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  2. Also, we should stop saying there was “no collusion”. There was definitely collusion. There wasn’t a criminal conspiracy (thankfully). I think it’s important to be clear about that.
  3. Most seem to be in this camp It's only a couple weirdos on the board who are acting like either he's amazing and this is a gamechanging signing or he sucks and this is a terrible move Both camps should be equally ignored
  4. Come on, no criminal collusion/conspiracy means that everything Trump and his campaign did was completely cool and on the up and up. That’s exactly why everyone, including Trump, lied over and over again about any contacts they were having with Russia.
  5. Bosa? He only comes into play if if he falls a few spots, unless the Niners draft Williams and the Jets don't force a team to sell the farm for #3.
  6. Is it a PS4 pro? If not, I don’t think you’ll get above HD. I watched it on the roku app through Amazon Prime and the resolution appeared way better than watching it on my PS4.
  7. Don't encourage him. He's been doing the same thing about RB. But everytime someone replies he won't say the name "so other teams don't steal him". This is the same guy that thought James Stone was a franchise center.
  8. Oh well............
  9. That Greg Maddux guy was a good Braves farm hand too! But for real, you need a good mix of home grown and trade/FA talent.
  10. The other part of the partisan predictions is the dead-level certainty with which people express them. “Wait until Mueller report comes out...TREASON!! He’ll go to jail for TREASON!!” There is zero effort to look at the uncertainly underlying that “prediction”. It’s “THIS WILL HAPPEN”, not “based on the evidence we have, I believe this will happen but recognize we don’t have all the facts and it might not be true”. Like I said, it’s transparent that these “predictions” are nothing more than what the person WANTS to happen. So the person should just come out and say “I want this to happen”, not “you just wait and see, this is going to absolutely positively undeniably happen.”
  11. I haven't participated in this argument as there is no practical downside to bringing him into camp to complete. He can either play well enough that the team overlooks his history, age and 2-game suspension or he goes back to whatever he was doing the past couple years. No idea why this is controversial.
  12. Fluids! Get checked for pneumonia if it lingers.
  13. Can’t hurt
  14. Who is that?
  15. Y’all are so similar, though. Like brothers. Nobody could ever question how much you guys love the Falcons. But when you argue, irs like
  16. I'd rather trade up than take Sweat at 14 based on this condition. Measured risk. Life risk??
  17. My feelings on Hageman can be summed up thusly Eh worth a shot
  18. Tb is definitely drafting White at 5 you can bank on it.
  19. It’s the hyper-partisan “rawr wait until the next thing comes out...he’s toast for sure!” Predictions based on the available facts is great. “Predictions” that are simply expressions of what someone WANTS to happen, while simultaneously ignoring the available facts is what I have a problem with. And at some point, when somebody makes loud, obnoxious “predictions” that end up being false, it starts to ruin the person’s reputation. Nobody can take that stuff seriously anymore.
  20. Most rich people have a concierge/Boy Friday to take care of the things like this.
  21. In 20-freaking-17. This "but Mike Vick went to prison and came back better!" nonsense is hilarious too. I honestly hope Hageman makes me eat platefull's of crow and he turns out to be a very good contributor or hopefully even better. But I've been following this sport too long and know he's got about a 1% chance of even making the 53, much less dressing with the 46 and balling out. And... if he does end up being a decent snap percentage contributor, God help our team if a guy who's been away from the game for 2 years is someone we have to depend on for significant snaps and quality play.
  22. I find it hilarious that Democrats are supposed to take Republicans' "helpful advice" that Dems should not impeach Trump because it backfired with Bill Clinton. Like seriously? Since when did Republicans give advice to Democrats in good faith.
  23. I will never let a cynical negative fan like you bring me down to your level of complaining and spreading panic all the time. Your game is darkness. You are controlled by fear. I love my Falcons and I make no apologies to the Doubting Thomas’s.
  24. Me and several others have been on the Devin White bandwagon since the off season started. He is a beast. I honestly think he's the third best player in this draft trailing only Bosa and QWill. Many of the experts have him going 5th to TB.
  25. You say that as if there's a draft pick that isn't a roll of the dice. That's literally all this process is.
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