice , theyre job is too keep me comfortable. I wanted to take this time to say Thank you . to each and every one of y'all, our discussions and rants kept me entertained since the noicsseason , had I known about this page , I would have been here sooner, I wanna say a special Thanks to the people Ive gotten closer too @SkerFalcon8710, @Knight of God, @James Powers and a cpl freinds that , I cant remember their nics on here, but we've become FB freinds Maria McDuffie and Charlndes Soles . Ive met so msny nice people on here , I cant namer a em all. @Vandy, Emmitt , thanks for all the laighs , Paytons Forehead , for all the knowledge , Just thank you all, , I appreciate you , And Go Falcons !!!!!!
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    Just came in from church and sat down at the computer, one of Dennis' friends posted that he passed today. Prayers for the family. I put it in his pinned thread, but knowing those tend to get overlooked sometimes, I just thought I'd let y'all know.... RIP my brother! edit to tag a couple of folks: @SkerFalcon8710 @Knight of God
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    No injuries.... That is literally the only thing important about the preseason. Some of you need to get a grip.
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    Isn’t this the same guy that showed up weighing 275 lbs every offseason. What about the work he put in? It’s always easy to place blame everywhere else
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    What a misleading topic headline.
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    Observations and thoughts from Day1 of training camp in no particular order: -Takk looks awesome! Actually the whole D line: Takk, Mclain, Grady and Vic looked really good and they were the 1's..but Takk! Barring injury he looks like he gonna explode this year. Dedrin Senat looks like a firehydrant. I think D line is what I'm most excited about now. -Isaiah Oliver looked smooth. Nothing big to report just looked like he fit in. Today he was playing on the outside in 2's. -Sanu looks ready to go.. best juke of the day during 1 on 1;s. -Julio looks like a horse. made some good catches. I noticed a lot of communication with him and number 2 today. -speaking of #2...he wasn't very accurate today. that seems to happen every year at beginning of camp. At end of practice Ryan and the vet receivers were working on fade's in the endzone. -Freeman looks great. Coleman looks great.good catches, nice bursts. -Deion Jones looks awesome. just reading everything and wading through the trash getting into the backfield. -seems like Takk would have had a sack were it live. -Duke Riley looks really good to the eyes.....fast, laterallly fast, etc. Just not sure about getting through the OL once they reach him. He may have a boom back year , hard to tell but he looks fast and fluid, was with the 1;s.. -Calvin looked smooth. Didn't look blazing fast to me but looked smoooth, looked like he knew what he was doing. -Eric Saubert looks really athletic and comfortable. He was mainly with the 2's but some 1's. -Hoop looked the same to me. had some catches...nothing fancy. -I think Ito Smith came up a litte gimpy. Not sure but he seemed to be limping slightly and then I couldn't find him again. -Cage and Foye didn't stand out -Marvin, Davis and Bryd all looked shifty and fast All I can remember now. D line impressed me most today. Takk , barring injury is gonna be a beast.
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    I don’t understand your point. When it was Julio’s turn they did the same. Paying players like DeBo and Grady is the exact reason why you cannot just redo contracts in the middle.
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    I love you man. We don't give up just because we are told to do so. I will keep positive thoughts and continue praying for you my brother. I haven't been on Facebook, but will see to it, you get my phone number. We don't give up brother. Never. We rest and enjoy the moment and always feel the joy and love we are here for in the first place. Keep the faith and I will continue to have faith my friend. Clarence
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    Can you include that the same management gave Julio the richest WR contract under the new CBA when he signed it?
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    He didn’t say that AT ALL. What he said was it helps to have greg up top because of his recognition and can see how defenses are playing us and can relay that info to sark fast. Why? BECAUSE SARK CANT SEE THE DEFENSE FROM THE FIELD!!! Y’all try any ole excuse don’t you lol. Nice try but it has nothing to do with what you’re trying to say. If the OC is gonna be on the ground he’s GOING to have somebody in the box telling him what he sees. We’re not the only team doing this. It’s been done that way forever lol. Sark usually calls from the ground so Quinn wanted to try it the best way for him. Having someone as experienced as greg in the box is a bonus. The speed thing Quinn is talking about is relaying info to sark fast so he can call a Play based on the intel he was given. Why? BECAUSE HE CANT SEE THE DEFENSE FROM THE GROUND!!! Lol. Either you’re up or down and if you’re down you’re gonna need a greg to tell you what he sees. Football 101. Wow
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    I blame this huge devastating loss squarely on the OP.
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    It's almost like Quinn uses the preseason to evaluate and not to win.....
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    https://www.atlantafalcons.com/_mobileview/news/falcons-announce-that-receiver-julio-jones-will-report-to-camp Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018 11:50 PM Falcons announce that receiver Julio Jones will report to camp Matthew Tabeek DIGITAL MANAGING EDITOR FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff announced late Wednesday night that receiver Julio Jones will be at team headquarters when the players report for the 2018 AT&T Training Camp here on Thursday. Here is the statement Dimitroff released: “We have had continued dialogue all offseason with Julio and his representation. We have come to an agreement with Julio, and we will re-address everything in 2019. I appreciate everyone’s hard work and communication on this. “This adjustment does not impede us from working on other extensions with other key members of our football team. We will continue to work on those contracts going forward.” Jones was absent for the Falcons’ minicamp this summer, but his arrival at training camp means the offense has all hands-on deck to begin preparation for the 2018 season. It also offers the first opportunity to see Jones and first-round pick Calvin Ridley on the field together – and to catch a glimpse of what type of impact that combination could have this fall. In 2017, Jones led the Falcons with 88 catches for 1,444 yards and three touchdowns. He also became the first player in NFL history with three games of over 250 receiving yards, when he caught 12 passes for 253 yards and two touchdowns in a 34-20 win over the Buccaneers in Week 12 last season. The first practice of Falcons training camp will be held at 9:20 a.m. ET on Friday morning. Gates open to the public at 8:20 a.m. Click here for the complete 2018 AT&T Training Camp schedule. The team’s first preseason game will take place on Aug. 10 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., against the New York Jets. Kickoff is slated for 7:30 p.m. ET. Now the cry babies can stop crying!
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    So I attended the first training camp and today I attended the last public training camp/scrimmage. My observation in no particular order: -Hall, Hardy and Ridley all catching punts during special teams drills. No one really stood out b/c they were just catching, not running back. However during this drill I noticed Foye Olukun blow by his assigned blocker. wasn't even close. -No FB stood out per say but I did notice McNitt. He's built like Dimarco. I hope he plays that way. I could not find Ortiz. -First day I said Ryan looked inaccurate. During position drills today he looked dialed in. Ball looked great. Don't get caught up in the scrimmage stats. they had starters and backups in and out like a preseason game. Ryan didn't have a lot of open receivers.. Position drills he was looking great! He and Saubert looked good. -At the end of position drills I found Takk. He was in pads then the whistle blew. I couldn't tell if he participated in position drills or not but then he and a trainer jogged inside when the scrimmage started. He did return as soon as it was over in full pads to engage with the fans and sign autographs. My take- they are playing it safe with him. Scrimmage: -Julio had a great catch over Oliver. Oliver played him close... and drew a flag. -Speaking of Oliver, a few plays later he had an interception in the middle of the field, in traffic , in step with the receiver (Can't remember who). I like Oliver. Hes gonna make mistakes but he's confident and feisty. -Julio on a cross got WIDE OPEN. not sure who blew there coverage but Julio looked good out there. -Duke Riley with awesome coverage on Freeman. Duke was stuck on freeman like glue and forced an incompletion. really impressive and fast. -Marvin Hall had a couple catches, he looks ahead of Reggie Davis. -Dontez Byrd scored from a Shaub pass and then juked around behind his blockers for a TD. Reminded me of a Gabriel screen that would go to the house. -Deion Jones can fly. Sideline to sideline in forcing Coleman out of bounds. Dude can flat out fly. HE better be a falcon forever. -Jack Crawford with 2 sacks today. Looked really good. -Ridley dropped a ball that hit him right in the hands...wide open.. -Alford pretty much shut down his receivers, including blanketing Ridley -Hooper had a few catches..he could have a sneaky good year -Saubert had some catches too. He may be the real deal and it looks like he's gonna be contributing quite a bit this year -I've also seen Paulson,Logan catch a few too. Looks like he can easily contribute to the passing game also. -Ito Smith was back looking strong and unaffected. didn't really have any plays stand out but looked fine. -lots of play action-pass-QB rollouts. -Free and Coleman look ready to play now. thats all I can recall at the moment. The scrimmage looked more like a preseason game for what that's worth.
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    I will not get excited, I will not get excited, I will not get excited **** it I’m excited
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    Family and i went today. Quick standouts to me. Sanu, saubert, number 13, and hb macgee. On defense brooks reed, grady, alford, and neal.
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    All the ppl that were dogging him and he’s dead to you etc... KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY!!
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    I've lost alot of respect for Julio... And yes, I'm sure there will be the Julio supporters yelling at me. I'm just not in the mindset he should be holding out with 3 years left. No one player is above the team. Let him hold out. We will move on.
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    Gonna get me banned but screw it. This needs to be seen by everyone. I’ll take one for the team. See you guys after my suspension
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    And before the overpaid folks come crying...this new deal makes him the 15th highest paid safety in the league. Which, if we are being honest, is probably right where he belongs. Value deal for both sides. Love it.
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    As of late. We play you again this year. I read though Atlanta has beaten us the last 3 meetings. Ouch. When was the last time we won? I hope you guys have s great season.
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    So much for the "he will report" crowd. This is turning into a nightmare and I am thoroughly disappointed in Julio. I know a lot of you will try to act like this is no big deal, its business, etc., but this is pure selfishness and nothing more at this point.
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    im pretty sure beasely jsut ended ito smiths life lol
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    I just hope I wake up tomorrow.
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    I see a lot of you all giving Duke a hard time for the way he played, but I think you should know that he was actually sick & has been for quite some time now. He had the option of sitting out the game so he could get rest & get better, but no... he wanted to fight through it & show the fans how much of a difference all his hard work this offseason has made. I mentioned this in the game thread, but since so many are railing on the poor guy, I figured I should let everyone know. Rumor has it the team doctor diagnosed him with a severe case of this:Decoudies - A rare form of cooties which causes NFL players to take terrible angles, whiff on tackles, and to spend more time worrying about their sneaker collections or mullets than on the fundamentals of football.http://www.webmd.com/decoudies But you all just tear the guy apart like vultures. Shame on you TAFT! Shame. On. You.
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    Chew on this thought. Mark Dominik on Sirius made a great point. Freeman is the highest paid RB but not for long. The RB market salary will be reset this year soon. For all of you “pay Julio” people how are you gonna feel when Freeman next year says hey let’s reset my contract... you did it for Julio.
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    *updates "why_falcon_fans_are_the_dumbest_fans.xlsx" spreadsheet*
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    The trade Julio and Jake folks are having a bad week lol Looks like he comes in a little under Nate Solder. Grady and Allen are next.
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    The team doesn’t have to prove **** in the preseason to help you sleep at night. You think the team is average? That’s your problem.
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    I think a lot is being made about the opening series and somehow Sark is getting the blame. What is he supposed to do when you open up with a procedure penalty and a block in the back? That's a 3 and out any day of the week waiting to happen. No Freeman and no Julio. Backed up early, shortens the playbook. Come on. It's one drive. It sucks that's how it ended, but shlt happens. Get over it. This is almost as bad as people's reactions to Kyle intercepting Matt in TC a few years ago.
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    I remember when we drafted Rico... I was excited ... He was a ballhawking CB for purdue....The guy was cut by coach smith but coach quinn saw a guy that lack speed at CB but has good speed for a safety,Tough as ****, a very good tackling CB , a veryy veryy hard working guy, and a smart player...... Moved him to safety and now he is the leader of the falcons Defense that is now a top 10 D with top 5 potential. Again every players are not star players but Coach Quinn saw something in Rico and see him as a key part of this team A good story man.... From where a guy was to where he is now
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    I think it’s high time that we make a thread of pure positivity to shout out our Front Office. Lets put things in perspective. A high profile player on the team is holding out and we don’t hear any negative news about the relationship being in danger from either camp. The Rams decide to not holding withhold their best player from a new contract, but they grab two players that just joined their team and give them new contracts ahead of him. He is again contemplating sitting out for long. You have the Seahawks losing players left and right while we are maintaining them because of the relationship built. We have the best roster we’ve ever had and created a win win solution for our star player and only after that was resolved did we extend contracts of other players or for TD and Quinn. Even if nobody else joins in the thread Imma shout out and be proud of this staff. Lets hear it!
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    Good question. Gabe was a good Falcon. No need to trash the guy.
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    To be fair I didn’t think Benjamin’s problems were Cam. It was cheeseburgers
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    All rookies, who aren't instant all pros in their second preseason game, need to be cut.
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    I have admired BR50's game for years. INMO he is a brilliant edge-setter. I am happy about this article. I didn't want to edit the format as that first photo says it all. Like, are you sure you want to run outside?: They call him Thor. Brooks Reed certainly has the long, flowing blond hair similar to the hammer-wielding fictional superhero most often seen in comic books. But the name fits for more reasons than looks alone. “He’s a man of few words, but he packs … he packs a punch,” Falcons defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel said while explaining why the nickname fits for Reed. When it comes to Reed’s playing style and how he handles himself off the field, it’s definitely a case of more walk than talk. “A lot of people misunderstand him because he doesn’t talk,” Manuel said. “He has a motor that talks about everything that we do – and we talk about effort and energy. From the standpoint of him bringing everything and sacrificing everything every day, his effort is what separates him apart from everyone.” And those traits are ones that Falcons coach Dan Quinn covets. On the eve of training camp, Quinn listed two areas where the Falcons must improve in 2018: Turnover ratio and consistency. The latter, Quinn explained, isn’t so easy to measure and it’s certainly not something that’s done overnight. “That’s the hard part about consistency,” Quinn said. “It’s a sexy word to talk about, but it takes a while to prove that, ‘Hey, this guy is doing it day after day after day.’” When you think of Falcons players who produce week in and week out, names like Matt Ryan, Julio Jones or Deion Jones probably come to mind for most casual fans. And rightfully so – they’re great players who, in turn, have garnered lots of attention because of their production and accolades. But you’d better include Reed’s name on that list, too. “Game after game, he’s shown he is rock-solid consistent,” Quinn said. “Not only a role on defense but on special teams as well. He’s a real important part of what we do, and it’s men like him that add to the team the toughness, the resiliency. And we’ve got a number of them just like him.” There’s the spotlight and then there’s Reed Reed doesn’t have the gaudy stats; he tallied 39 tackles, four sacks, six quarterback hits and six tackles for loss last year. Nor is he an in-your-face trash talker with elaborate or choreographed sack dances. When players are posting workout videos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram during the offseason, don’t expect to see any on Reed’s newsfeed or timelines, either. In that sense, it’s easy to understand why some fans and the media in general might overlook Reed and what he brings to the defense. Reed doesn’t spend a lot of time under the spotlight because, well, he avoids it. “I’ve never been like a guy who embraces the media and stuff like that,” said Reed. “I’ve never really loved it. Even as a kid in high school I’d get off the field and didn’t want to do interviews. I never liked being in the spotlight." Before signing a five-year deal worth a reported $22 million with the Falcons in 2015, Reed was a second-round pick (42nd overall) of the Houston Texans in the 2011 NFL Draft. He grew up in Tucson, Arizona, played at Sabino High School before going on to play at the University of Arizona. He was a first team All-Pac-10 selection for the Wildcats in 2010. “It’s kind of always who I’ve been, more on the quiet side,” Reed said. “I’m more of a lead-by-example type. I try to be humble about where I am. I know the type of team that DQ wants and I try to really embrace that. And just go out there and embrace my role on this team.” From quiet guy in 'the dungeon' to Thor Reed says that when he meets people that don’t know he’s an NFL player, they sometimes find it hard to believe that he’s a defensive end for the Falcons. “When they get to know me a little bit and then they find out that I play D-line, they’re like, ‘What? You’re too nice. You’re not mean enough!” said Reed as he chuckled. “I’m a pretty even-keeled guy off the field.” Reed then explained the process he puts himself through every offseason. The 6-foot-3, 254-pound defensive lineman said there is no proverbial switch to flip. It’s not that easy. “It takes practice, really, in putting yourself in tough conditions and training your mind and your body,” Reed said. “Once you learn how to do it once, you keep doing it every year. You know how your body is supposed to feel when the season comes.” And then there’s that massive chip on his shoulder he carries with him. “I don’t really care about putting it out there – what I do, how I train, how hard I train,” Reed said. “I put myself into the basement – the dungeon – and just put work in and sweat. And that’s kind of what helps me carry myself and my mentality through the season with a chip on my shoulder.” Reaching ‘that place’ and preparing for battle Reed said that while it takes him a long time to warm up, he’s developed a routine that works for him on gamedays. Part of it includes stretching alone with the headphones blaring music. When asked about his song list, Reed said it was “a wide array of stuff” that includes heavy metal, rap and even classical music. The mixture of songs usually amps him up pretty good, but it’s nothing that gets him “too wild.” “That pregame is to get your mind ready and mentally prepare for a battle,” Reed said. “There is a place that you really have to take your mindset to in order to get that competitive level on Sundays. “There’s a lot of people who can’t get to that place.” While Manuel and some of his teammates refer to Reed as Thor, Quinn prefers to call him one of his “dogs” on gamedays and during practice. And that’s a high complement coming from Falcons head coach. “He one-hundred percent is,” Quinn said of the dog moniker. “His attitude on gameday goes down full-speed to cover a kick and he’s ready to go rush on third down. Those moments I’m in, he has ‘the look’ especially not just on gameday but especially then.” That “look” was on full display in last year’s season-opening win over the Bears in Chicago. On fourth-and-goal on the 6-yard line with less than eight seconds left in the game, Reed clinched a 23-17 win for the Falcons when he came in hot from left side and sacked Bears quarterback Mike Glennon for an 8-yard loss. AP photo/Nam Y. Huh “Sacks come and go and they come in bunches, especially the walk-off sack,” Reed said. “I try not to let that stuff get to my head. As soon as you think you’re on top of everything, you get humbled. That’s what I learned early on in my career.” Reed on his role with the 2018 Falcons defense Reed said that he’s trying to be a better leader for the Falcons’ defensive line, especially with the younger players because he said it will pay dividends down the road. “We all want to win a Super Bowl,” he said. “We want to be the best defense. We have really high goals as a defense – we understand it’s going to take a lot of work, dedication and sacrifice. “It’s always easier to say and set goals, but they mean nothing unless you put the work in.”
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    Doesn't matter, because the season is already over. 0-16 staring us right in the face
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    Ted Ginn seemed to do pretty decent.. Then again he doesn't show up to camp looking like Queen Latifah
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    While mosts player like to take times off during, my homeboy Matt Ryans is football all day, everyday! Matt and his lovely wife Sara welcomed me into there home for a sit down about the upcoming seasons. Emmitt: SORRY Max, let me go over here and get set up for the interview. Matt: GET ¥£*€%#£ SET!!!! Emmitt: ok I’m ready now. Matt: (look of disgust) Emmitt: Tell me Matt, how has camp been? Matt: It’s been a productive camp. We are out here working hard and coming together as a team. With Julio out of mini camp, it’s let the younger guys get more reps...... Emmitt: Julio out? I didn’t even know. I been a big fan of him since the Sanford and Son days. You remember that time he and Lamont when down to the .... Matt: You know, I’ve read your articles on the Falcons Message Board. Emmitt: Oh yeah? Matt: I haven’t missed a one. Let me tell you something. I don’t like Gatorade. Haha. There are a lot of quality people on that board that really know the game well. Emmitt: Well there are some trolls too... Matt: HaHaha! Yes there are. I remember they said I had a noodle arm. I’m always amongst the league leaders in deep balls. Emmitt: Well it feels a little uncomfortable talking about that with Sara sitting right there. Matt: GET THE %€#£ OFF MY CHAIR!!!
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    The non-profit at which I work has been doing so poorly this year that I've worked certain weeks unpaid. Because I take pride in my job, because I care deeply about my co-workers, and because the young people with whom I work need us. And in a whole year I make what Julio makes for a day of training camp. (I'm not saying he should work unpaid. But seriously? He can't work for the MILLIONS of dollars he agreed to?) I love Julio Jones. Truly. But it's hard to be on his side here.