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  2. Do you think Lombardi's coaching today would be outdated? I mean run the ball and play solid defense. So the answer is no.
  3. Strike 1 to Brian Dozier called a ball.
  4. I saw, but all those contracts are two years old or less.
  5. Julio probably bout to get a pay raise so expect that number to go up. Pretty ridiculous that Gb is so high with no real RB contract tho.
  6. Dude, give credit where credit is due. Your comment is what a hack would say...don't be a hack
  7. He is upset. He said trade rumors "piss me off". He also added he doesnt want to leave Texas.
  8. I bet ya Markakis and BMac could beat the **** out of some folks in a bar fight
  9. And NO can’t finction without a Satellite/Joker RB. Kamara has all the leverage. Without a Bush, Sproles , Kamara the SP offense isn’t nearly as effective They should draft Swift out of UGA and let AK walk
  10. And it's where they live. I mean if they lived in California chances are they wouldn't be obese.
  11. Interested to see how Inciarte looks at the plate tonight
  12. Good to see Ender back.
  13. We will be in all top 10 categories also once Julio is done. Actually the only team in top 5 in all categories.
  14. That will be fixed in the next day or so, and FFS70 will have a fit.
  15. This is a useless comment. Do you have anything meaningful to say?
  16. No. Statistically, the poor and lower educated are more likely to be obese. The states at the top are also the poorest and least educated.
  17. Earlier today during their Falcons Outlook segment, the NFL station on SiriusXM praised the Birds for all the offseason moves, including this week's signings, and said they really should have won SB51 but for Shanahan (and they admitted that if ATL and SEA had just run the ball, NE would have a much different legacy, namely a losing record in SBs, at least in TB era). Overall, they said we're a solid playoff team, but NO will still win the NFCS.
  18. Don't you think he and TD know this better believe it. Artie, dinner with Julio pronto!
  19. /Western Civilization We had a good run
  20. Yea, all depends on his health. If he bites it again, that extension is going to be end up looking like one of the worst in franchise history. Though at the time he was gang busters...just sucks. Stay healthy, Free!
  21. Looks like the low pitch isn't going to be consistent tonight
  22. Thank you POTUS Trump
  23. Free still overpaid IMO. Great back when healthy, though. So much depends on him this year
  24. 31 pitches in the first. That will work.
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