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  2. If Hardman does like Ridley did for the Falcons and meets expectations, thats a load at receiver... There is no question that Julio is the best in the league. What makes Kansas City's offense so vicious is Kelce... Hill and Watkins stretch the field and Kelce just EATS the middle of the field...
  3. Tax revenue is up. So, do we have deficits because the government has more money? Seems like there is more to this story.
  4. Exactly. And that’s also why it’s best that Beasley play very well. Cause if he does, he gets a bigger contract and we get a bigger comp pick
  5. lol. If you were a good person you would think what I think.
  6. Lacked evidence. They have a lot of weapons now. Sheesh
  7. To me none of this should be about football! Although it is getting attention because he plays in the NFL. I hope if he did do this, it has made him changes his ways or get help for his son;s sake
  8. Sounds like his problem with it was that it wasn't big enough.
  9. Let me premise by saying that Tyreek isn’t an angel, however the full audio seems to paint a very different picture the media has been perpetuating. I’m not positive of the severity of punishment that Hill is giving his child, however, according to this audio it does cross the line. Hill appears to have anger issues that need to be resolved. That being said, I don’t believe he broke his child’s arm. The cadence of Crystal Espinal’s voice and speech pattern leads me to believe that she is lying. She also seems to be trying to “gaslight” him on a few topics as. She comes off as very manipulative and deceptive. This becomes even more evident as the edited audio paints the conversation with them in a very skewed light. Bottom line is that both of these individuals appear to have some sort of mental issue they are dealing with. Unfortunately their child is caught in the middle of this. Hopefully this is resolved in the best and quickest way possible. Hate to see any child suffer because of their parents.
  10. Like I said Rand Paul is for lower taxes AND lower spending. He clearly said the bill doesn't do everything he wants it to. He voted for lower taxes with the hopes that he could vote for spending cuts in the future... That said tax cuts is an easier sell than spending cuts. Congress LOVES to spend taxpayer and borrowed money.
  11. "It's going to balloon the deficit but I will vote for it anyway".
  12. I feel like we'll have a lot more freedom due to him having 2 years left on the existing deal. It's easier to spread the money around. Mike is on his last year.
  13. Rand Paul's own words RE: The tax cut bill: "This tax bill is a true test for my colleagues. I’m not getting everything I want — far from it. But I’ve been immersed in this process. I’ve fought for and received major changes for the better " - Rand Paul "This bill is not perfect. I would prefer a larger cut. I would prefer that the Senate bill match the House bill and keep some form of state and local deductions so that no one gets caught in the trap of losing too many deductions at once and failing to benefit from the tax cuts. Lastly, I’d like to see more permanence on the individual side. Some of that is still achievable. Some of it is due to the peculiarities of the budget and Senate rules and will have to wait for another day." - Rand Paul
  14. He voted for tax cuts that ballooned the deficit. Nothing can change that. I don't care about what people say, I care about what they do. If he is such a deficit hawk he should have voted no.
  15. if you click on the link, you can watch the Florio video on this.
  16. Kelce is elite Hill is pretty amazing but Julio still beat him in deep catches last year Hardman is unproven Watkins is good but not all that.
  17. He'd just leave and go to a team that welcomes him with open arms and love.
  18. G-Dawg: First off, I will say this. This is the 1,000 foot picture Florio is presenting and he seems to be unaware of the Julio/Arthur plane instagram video and how it is very close to being done - the new contract. So Florio doesn't seem to clued in on the actual negotiation as I believe most here already know this new contract is imminent. I do believe Florio's analysis of the merit of Julio's new deal has legs. Falcons have gotten the best of Julio and these next four years won't be as productive as the last 4. Maybe the next two years will be as productive but certainly not the next 4 yrs - and Julio already is under contract for the next two years. Let's say Julio has 1,400yds and 8TDs the next two years - which we would all agree is a very good year and "Julio-esque". If those years are followed up with 800-1,000yd seasons and 4-6TDs - then paying an average of 20mm/yr for those four years would be a gross overpay - don't think anyone would disagree. Granted, we haven't seen the drop-off yet but it will come - and it is much more likely than not that it will come in the next 4 years. I believe all parties know this - maybe Julio ain't there yet nor would you want him to be - but his agent certainly does. This next contract will be about more than just getting Julio to the top because of his level of play - the next contract will be a "You have been a great Falcon and we won't to celebrate you and we are OK with potentially overpaying you in a few years so you will be a lifetime Falcon." No one really cares too much NOW about giving Julio more money - however, in a few years, it could be more of a sore subject. There is nothing really in it for the Falcons to renegotiate Julio's deal. It is all about appeasing our stud franchise player. Will Falcons, Julio Jones do a deal? Posted by Mike Florio on July 18, 2019, 4:33 PM EDT Getty Images Grady Jarrett? Check. Deion Jones? Check. Other guy named Jones who is slightly more important to the team? No check yet. The Falcons have taken care of significant business this week, signing two key defensive players, but still no business has been done between the Falcons and one of their most significant players, receiver Julio Jones. He has been jostling for a big-money deal for more than a year, but he still hasn’t gotten one. In 2018, a holdout was avoided by an eleventh-hour Band-Aid along with a presumption that, come 2019, the situation would be addressed with a new, long-term contract. Training camp opens in three days, and Jones previously has said he won’t hold out. But he based that vow on the vow that was made to him by owner Arthur Blank. “Mr. Blank gave us his word. . . . That’s golden,” Jones said earlier this month. “[Blank’s] word is that it’s going to get done. . . . There’s no stress on my end. I’m not thinking about it.” He may be thinking about it plenty if the deal ultimately offered by the Falcons is less golden than Jones expects it to be. Indeed, it’s one thing to intend to sign a player to a contract; it’s another to commit to giving the player what we wants. And it remains unclear what Jones wants, other than: More. Jones seems to be sensitive to the fact that fans resent players who play hardball to get paid, even though players have no equity, experience limited careers, and endure all of the physical risks. Fans never get mad at teams for squeezing players, but fans hate it when players squeeze teams. Upside-down as that concept may be, Jones seems to be keenly aware of it, while nevertheless attempting to get what he deserves: More. For the Falcons, the challenge becomes paying Jones more but not so much more that they’re paying for more than what he currently can do. Teams don’t pay for past performance, but in this case that’s precisely what Jones may want — a correction to what has been a below-market deal in recent years, even if that means the Falcons will within the next year or two (or sooner) conclude that they’re paying more than they should be paying for a guy whose best days as a player may be behind him. For now, a holdout may end up being in front of him, if the Falcons don’t literally put in front of him the kind of more that will get Jones sign his name and move forward.
  19. Tyreek Hill Sammy Watkins Mecole Hardman Travis Kelce THATS a load at receiver. If any team can compare with the Falcons at receiver now its the Chiefs...
  20. No worries. We are all boneheads sometimes.
  21. Ok. Have a great day!
  22. And Rand rode on Stewart's coattails because he needed to show he's still a spending hawk after supporting a tax cut that ballooned the deficit. This is purely a show and it's at the expense of 9/11 first responders. It's not going to play well.
  23. So he didn't vote for it? My bad. I apologize for being wrong.
  24. Weigel could be a showcase too.....
  25. My glass is 3/4 full
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