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  2. The pitchers and batters cannot work together. Get an early lead by the bats, the pitchers give it up. the pitchers pitch a heck of a game then no bats.
  3. That is where the shift bites the Braves!! Without the shift Dansby makes that play easily. That sucks so bad!
  4. Yep
  5. Watched some of his tape last night. No power and slow as hail. Now that The Zoo has put his name on him we know he'll get the axe right along with Saubert before September.
  6. I do not do that for a living which proves again you are wrong. If I posted it “so many times” you would know I don’t do that for a living. I get paid NOTHING for it.
  7. You have posted so many times on this message board about what you do for a living. Why do you do that unless you want the attention of others to pay you on the back for being a good person who does good deeds? There was absolutely no reason for you to mention what you do for a living in this thread. None whatsoever.
  8. I didn't know they decided to keep him. That's surprising.
  9. Let me get this straight. You and another impugn my motive for showing strong support for Hageman and showing visual evidence that shatters nonsense being spread about him just being a camp body or having no chance of making roster, but he would have some good film in case another team picks him up as TDWII suggests. I then defend your false smear, and the facts I present in my defense, instead of apologizing, you try to smear me again by impugning my defense of your initial smear. nice, you should be proud
  10. This is very bad news. Horrible even. Goodell is sure to suspend Roddy over this. How many games, do you think....?
  11. That's just dumb. Even if he is feeling fine they should still do the MRI.
  12. Best S&C guys in the business
  13. That is almost as good as the run.
  14. I don't think this proves anything, other than 2 years ago Hageman was a promising player that appeared to be figuring it out. That was 2 years ago though and 2 years in the NFL is a lifetime - the average NFL career span is 3 years. I'm glad we signed him and gave him a 2nd chance and I hope he's still the same player, but there is every chance he's not.
  15. James cook is clearly bigger.. Wow he looks amazing.
  16. Kluber almost to 30 pitches in the 1st.
  17. Yes!! Freddie and Acuna walk and Markakis brings home Freddie with a single!! 1-0 Braves!!
  18. Awesome, Kakes with the RBI!
  19. Seems to me Ito was drafted because he 'fit' the outside zone running BS we have been doing. Now we are going more 'inside' zone. Which I am thinking Ito may not be the ideal fit for? Me, I wanted DT Maurice Hurst in the fourth. Last year Ito was our 3rd string RB,,, and might not even fit what we need at RB, now. Hurst is a starter at DT for the Raiders (what position are the Falcons needing to upgrade, again....?). Lindsay is another example of how a team can find a viable RB in the later rounds of the draft. No need to spend a high draft pick on one.
  20. Galatians 6:14 New International Version (NIV) 14 May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which[a] the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.
  21. The movement Kluber gets on his pitches is just nasty.
  22. tandy always doing good deeds
  23. We can end up having one fierce rotation.
  24. Dude this isn't about what Hags did. And no one gives a **** about what you do. You use any excuse you can to bring up your '"troubled youths". That makes it look like you do it so you can say "look at me, I'm a good person". Get over yourself. Everyone here is saying wait and see on if Hags can play after being gone two years. No one is saying we shouldn't have signed him because of his legal troubles.
  25. They said he was sick with a virus. Landers needs to work on aggressiveness and his hands. He’s had several he dropped or should have caught today.
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