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  2. Where to begin.. Davison is only good for the run defense, Hags is useless until proven otherwise, and Clayborn got 2 sacks last year. Also Lindstrom isn't violent or nasty. He's a technician. He's strong in pass blocking but weak in run blocking.
  3. Yes. The more I study THIS defense (not the '16 one), the more I like it; that said, I do believe that CB and LB are still very thin, suspect and must be prioritized as necessity... but I like very much what our DL looks like...
  4. Lets get back to the 3rd and we get our C also. Becouse Lindstrom is a G.
  5. I absolutely hate the "could have had them at..." argument. No one thought Ferrell was going 4th. No one thought Greedy Williams, Cody Ford and others were falling out of the top twenty, much less the first round, yet they know Kaleb McGary could have been had 17 picks later.
  6. Take just the games DQ took over in 2016. How was our defense then? I would have liked to upgrade our defense too but I absolutely love the first round.
  7. Can't like this enough...
  8. So y'all really cool with this defense if it's like '16? The one ranked 27th in points and 25th in yards?
  9. Ben Garland could... and they let him go sadly. Draft is not a 1 day event.
  10. Could have stayed at #45 and picked one and kept our 3rd for Maxx Crosby or Isaiah Johnsom
  11. After some research and time to think, I believe this is developing into what may be one of the most underrated and successful off-seasons I have witnessed as a Falcon fan. I also believe many of us in here are severely underrating the DL acquisitions of Clayborn, Shede and Davison, as well as the influence DQ will have on them and the entire defense as DC this season. Davison is a proven commodity against the run. New Orleans badly wanted to retain this cat. He's a blue-collar dawg in the pile, and he's an effective clog in the middle. Shede has been out of the game for two seasons, but obviously DQ sees something in him... a fire to return. Keep in mind he was vastly improving toward the end of the superbowl run, and seemingly getting his mind right. And AC is AC. That guy will bring much needed veteran leadership and edge tenacity, and he's also solid against the run and pursues well. OL was a desperate need. It was a turnstile last year. Matt was running for his life, and our run game was greatly inhibited. It's apparent that the Falcons were going to be sure to hit and hit big in solving this dilemma. Lindstrom and McGary are violent, road-grading, athletic animals. They both play angry, urgent and violent, and get to the next level effectively in the run game. I can't see a flaw in the team's off-season philosophy right now. In fact, I'm extremely impressed at how this has all transpired.
  12. I'm sorry you don't like it
  13. I've always been the one to try to find the positive, especially in our draft picks. I can't remember a first round I disliked near this much. One of the best defensive line drafts in years and we double dip oline. SMDH.
  14. "...experts..."
  15. I say spend next years 1 lets get back to 2nd and get Taylor or Ford.
  16. We signed 3 DB's, 2 DT's and a DE in FA... that's not exactly "No Love..." not to mention getting 3 starters back from injury...
  17. The defense is crap. Top ten and not that flukey 2017 BS. That’s all.
  18. Outside of the guys coming off injuries I don't see anywhere the 16 defense is better honestly. We also have Grady in year 5 and he's gotten better every year, Takk in year 3, Vic is the same player but not playing with the same leads, we've added Crawford since then, Debo already came back from his injury and looked more than capable of being his old self. And using Collins(plus we have Trufant back), Upshaw and Jackson is reaching like crazy lol. I'm not saying it's an all pro defense but I think it's at least as good or even better than what we had in 16 with a bunch of rookies.
  19. There studs untill 1 gos down. Wate Oliver balled so much I see all pro on him. But we will get a good back up in the 4th or 5th.
  20. Lindstrom is an OG. Period. Not a Center, not an OT. A Guard with Tackles feet NFL Draft Preview: Top guard prospect Chris Lindstrom brings experience, versatility Lindstrom is expected to be the top “true” guard selected, maybe late in the first round or early in the second. Associated Press file At left, in a Sept. 22, 2018, file photo, Boston College offensive lineman Chris Lindstrom (75) plays against Purdue during the second half of an NCAA college football game in West Lafayette, Ind. At right, in a March 1, 2019, file photo, Chris Lindstrom runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis. April 21, 2019 at 8:00 am Kansas State’s Dalton Risner could be a right tackle or a center. Alabama’s Jonah Williams could be a left tackle or a guard. Oklahoma’s Cody Ford could be a left guard or right tackle. On and on the projections go for offensive linemen in this week’s NFL Draft. There is no debate about Boston College’s Chris Lindstrom. He is a guard. Period. Lindstrom is expected to be the top “true” guard selected, maybe late in the first round or early in the second. He said at the NFL Combine he had been in contact with the Broncos.
  21. Bottom sentence is the most important one. Say what you like about the players to me it’s been like this from the jump. Coaching.
  22. Richard Sherman was a fourth-rounder or would you prefer no corner?
  23. I like our CBs more than most people
  24. I’m glad you like it
  25. its good we will get a good 4th rd CB. But we already got them 2 stud at CB.
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