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  2. I said Sanu and Ridley would be fine not better. The Falcons are far away from anything good. Yesterday the stands and fans there said all that was needed.
  3. It’s gonna be long rest of the season with drunk posting and senseless emotional outbursts.
  4. Our defense and interior OL are just terrible. Got nice weapons on offense and a solid QB, but that’s about it.
  5. I would love to see a cat fight between Tulsi and Hillary
  6. Based on the Cap He11 article analysis in the other thread only ONE Falcon of the top 10 salaries is playing to their salary level. SANU.
  7. It's a she? Nice. Zelda should follow your daughter's lead. I'm sure she has you wrapped around her finger...
  8. Sanu and Ridley is not a better combo than Julio and Ridley or even Julio and Sanu for that matter. TBH I don't think Ridley is ready for that role just yet. We're gonna be forced to find out next season but he's not ready yet without another OC that can actually call plays that work
  9. U cant beat teams in the ground with a Leaky OL and a def lets other team keep the ball away.
  10. Great song, though!
  11. Its almost like they are getting worse instead of better.
  12. I just told a co-worker that 4 wins is the ceiling for this team. I see a top 5 draft pick coming. Let the debate start. Are we going to dig in again and say these are the guys that are going to take us to the promise land or are we going to go in another direction?
  13. It was clever of Matt and his wife to post social media of him booting 53 yard fg’s though. How many has Money missed this year, 4-5? Probably the best kicker the Falcons will ever have. He had a good career, but it is truly over.
  14. Some act like you can get great players as easy as going to the grocery store. 2 on offense that are falcons for life and still performing at a high level. Ryan and Jones. (Future Falcons ROHsaæ) 2 on defense are Jones and Grady. Still evaluating the rookies. Everybody else can be traded or replace. Ridley cost us nothing to keep right now.
  15. Shows you how bad Quinn is..
  16. but to them, THATS not the point... folks been trying to get rid of Julio since he was first signed...
  17. Fitzmagic will write his HOF ticket in this game
  18. I'm not going that far. I do think Julio is on the decline. The way we "baby" him with playing time really bothers me at time (he was out there yesterday). That being said. Julio is the one guy that should retire a Falcon. Matt Ryan can go. I think you bought too early on Freeman. Hooper is going to have to be paid a good solid deal. Debo is here for a while with Jarrett. All the other big money guys can go. I'm not giving Neal a bid deal after proving he can't stay healthy. Allen isn't doing much this year. Beasley was a mistake. Takk isn't doing anything. THIS team is bad, start over. Start with a new coach and GM. You can't cut Ryan. If we end up able to get a pass rusher like Chase Young, great. If not, I'm all for a QB like Herbert. I'm not going through 2020 without having a young QB in the wings that I'm grooming. Even if you draft a QB in the 4th round that ends up being a backup, great. If he ends up being Matt's replacement, even better. Where is Jalen Hurts going to be drafted (4th/5th round)? The age of the pure pocket passer like Matt Ryan is over. That guy can't consistently get it done. Matt Ryan is a "PC" quarterback. He has to have "Perfect Conditions" to win consistently....all the weapons, the perfect pocket, the running game, great play calling and creative design. If any of that is absent, team doesn't win or the play isn't successful on a consistent basis.
  19. That shows his entire skill level is 3rd and 4th round
  20. I was called out for saying, our edge players are trash. I stick to it, Vic is inconsistent and doesn’t have the dog. He has high ceiling and may be Falcons get something for him in trade. Takk is your average guy, max 6-8 sack guy. They should have made some trades at DE. But DQ bet the farm on him coaching up the guys.
  21. I will do you one better using my old high school!!! North Clayton >Falcons
  22. It’s the nature of the business. You pay guys and if you want to keep them you restructure to pay other guys for a better team supposedly. Doesn’t always work depending on who gets paid
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