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  2. All the DL/OL studs on the board and we pick Greedy Williams.
  3. I can't lie, she has my ear, but I cannot get over the fact that she walked right into Cheeto's trap, and he will use that against her. Still on the Bernie train for now (Bernie better adjust his messaging)!
  4. You must have missed last season. Only Debo is a legit starter. Campbell is average. Foye is a rotational guy and the rest are special teamers who we hope may develop into solid rotational guys.
  5. I think our trade ups will be late 1st-4 If we stay at 14 It’s Greedy Williams Quinn loves is big corners. I want a trade down for Lawrence - Maxx Scharping welcome to Atlanta.
  6. Lol...Quinn knows how to draft. I don't think anyone on here will be unhappy. They may not like the trade up price, but they will like the players
  7. Is this true? I have never heard this before. Everything I had heard was he tried to trade up to get Jake Matthews but couldn’t find a trade partner and we got lucky that he felt to six.
  8. If Biden splits the progressive vote I could see myself voting Sanders in the primary. But until voting day, my first choice is Warren
  9. Who gives a ****? He should use that ****.
  10. Biden will be a contender to beat Trump. Not many of the others have a snowballs chance.
  11. I wanted Aaron Donald over Matthews. TD tried to trade down and land him for better value, but no takers, hence he went with the safe pick Matthews instead with 30 seconds left on the clock.
  12. Only 2 are starter material and difference makers. Foye is great depth, but not a difference maker.
  13. Don't like trading up to 3 for Oliver, would rather Bosa, Williams, or Allen.
  14. lmao, any remarks now there smarty pants?
  15. Giants first pick will be a defensive pick.
  16. He is good. Pittsburgh has not done very well drafting pass rushers. They struck out with Jarvis Jones and bud Dupree prior to getting TJ, and that’s just early picks. I clearly remember a good portion of the board pounding the table for bud Dupree. They are still living off of a reputation from 10 years ago.
  17. Until Trufant proves he can be what he got paid to be, he’s not going to get respect that people think he should get. The DE’s have been the dlines weakest part. Not the middle. They have shown no signs to truly want to upgrade the DE spot so I no faith that they will.
  18. Giants will take whatever DT falls to #6. If one falls there. I believe Quinnen and Oliver don’t make it out of Top 4 - and if one does, Giants scoop them up.
  19. I can live with scenario 2
  20. this is basically every red&black post:
  21. Reds TV analyst got some heat for his comments on Albies last night. He did come into the Braves clubhouse today and apologize face to face to Albies.
  22. It screams smoke to me.
  23. Straight up for Beasley?
  24. Yeah after thinking about it more I would love to trade back a few places and take Lawrence. I'm not really against taking him at 14 though. Much like you I reached the conclusion that he is a better fit with the pieces we already have. We need a great run defender on 1st and 2nd downs.
  25. Pretty sound logic. Raiders might be the spanner in the works though. Rumors are they will surprise.
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