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  2. He's a young man who is entitled to his own opinions, personality, etc. There is nothing "polarizing" about him. I'd suggest the "polarizing" forces rest in other people, not him. Don't like what he has to say? Don't listen. It's pretty simple.
  3. That's alright. Second time through and the Braves already showed a much better approach.
  4. It was built by all. Not sure why you need to limit it to the exclusion of others. It reveals inadvertantly your hatred of certain types of Americans
  5. This land is your land, this land is my's all about the love we have for one another, brother.
  6. It's a good time for a Free bomb.
  7. That and all the hype about having the top player in the league Julio there will always be a stigma about MR is this good because of JJ and not the other way around. Matt got his money and he'll retire the greatest falcon QB ever, but when we look at other QBs in this league, they never get the same stereotype. It's never Thomas is this good because of Brees, it's he's the best WR and deserves to be paid that way, or Manning was only as good as Beckham, but he won 2 SBs without him. Don't get me wrong ODB and Beckham are very good players, but they did have success with these qbs and only time will tell if they succeed without them. Matt Ryan has had 2 number ones (not including Douglas) in Julio and Roddy, and he's been pretty darn good whether or not those two were on the field. If I'm Matt Ryan, I keep playing out my games, cashing my checks and laughing on the inside of that huge smile he gives when he asks about what he thinks about his ranking vs other players. He's modest and a hard worker and yet, he puts his head down and grinds out each year for the same goal, a SB. Most think we overpaid for him, but with rising contracts each year, he's still showing he's worth every penny IMO. IDK who will end their career first MR or JJ, but either way, they'll always be seen as two totally different kinds of players (Matt quiet and productive, Julio dangerous and explosive, but also quiet). But I have a feeling that BOTH will still be great even when the other rides off into the sunset as one of the greatest to ever play that position and the other plays a few more years. If all goes well, Falcons will win 2 or 3 SBs before they're done and they both will retire on top of the world hoisting the trophy one final time together.
  8. More people didn't enjoy it if you actually look at the comments to the tweet. I stand by my original statement.
  9. Anderson's changeup is nasty.
  10. Luke Kuechly at 41 should tell you all you need to know about the validity of this list.
  11. Seems more like you just don't want to acknowledge uncomfortable truths of American history.
  12. Pretty accurate list
  13. Would you agree that Goff has had more success though? Jimmy may have a higher ceiling, but he hasn’t proven that he’s a better player than Goff...yet
  14. I need some Strong Memes of the Four Horsewomen
  15. Come on Swanson. Lets tie it up
  16. Lol this is such a terrible argument. I didn't once play for the Falcons and have all my NFL stats readily available on Google. If he can't figure out how to find out who Finneran is via Google we have a bigger problem here.
  17. I'm throwing your equally dumb Statements back at you with equally dumb Statements. No tantrum. Just hoping you'll see no one group built this country.
  18. I’d agree with all but Goff.
  19. I'll probably watch the first few mins then peace out.
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