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    For whom the bell toll, Even though I’m the all-time greatest RB with my outstanding years with the cardinal, and even those few years with the Jerry’s kids, I have been a lifelong Falcon fan since I was 6 years old. In my vast experience in the NFL conferences, I believe I should share with you what I have in my forethoughts. Max Ryan has been in the league for 13+ years going back through his time with all of his coordinators and offensive coaches. It no mularky that he has more experience than his current offensive coordination. Even though this situation is a mess, he can certainly deKlutter the situation even with his shannahans tied behinds his backs. I say give Max a chance to makeup his own plays in the huddle. If you give him a sharp stick, he can draw routes and blocking shcemes in the natual weed fields. For the turf fields, he going to have to act quickly and pile up those old tire particales to make xes and hoes. He got a 24 second shot clock so he can get out of the huddle in good and plenty of time. I know you not going to jump the shark this year. You don’t have any time to rent a ski boat and Julio shouldn’t be foolin with that mess while the seasons are going on. And another thing, take you leather jacket off as the lake water will dry it out if it the real deals if you know what I mean. I can’t spoke for all of the fans, but I can say that we will have your back no matter how the seasons go, so to speak. We true Falcon tru and through. At this point you have nothing to lose in making this change, all you have is a winning records for the season Sincerity, Emmitt
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    Someone posted this on Facebook -cracked me up - thought I'd share it.
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    You may know Brian Billick as an NFL analyst and former head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. He was also the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings back when they broke the scoring record in 1998. The Falcons, of course, beat that team in the playoffs, but it was an offensive masterpiece with Randall Cunningham connecting frequently to rookie Randy Moss. The man knows a thing or two about NFL offenses, and he knows the Atlanta Falcons aren’t a good one. Rich Eisen suggested on Twitter the Falcons need to work on the basics, usually a nice way of saying they are struggling to execute. There’s a ton of missed opportunities for the offense (looking at you, Austin Hooper) and this is definitely part of the problem. Billick thinks there are much bigger problems. I hate to oversimplify things here, but we were optimistic that the offense could keep chugging along with Steve Sarkisian. He must literally have hours of game film and hundreds of pages of plans, formations, ideas, and other things that literally just worked. He’s not doing a lot of that. It’s like he’s copying someone’s homework, but doesn’t want it to look too obvious so he’s throwing in some wrong answers in there. But here, he’s clearly overdoing it. This is not anything close to Kyle Shanahan’s offense. As Billick mentioned, they have done away with presnap motions and are doing a terrible job at scheming players open. Taylor Gabriel was successful because he was put in a position to win. You can’t expect an undersized player like that to make a tough catch in traffic. Tevin Coleman was an electric pass catcher but has been predominately used to run between the tackles. Also, what happened to all those sweet three TE formations? The Falcons are heading into the wrong direction, and if Brian Billick is right, it has a lot to do with Steve Sarkisian.
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    Now this is hilarious. First, how in god's name do you gauge percentage of effort? Secondly, if NFL players are efforting at 75% they'd lose every game 52-7...and playing with less effort usually gets players killed, it does not protect them. Finally, why the **** did I even respond to this?
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    This is incredible. Thanks waiting to see how many people don’t get it...
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    How many times has BB trolled a team with his back-up QB's?
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    Thought about reading that, then I decided to just go on with my life.
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    W The Falcons show up to a hostile environment in New York, riding a 3 game losing streak against a team who is in just as bad a mood as the Falcons, and they find it is a freaking typhoon when they get there. Just get the h*ll out of there with a win, any way you possibly can, and that is exactly what they did. The Falcons had a much tougher time with the rain than the Jets. McCown fumbled one snap late and didn't lose it while Ryan fumbled 4 snaps and lost two. I don't remember balls slipping through the Jets hands but Hooper dropped a sure TD and Julio had what would have been a critical first down conversion that would have gotten the Falcons out from their own goal line slip right through his hands. Still, the Falcons persevered in the end. While some will linger on the negatives of a close win, there was a lot to feel good about in this game: Matt Ryan played well when he wasn't dropping the ball. He kept his cool when the Falcons got down and he made a great play, as did Sanu, on the go ahead TD. He made good decision almost without fail and threw an absolutely perfect bomb to Julio at an important juncture in the game. Despite hearing all week how beastly the Jets front line is, the Falcons protected Matt very well and opened up a cut back big play for Coleman that was a critical play in the football game. I saw some people bagging on Wes but I really think the line did fine yesterday in those conditions. The defense got pressure and stopped drives when they needed it most. That was a refreshing change. Yeah you can say "well it was the Jets", but this is a defense that couldn't slow down Cutler and the Dolphins when it needed to. The Falcons absolutely shut down the Jets run game. After giving up at least 117 yards rushing during each game of the 3 game losing streak, this was great to see. Very encouraging performance. Lastly, this team showed mental toughness. That has obviously been lacking in the weeks leading up to and including the Pats game. Let's hope our Birds are getting their minds right. I really feel like they are.
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    I knew we’d have to wait and be patient but man this is just bad. Even if he stayed I’m not convinced we would see any improvement next year. This is pathetic. Usually I reserve judgment but ****... this is insane.
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    I only eat candy once a year...the night of Halloween...I sneak into my kids room while they're asleep and eat a lot of their candy...then watch with a stomach ache while they fight and blame each other for stealing each others candy the next morning...I CANT HELP IT... Go Falcons
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    We have had a lot of different returners over the years and one ST coach...might not be the returner.
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    Hard for a running back to punish a defense when he's only getting 11 carries.
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    Yet some people continue to hate the guy. One of the very few, but incredible of examples of a guy who actually rehabbed in our joke of a prison system and came out truly, a much better human being.
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    I'd rather have Billy Graham. He's tight with God. Guaranteed Super Bowl win.
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    I just feel like coming off a Super Bowl appearance, and one of best offenses in NFL history, was not really the time to bring in a guy who needs prolonged on the job training.
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    Honestly, the problem is, we lost assistants when shannahan left... Should have promoted in house. Huge mistake.
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    You are becoming one of the dumbest posters. Keep it up, buddy.
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    I don't care who they are against, how you get them, or what. Great job and many fans on this board hate playmakers and wins.
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    Not too many people come back from what Vick went through (of his own doing of course) and pay their debt to society and a massive financial debt ike that also. Props to you Vick. __________ Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick made the final $1.5 million payment to creditors on Thursday, meaning he paid back $17.4 million of the $17.6 million that he owed when he filed for bankruptcy in July 2008. The payment and final payouts were confirmed by Joseph Luzinski, a senior vice president at Development Specialists Inc., a management consultancy firm and the liquidating trustee in Vick's bankruptcy. "Paying 99 cents on the dollar, which he did, is remarkable," Luzinski said. "It happens in, maybe, one out of 100 cases." Vick elected to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy instead of Chapter 7, which would have allowed him to liquidate his assets and not owe any more. Vick, who served 548 days in jail for taking part in an illegal dogfighting ring, took the rare step of kicking in future income to pay off his creditors. In the five-year period from 2010 to 2014 in which he agreed to go on a restrictive budget to pay back his creditors, Vick earned nearly $50 million during four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and one with the New York Jets. Vick played his final games in 2015 with the Pittsburgh Steelers and now works for Fox Sports as a studio analyst for its NFL coverage. All the creditors were made almost completely whole by Vick, although the Atlanta Falcons, which gave him a retirement ceremony this year, lost out on their big bet. The Falcons were owed $6.5 million from Vick in a salary settlement negotiated in 2009. Less than two years later, the Falcons sold that liability to Fortress Capital, the investment firm co-founded by Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wesley Edens. What Fortress paid in hopes of getting the $6.5 million back is unclear, as the documentation of the transaction submitted to the court doesn't disclose the amount. But Luzinski said it is assumed they bought it at a significant discount. "That was like playing the lottery," Vick told ESPN three years ago, when he had paid off 85 percent of the debt. "They didn't know if I was going to fully come back, and if you were to ask me, I would have done the same thing. But that's just how God worked in this situation." http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21447070/michael-vick-makes-final-payment-clear-more-17-million-debt
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    I think I need to take a break from this place. The stupidity.
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    Good evening to all. Hope everyone's had a productive week. Been busy, it's been a while since I had the time to post one of these, but I felt a little inspired by last Sunday's game vs. the Cowboys. I wanted to take a look at a few plays from that game that highlighted the continued evolution of the offense. The Cowboys run a relatively simple defens (so does our next opponent, too, btw). You kind of know exactly where they are going to be down in and down out, even though Marineli runs a slightly more aggressive and multiple version of the Tampa 2. Now the advantage to running a simple defense is this -- yeah, the opposing offense is going to generally know where you're going to be down in and down out, but guess, what... we know too. We know where we're weak at. We know what route combinations beat us, so we're know where you're going to be, too. As long as we are communicating, and on the same page, we can keep you in front of us. That brings us to the theme of this thread: motion. There are a lot of reason offenses motion -- yes, it can key the coverage, but it can also shift the strength of your offense, and a defense can't operate unless they designate the strength of the offese. It's kind of their version when the offensive line sets the blocking scheme by designating the Mike. Motions can screw all that up with the simple movement of one player. Suddenly, you see a corner and linebacker and a safety looking at each other and pointing and boom the ball is snapped before they can get eveything checked. This was one of the hallmarks of Kyle Shanahan's offense and part of the reason why you saw so many red jerseys running free through secondary's last year. PLAY #1 - is from the second quarter right before the 2 minute warning. Down by 4 2e are in a key 3rd down that we gotta have. Just not interested in kicking another field goal. First, Dallas's defense. They are in a zone pressure from a 3 man line with two linebackers mugging the A-gap. I can't see the other safety, but they're bringing 5, with Jaylon Smith running a game, and the secondary in a 3-deep match zone. As you can see the Falcons are in a sort of doubles formation with two receivers to either side. Hooper is flexed out wide. Both Sanu and Julio are in the slot positions. With Coleman in the backfield to Matt's left, and the tight end on that side, that is where the strength is designated by the defense. And then this happens. Sanu motions. #31 doesn't follow which signals to Matt that it's a zone. Matt can play it cool because he knows he's got 6 blockers for 5 rushers and it's not going to be a kamakazee type cover-0 blitz so he doesn't have to throw hot. Sanu settles and now the Falcons are in a bunch formation with the strength now to the defense's left. They are in trouble and they know it. They should check out of this blitz and have one of the backers drop, but they don't. The route design here is very well done. You've got Hooper getting vertical. To the bunch side you've got Julio attacking the middle of the field with drag route. If a defender drops to the low hole, he keeps running. If no one shows up, he's going to sit it down right there in the middle at the sticks. Gabriel runs a corner route. His and Hooper's route aren't really active here. Gabriel's job is to occupy the corner to his side so that he can't break on Sanu running that dig route. He's got to run that corner at a 100 mph even though he isn't getting the ball. That's part of the careful choreopgrapy here. Everyone has a job. Sanu's is to show vertical then break on that dig. And this is what happens at the snap, the defensive back playing the low hole pops out and picks up Julio on the drag. Gabriel runs right at Scandrick. Because if this, Scandrick has to wait for Gabriel to clear to pick up Sanu. He's doing his job; exactly what he's supposed to do, but... Scandrick doesn't have a chance. As soon as Gabriel clears, Sanu has Scandrick in perfect position on his outside hip. All he has to do is make that inside move. Matt gets good protection here. 6 on 5 there's no pressure. Matt double clutches for some reason, but it's a clean play. 1st down. The design beat the defense. Drive ends in the touchdown.
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    Defense ends up being a big reason we won the game. And to those of you that think the d just blows the offense has been scoring only 21 points a game this year. Defense is NOT out issue. The only thing they’ve have to do is get back to creating turnovers like last year and giving the offense extra chances. I will say today they looked likea team again oveecame adverse sitiations on the road. I liked what I saw on both sides of the ball today.
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    I want Shede Hageman the beast back on this team ASAP. We need a big DT something terrible and he's sitting right there waiting for the phone to ring I'm sure. He was suspended for 6 games, so he should be eligible for a team to sign him now in week 7. I want the Falcons to sign him. The whole situation is bizarre of how he was abruptly let go. He is way too good a player to be sitting an entire NFL season out.
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    Special teams... keep it to special teams. DC looks too good at WILL right now.
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    Nice pancake bro. Keep it up. Get you some more.
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    I know a lot of people are fed up with the offense. Going from a historic offense to this is frustrating. 17 points or less the past four out of five games. Frustrating. But a large part of the problems lie with execution. Just this past Sunday, Julio drops a TD in a game we lost by 3. Lost to Miami because of an INT in scoring position. Lost to the Bills after losing Julio and Sanu. Julio catches that pass, it's 24-20. Matt and Hooper connect, and it's a tie game with a FG and a victory with a TD with the ball inside the ten. Don't lose Julio and Sanu and maybe you sustain drives vs Buffalo. All things outside of playcalling issues with Sark. The Pats game was the worst one, but even that one, it took a blocked FG and missed FG in addition to the infamous jet sweep on the 1 for lose by 16 instead of 3. Where my frustration lies, and what doesn't get enough discussion, is an underachieving defense. This defense has been a much bigger disappointment for me. The stats of yards per game and points per game are pointless in a vacuum. The Falcons' defense is 12th in yards allowed and 14th in points allowed per game. In a vacuum, that's good. We'd take that all day. But that doesn't even tell half the story. Take a look at this quote from The Ringer: A main excuse I've heard for the defense's performance is "The offense isn't sustaining drives and the defense is tired". That's a good excuse, considering the offense hasn't looked like what we saw last year. But again, it's based on nothing. Through week 8, the Falcons as a whole has 68 drives on both offense and defense. This is the lowest in the league for both, with league average being 83 drives. All things considered, on a per drive basis, which I think is a better way to look at performance, the Falcons' offense is #2 in yards, #2 in plays, #2 in time of possession, and #9 in points. Where they fall off a cliff is in turnovers at #24, interceptions #22, and fumbles #21 along with the worst average starting field position in the league per drive. On a per drive basis, turnovers and field position has held the offense back more than Sark. That's not popular, but it matches what the players and coaches are saying. They just need to clean up the turnovers and get more drives. The least amount of drives in the league. Now, let's look at this defense. 12th in yards and 14th in points when just totaling it. But on a per drive basis, the defense is #24 in yards, #24 in points, #31 in time of possession and #32 in plays per drive. Pitiful. For comparison, the Cleveland Browns defense leads the league in drives at 96 (for the "defense is on the field too much" crowd). 96 drives is 28 more (30%) drives than the Falcons. The Browns are #9 in yards, #19 in points, and #16 in time of possession, but #5 in plays. They get off the field. Think about that. The Browns. It gets worse. Consider the last five offenses we've played: MIA, BUF, NE, NYJ, and CAR. Let's remove NE and focus on the other four. The reason? We were miles more talented on defense than those other four were on offense. Good defenses shut down bad offenses. Good defenses don't let bad offenses have average to above average days. These should have been easy matchups to force bad offenses into below average production. The defense didn't. The Miami Dolphins are the worst offense in the league. They average 14.5 ppg and are #32 in yards and points per drive. Overall, terrible. Been shut out twice. Yet, Atlanta allowed 20 points in 30 minutes. That's a 40 ppg pace, which would be easily the most points they've scored all season. It only took the terrible Dolphins 30 minutes to put up their 3rd highest point total this season. Unacceptable. The Bills average 21.8 ppg and we gave up 23 points. Slightly above their average. They are #21 in yards and #15 in points per drive, the only average stat of the four offenses. But like I said before, good defenses make bad offense perform below average. McCoy and Clay were their only weapons and we have a very talented defense that could easily match up, but still allowed slightly above average points. The Jets are scoring 21.2 ppg and we gave up 20. Great. Took some good favor from the weather, but this is the one game that gave me hope. They faced multiple short fields because the offense actually hung them out to dry repeatedly. They got stops in tough situations. Yes, Robby Anderson burned them for 100 yards, but you know... The Panthers. The Kittens score 18.7 ppg and just traded away their #1 WR and were without Olsen. We all knew, ALL knew, that the only weapons left after Cam was Funchess and McCaffrey. There was NO threat on that offense. Funchess can't separate and Samuel can't catch. Double McCaffrey and blitz the heIl out of Cam. Nope. Instead they allowed 20 points and 201 yards rushing to the offense that is #20 in both yards and points per drive. No blitzing. Poor coverage. And this: That option play to McCaffrey. It's on film. They practiced it all week. Yet, McCaffrey was wide open. Nobody covered him. We rarely blitzed. We didn't challenge Samuel or Funchess. We didn't double McCaffrey. I have no clue what the gameplan was, but it literally played out like everybody expected it: Cam and McCaffrey with a sprinkle of Funch and Samuel. That's all they had. We have so much more talent than that, yet we played like a Mike Smith defense. I have no clue why. We played 4 average at very best offenses these past five weeks. The only team I can accept the loss for is NE. There is no reason we should have lost to MIA, BUF, or CAR. None. There is too much talent on the defense to be losing to offenses with 2, maybe 3, weapons. We should have shut the Dolphins out, but instead just went through the motions. We should not have struggled to stop Clay and McCoy, but we did. We got ran all over Sunday for 200+ yards vs a team with barely one capable WR. We play as if we don't have two shut down corners and one of the best LB corps in the league. They sit back and cover like they're playing the Saints or something. This is why allowing 21.5 ppg this season is impressive in a vacuum but should be unacceptable considering the inept offenses we've faced. Holding Dallas, Seattle, or New Orleans (all top 10 scoring offenses) to 21.5 or less would be impressive. "Holding" that crap crop of offenses to 21.5 isn't really holding, considering they barely average it. There is little heart. They are fast, but not that physical. They are talented, but not that good. There is no fire. No passion. Nobody was pissed the Dolphins ruined their potential shut out. Take a look at UGA for comparison. They had the shutout vs Florida and they were downright pissed about losing it. You would have thought they lost the game. That's the fire and standard the Falcons defense does not have. They aren't pissed about blowing leads (which falls on the defense more than an offense that can't score, but that's just me). Through 8 games, there are three guys who have any kind of fire for 60 minutes: Neal, Jarrett, and Rico. Good defenses have those guys who create that standard. That demand greatness. That don't complain. One of my favorite things I heard was from Earl Thomas, when somebody asked them what it's like to have to play 40 minutes a game to win and his response was "If we have to play 40 minutes to win, we'll do it." and they go out there and do it. They don't just give you respect (like we did for Cutler for whatever reason and turned around and did to Cam on Sunday). We don't have any asshoIes who don't care about the other team and would be embarrassed to think the Dolphins or Bills or even Panthers would show up and score on them. We just chalk it up to "We played a good team today". NO YOU DIDN'T! YOU GOT BEAT BY SOME SCRUBS!!! Yall can complain about the offense. I'll be over here, leading the charge for finding the defense some balls.
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    Are there really people on here with thousands of posts that don't know about Emmitt?
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    Atlanta’s front seven completely controlled the Jets rushing attack I thought that was as good of a run defense I’ve seen since Dan Quinn arrived here. They just completely snuffed the run out. The run was just not an option for the Jets today. The front four, regardless of who was in the game at a given time, played with an energy for a full game like we hadn’t seen yet this year. And I thought the linebackers matched that energy. Atlanta’s defense did some of the things up front that we thought they might do. They were aggressive with their linebackers. They force-fed the linebackers into the gaps, and as soon as the linebackers read run action, they were coming downhill. Give linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich, head coach Dan Quinn and Marquand Manuel credit for really delivering the run keys. They had the linebackers’ eyes looking at the right places, and not in the backfield where they could have been fooled. But if you’re seeing a guard step a certain way based on what is on tape, that’s run. So I’m going to commit right away. The linebackers did a really nice job getting ready for this game, with the help of those coaches. They played at a really high level. The emergence of Grady Jarrett takes another step Grady Jarrett is emerging as a leader on this defense. It’s not that he’s a ‘rah-rah guy’. He’s a guy that is going to pack his lunch pail and he’s going to go to work. And when he goes to work, he’s not blockable. He will eat two guys up, and if you’re going to block him with two, someone is going to run free. But if you single him up, you can’t block him when he’s playing at that level. I thought he brought his lunch pail this game, I thought was going to work every snap he was on the field. Having spoken to Grady on Monday, I know that he and the guys around him took offense to what happened in New England with the Patriots running for over 160 yards. That was like a slap in the face to them. And subsequently, you had a front seven on Sunday that were willing to go to war against the Jets.
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    Josh McCown threw for 350 yards on the Pats, there's no excuses
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    Keanu Neal, 6'0" vs. Gronk, 6'6"... doesn't seem like a sensible match up. Not with the way Gronk uses his length to make contested catches. Campbell at 6'4" makes a lot more sense if we're talking man.
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    PLAY #2 - 3rd quarter. Another 3rd and 6. This time the Cowboys are in straight man coverage. Falcons come out in a bunch this time. Hooper motions and we go from a bunch, to a snug formation with two receivers to each side stacked close together. #31 follows Hooper. Matt knows it's man all the way. Now being in man coverage, it doesn't cause as much havoc as zone. Here are the routes. Julio runs a kind of zig route. Sanu releases behind him and runs an out. Hooper runs what looks like a hook at the sticks. Gabriel runs and dig in behind him. Coleman has a check-release. He looks for a blitzer then releases into the pattern. Looks like Matt looked at Julio first, but the DB is all over him. The safety #31 on Hooper was playing way off, looks like that was Matt's next look. But 31 is just sitting there waiting at the sticks to break on that ball. By this time Lawrence is whipping Schraeder on the right. Matt just pushed up in the pocket... ...And keeps on pushing up in the pocket. By this time, he sees Gabriel breaking open on that dig. Now let me digress for a moment. Going back to that first picture, I'm not even sure Gabriel was part of the read. Being man, Matt took his pre-snap read and decided he wanted to attack the side of the field with Jones and Sanu -- wise choice, but the Cowboys had that defended well. Gabriel's man had inside position. I'll post the gif in a sec, but he shouldn't have been open. He shouldn't even have gotten a look, but Matt steps up to buy time -- something I was told by some folks around here that he doesn't do -- and he gets to Gabriel, who I'm sure was his 4th read on the play. Great ball placement by Matt. He saw the back of the defender's helmet and put it right on Gabriel, nice and high, and 18 came down with it. Defender has good position. Not perfect, but you want that corner inside to defend and inside-breaking route. Gabriel just beats him. And this is just a gorgeous route. First the move to get off the line, and then the shake at the top... woo...
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    Remember how Dallas never gave Chaz Green help on the way to giving up 6 sacks? Vic Beasley and Grady Jarrett say Your Welcome..
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    Same system Shannahan ran, muchmkre ccomished the Sark. But wouldn't be a terrible idea. Former Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak open to a return as an offensive coordinator - CBSSports.com
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    So you admit you were just blowing smoke when you were defending KB after that picture showed up of him looking like an offensive lineman in the offseason and we had jokes?
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    Notice Grady Jarretts play jumped up today? One thing is he’s starting to click with Poe, but another is we found a replacement for Hageman in Rubin. Rubin is a strong big presence in the middle, he played very good today especially considering we just signed him last week. The Jets average over 100 yards and 4.3 yards per rush per game. Today, the Jets had 43 yards rushing with an average of 2 yards per rush. The Falcons had 5 tackles for a loss today. Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps, just perhaps this run defense is finding itself and Rubin was a huge signing for our run defense.
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    Yeah, that was lengthy. I can summarize: The Panthers have a horrible QB, who wears women’s pants. An old defense who gets some sacks. The Falcons will blow the panthers out. 40-7 @PeytonMannings Forehead Is that easier to read?
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    A jet sweep? Are you f-ing kidding me. Litterally the worst play call I’ve ever seen. Run the ball with freeman twice and you score. My god
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    Sherman has always had much respect for Julio. Julio won't miss Sherman's uncalled holding.
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    When the Falcons disappoint, they do it in record fashion