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  2. My enthusiasm is renewed after waking up after an "L". I don't let that team define my happiness.
  3. At the expense of the other side of the ball that was already neglected though? The continuous band-aids put on the defense is just delaying the serious patchwork needed to at least make the defense average. The offense already has 2 hall of famers that take up major cap and thats a huge reason the team looks so lopsided as it is.
  4. They shut down the Burger King's near me; sucks.
  5. I like winning. It makes my week better. Champion the Wonder Horse likes winning also, and he's a Champion so he knows something about that.
  6. No my enthusiasm will be diminished until we start making it back into the playoffs.
  7. Depends on the coach. I might check out for a while if they hire Lincoln Riley or another college whiz kid. I remember 2007. I have no desire to watch it again.
  8. Well, we still dont know what we have, cause he's injuried.
  9. Well you cant fire the owner, so you gotta learn to deal with Blank
  10. I'm all for Burger King's 'Impossible' burger.
  11. I believe almost everyone on O had a bad day
  12. It's bad for everyone right now jesus the falcondom is in disarray right now it's bad
  13. His defenses definitely overachieved. Bend-don't-break except the defense was actually fairly disciplined. Those 2013 and 2014 rosters were god awful and I don't think any coach would've won with them. With that being said, it's a business and he failed badly as a DC in Tampa so idk. He's definitely the best head coach in Falcons history, IMO.
  14. Yes at the very least it would purge the coach of 28-3 and get some new eyes on our roster and how to properly use them. We obviously have some talent we just need better coaches to take advantage of them.
  15. I doubt it! Has not happened in over 53 years! And I doubt it won’t in the next 53 either...
  16. Had it been almost any other qb yesterday Vic would have had atleast one sack. We actually as a group did a pretty good job on making Murray move around...Takk, Vic, and Clayborn all were in a position atleast once to get him but Murray was slippery.
  17. He never talks about uga unless we lose. He is a tool.
  18. We weren't the only team interested in Lindstrom.
  19. And? Yeah hes good with the best weapons in the league.
  20. Not a lot of winnable games on that schedule, but we'll find a way to F up draft position...
  21. Oh I agree that treating those 3 games like the superbowl was silly. I do think the taking of two OL was a good move given the situation we ended up with.
  22. I don't think any move we could've made in the draft would've saved this team from imploding. This has been brewing for a while, DQ just isn't that guy. With that being said, it literally doesn't matter who the QB is, investing resources into the OL or DL is almost always a wise decision.
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