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  2. No one knows the severity of this obviously. What isn't fictional is that an added (known) health risk is an added risk. Therefore it moves someone lower. We don't know how much, how varied it is by team, but we do know teams are all in the risk assessment and management business, and adding a whole new category of risk doesn't help you.
  3. I prefer Jonah Williams over Andre Dillard. Give me the boring guy who's technique is refined and has a bad game once every 14 games. I would be OK with Cody Ford as well, he can play anywhere along our OL.
  4. Yep. A box safety in our scheme needs to be able to bang it down there, size helps.
  5. Bret Stephens makes me laugh
  6. No wonder Republicans are jumping onboard.
  7. Agree. If.Rico is a go I like him better at nb, and keep KZ at f.s.
  8. Trade up is coming...
  9. Just another depth piece....and, if I had to rank him, I'd say "a little above average". He's just 28 yrs. old, too, so he can continue to work on his craft....who knows, under Quinn, he may turn out to be a goodun' ---
  10. I saw this posted by a guy named choppy from another board.. his post g-day signing day list.. 23 Man Class1. QB- Carson Beck2. RB- Kendall Milton3. RB- Marshawn Lloyd4. WR- Justin Robinson5. WR- ?6. WR- ?7. TE- Arik Gilbert8. TE- Darnell Washington9. OT- Broderick Jones10. OT- Paris Johnson11. OG- Akinola Ogunbiyi12. OT- Tate Ratelidge13. DL- Jamil Burroughs14. DL- Jalen Carter15. DL- Jay Hardy or Jacolbe Cowan (1)16. DL- Nazir Stackhouse17. DL- Zykevious Walker18. OLB- Mekhail Sherman19. ILB- Len'Neth Whitehead20. ILB- Justin Flowe21. DB- Kelee Ringo22. DB- Dwight Mcglothern23. DB- Jalen KimberI really don't know where we go with WR we may only take 2 we prolly take 3 in total but it's so tough to read. I also think we take 3 LBs and like where we sit with Flowe as of today. The 3 5 star OTs are all realistic and I don't see why uga would take 5 OL especially with 3 really good in state OL in Mims, Morris, and Ferguson all dawg leans. I think uga sits with 3 DBs as guys on this list and currently on the team like Stevenson can play Safety. Whitehead I think will be a take and the only Edge rushers that'll allow uga to take 2 are murphy and Burch who I believe Murphy goes clemson and Burch goes South Carolina as his family prefers it and does not want clemson. Backup options at Edge and OL would be Chantz Williams and Jalen Rivers. WR uga still likes EJ Williams and Flemming but I got clemson and osu respectively landing them.
  11. It's going to be Biden isn't it.
  12. You're correct, I should have said "his" weight in gold. FWIW a 220 lbs man would be worth about $4 million.
  13. Agreed. Just get who they either a ) reasonably can move up for or b ) still love that they don't need to move up for... From your link above he has Oliver as the #2 prospect...ahead of everyone except Murray. Has QW behind Dex? Does our Defense need Ngata or Randle?
  14. I'm a big fan of great players regardless of position but of these, a stouter, power end with the ability to kick inside would probably be the biggest difference maker. Takk has shades of that stuff in his game but a Michael Bennett-type could be pretty big for the defense. IDK....just get someone awesome.
  15. No one is saying nor implying it's a sure thing. But it is a sound philosophy. Not only is it sound, it's a necessity due to the salary cap. The consistently good teams realize this.
  16. He's done pretty well with his "conviction" picks. Not without additional costs of course... IDK.....I've stayed above the draft fray for most of the offseason but if I had my druthers, it'd be a high value pick along the Front 4. Whether its Lawrence or whoever, I'm less concerned about. I guess we'll see in a couple of days.
  17. The only downside here is if your pass rush on the edges falls short; presuming Lawrence helps improve interior pass rush. We'd have to land a decent edge player in round 4...then where is our CB pick? Hoping both are there? I don't believe you use that for Ford. If you are playing greedy on taking both, you trade down first to justify going back for the other. Again, presuming both fall. I think both are in the lower 1st range. One may make it to the end of round 1. It's a risk but I suppose we can try counting on AC/Takk/VB...just gotta hope the interior pass rush is good enough to make them look better and DQ coaches up Vic. CB depth still a concern.
  18. Not sure.why my auto-correct had.cardarine placed there in addition to the standard random periods. I mean thats great as a footnote, but to list him at center? Id say the majority of GMs are looking at him as.a.tackle prospect.
  19. Some people are pretty high on Dexter Lawrence. Doug Farrar just ranked him as his 5th overall prospect and Doug's pretty great.
  20. Personally all I had to do is look at our team when we had sufficient enough size and ability on DL. When we had Poe starting with Grady we were tough inside. Not just because those 2 though. A. Rubin was a plus run defender at DT. D. Shelby was a plus run defender at base DE. B. Reeds was and when he played on a decent DL he got 4.5 sacks that season. Great to have Clayborn back as he was as well. We had a great rotation. We could ask guys to do what they did best. Sub in and out based on offensive packages. Last year we asked Vic and Takk to play too much base and also nickel. They are maximized as pass rushers. Limit their snaps so that they are fresh for passing downs. Essentially a tough DT who can command double teams frees up our edge guys and our LBs. CB would have been 2nd on my list. We need help there as we lost 2 and havent signed anybody noteworthy yet.
  21. I am pretty much convinced we need to take Lawrence at 14. That is about where some of the best DTs ever to play have been taken. King projects Cody Ford going late in the first. If that happens I would not mind at all if we traded our 2nd and 3rd to move up for him, if possible. g-dawg weren't we talking just the other day about how great it would be to get Lawrence and Ford both?
  22. Dude, **** that noise. After seeing that, I’m definitely waiting for an impending apocalypse to share my worst news. “So, umm, honey...member that time me and my buddies went fishing for the weekend? Well we actually went to Vegas and banged a bunch of whores and I got the clap which you also probably have now and also Doug accidentally killed one of the hookers. OH NOES zombies are here can’t talk about it now..”
  23. ANYBODY but Chris Conte. How this dude KEEPS a gig is beyond me. Cost the Bears a trip to the Superbowl a few years back with blown coverage and STAY getting run over...
  24. Exactly. He's a safety that actually can play the position. Not Richards. I can live with that. Yep. I think that's where DQ missed and he said as much when he underestimated the guys on the roster after the injuries.
  25. I'm speaking strictly about Jaylon Smith as a draft prospect in the year he was drafted. I don't play the "well if he didnt get hurt" game simply because he DID get hurt. His value as a prospect in the days/weeks leading up to the draft was defined by his injury. So I dont really see how he's analogous here. His injury situation was far different than a healthy player who is found to have a previously undiscovered health "condition" which may or may not affect his ability to play or stay in the league. Here we have a player apparently with some measure of "heart condition." Whether it costs him money, how much money it costs him, etc., is largely predicated on the clinical data available to his doctors and team physicians. That's it. And thats something where we simply do not have access to the information to make a judgment one way or the other. So when I see people saying "well Gaines Adams...." I can't help but shake my head. Gaines Adams isnt Sweat. We dont know the particulars of Adams or Sweat's relative situation. So its foolish for people to analogize them like they're the same. I'm not making any judgment about what he's worth, his value as a prospect, or whatever. I'm merely acknowledging that the folks who ARENT looking at his actual health data are literally making things up. It might turn out that the things they make up end up reflecting what actually happens....but that doesnt make any less fictional.
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