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  2. It’s not weed
  3. They are 100% doing this to distract from the Mueller Report. They know how to control the media narrative.
  4. It would be Devin Bush part II for us. Hopefully he is better than the 1st.
  5. Absurd. This kid had a case for a waiver that would have been granted BEFORE they made waivers easier to obtain. Now he has to sit while Fields and Martell in particular were granted their waivers? Ridiculous. The NCAA is a joke.
  6. I’m just gonna exit now
  7. Tell @ya_boi_j to lay off the Jk
  8. The only player I'd trade up for is Oliver at 8(or Quinnen/Josh Allen/Bosa if they're somehow there). If he's gone already, then you stay put.
  9. Perfect for a Wheaties box...
  10. I could be.......but nothing in the guys history shows me I'm wrong.
  11. Stay put at 14. Then trade up to get another top 40 pick. There will be a top OL/DL and a starter-worthy CB in these picks.
  12. Then they are mistaken big time. He's stop gap at best.
  13. There is the equivalency. Note that it is coming from the Right. Not the left. Not the Center. And it is B.S. in the exact same way GG's tweet with the Biden video was B.S. Actually, more so because at least the Biden video was not ancient history.
  14. Just NO........not a run stuffer this high.
  15. Falcons may think more of Ty than you do.
  16. Nah that doesn't sound like cereal at all. But that's neither here nor there
  17. Happy birthday, @Draftnut57! May you hit on all your mock picks!
  18. As long as they are football players and not just guys running around, it's a win
  19. I would gladly accept this pick if (a) all of our other higher rated guys are gone, and (b) if it keeps us from having to trade up for anybody else...BPA and fills needs
  20. Look at TFLs - it’s not close
  21. We need to grab the FB out of Auburn, Cox. Falcons draft ‘Bush N Cox’. Sounds like a cereal
  22. They need to find one at RT. Or trade for one. This is a huge hole. Everything else on the line has been addressed.
  23. Stephen A is in love with the ATL. He always says it’s the place to be
  24. The thing is most linemen coming out of college are not Plug and Play
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