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  2. Less than a sack a game. This is pathetic. It's no wonder every QB looks like a hall of famer. If you can't disrupt the opposing QB you have little to no chance of winning. Add to that the inability to stop the run and you have this dumpster fire. This sucks.
  3. G has a woody dreaming we’re picking Top 3 in draft.
  4. I really hope they don't make this mistake again. He was done August 2018.
  5. Cole is just an absolute monster now. Best pitcher in the league
  6. you are special. You can turn over an entire roster in 3 years time - easily.
  7. Or the silence.
  8. Ok man either you just want to argue or you are illiterate. Go back and read your comments. It's not that difficult and I'm not the only person you seemed confused with.
  9. G-Dawg mockin in week 7? Jeez bro. Seek help. And mockin at #3? Please. We will probably finish at 7-9 again so who you got at 14?
  10. Are you comparing those Falcons and Cheifs to the current Dolphins roster? Wow lol ok man.
  11. I think Gerrit Cole's made $50 million this month.
  12. 3 years you could be competitive / 4 yrs you could easily make playoff if you make the right moves - in truth it can happen quicker but it certainly cannot be predicted. It's been done before many, many times. Our own Falcons went from Laughingstock of the NFL and Roddy wearing "Free Mike Vick" shirt on MNF to 11-5 and playoffs w/ rookie QB. Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to brink of SB last year in his first year as starter. Again, it depends on who is the puppet-master, the smart moves made time and again - and getting a little lucky as well.
  13. You can change a man, Quinn just wasn't the right coach for the job.
  14. Pump in the booing.
  15. This isn’t a “both sides are bad” thing. Trump, out of nowhere and against top military advice, told Erdogan he was withdrawing strategically placed US Forces so Erdogan could invade and slaughter the Kurds. I don’t even know which one is best or worst case, but he either did it to distract from the impeachment inquiry, or because there have been talks of a Trump tower in Turkey. Also he let hundreds of high value ISIS prisoners escape while war crimes against civilians and journalists are being committed. But sure, this is definite nuanced and not entirely Trump’s fault.
  16. I know that what I am about to say is probably going to get me flamed, but here goes anyway... 7 or 8 weeks ago, most everyone on this board was talking about how good this team is, how far in the playoffs we are going to go, if we would win the Super Bowl this year or next, how DQ is one of the best coaches this franchise has ever had, and now we (generally speaking) are wanting him to be fired mid-season. Let's not get things mixed up, I am not happy with a lot of the things going on with the team. I do believe that we have one of the most talented teams in the NFL, and our record should be way better than it is. I also recall how bad our Falcons looked in DQ's first year as HC here. My 2 cents, let him finish out the year and see what happens. I don't think that a coaching change at this point in the season will help us make a playoff or SB run, so let the season play out. I am still going to cheer on my Falcons every game that is televised, but I'm not going to be expecting much while watching. MY PHILOSOPHY FOR THE REST OF THIS YEAR IS, EXPECT THE WORST AND HOPE FOR THE BEST...
  17. And yet you are the one here making personal attacks, funny how that works...
  18. Where did I say teams have perfect drafts? Your baby boy said TD should draft "sure fire" guys. I asked him to list those guys since it's so easy.
  19. Yeah but pretty much everybody said that in 08 including most Falcon fans. lol Of course then Matt Ryan makes his very first NFL pass to Michael Jenkins for a seventy something yard td against the Lions who proceed to have the first 0-16 season ever.
  20. If they have money and spend it on FA then they are FA champs and that doesn't work out. How do you not understand that?
  21. 3 years? Maybe 4-5 is more likely. You originally said as early as 2021 which is where I disagree. That's too early. Stop being so sensitive man. Anytime someone disagrees with you its personal in your eyes.
  22. Practice also does not seem to work. Maybe they should cut that out too.
  23. Great momentum. That's what I was told, yes.
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