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  2. The main thing Tulsi has going for her is that all the worst people on the Dem side hate her.
  3. He made it to 3 straight NFC championship games!!! That's impressive. Him and Matt Ryan would probably be a good combination.
  4. Not a bad idea if we can get a good deal.
  5. But you need power arms to win in the post season!
  6. Alabama baseball has had them for a while. Even though the baseball team sucks, people still go to the games. Stadium was full most of the night despite what was, by Alabama standards, about a C performance
  7. As long as he comes in as our backup to replace Schuab im cool with Kaep being here. Have no interest in him starting over Ryan although he couldn't beat Ryan out if he tried anyways no matter what some people think XD But i do trust him enough to keep the offense running well if Ryan went down much more than schuab.
  8. Check out this interception!! Insane!! Also, mad props to Hawaii's QB here!! Dude showed a ton of heart here!!
  9. Urban Myer. Wouldn't coach here. He said he wants to be a cowboy. I'll take Jack del rio
  10. I think LSU is going to beat us. We have more talent, but are too young on defense
  11. Today
  12. I agree. Just being intellectually honest. I know that’s not ok.
  13. Doesn’t feel like it.
  14. Ok. Sorry your team lost.
  15. Nice try falcons nation but, yall just pissed off a team who was hungry to begin with. Cooper Cupp / Aaron Donald will destroy our falcons. Rams 42 Falcons 35
  16. BYU takes down Boise State 28-25.
  17. Why do you think Jim Harbaugh lasted only 3 years with the 49ers? I let you figure it out.
  18. if LSU doesn't make it to 1 this weekend, I'd be surprised
  19. i know its every given sunday but we need to show we can change our ways to have a chance
  20. from the dawgnation article I think he forgot that they played a poor game last week ... in non rainy conditions
  21. Did Tulsi Gabbard see combat? jw
  22. I know people are going to complain about the officiating and I get it. The hit on UT’s QB was definitely not targeting, but it should have been roughing the passer. Not much that can be done though when they call it that way. Several PI calls that I thought were iffy on both sides. Alabama’s defense had some early struggles, but came up big in the end. Tua should be fine by LSU, but if he’s not, might as well just call it a wrap
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