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  2. How many days in a week are you not eating anything at all? Because doing all of that while fully fasting for days seems untenable. It's a recipe to get sick or injured. If you're doing BJJ 4x a week and rolling hard while lifting the other days, it's really hard to not lose weight assuming you're eating a reasonable diet. Doing all of that while in starvation mode isn't going to make you better, just lighter.
  3. The fact that Ryan has had success with 3 different OC's and 3 different systems literally breaks this guy's argument. The fact that he had to pick the worst game of the season to prove his point says a lot. I still don't get why it's hard for fools to admit Ryan is elite and has been for a while. I guess not being flashy and interesting really does him in
  4. Happy B-Day, Tandy!!! Still praying for you and your family.
  5. Lost a good bit of weight when I did calorie counting but I hit a point where I started feeling sick all the time. Wasn't my goal weight but I wasn't going to push it given the signs.
  6. Moreover, studies have shown that the body adjusts to the lower caloric intake, so you have to eat even less to continue losing weight (or worse, gain it back quickly when you resume normal caloric intake). I wasn’t going to inject myself into the conversation because what lostone’s doing is so different and I know nothing about it. But I do know that low calorie diets have a shelf life, especially if they’re done for a long period without exercise.
  7. Doing every other day BJJ. I know what I am missing (at least I think I do) strength training. I am going to go back to doing 5x5 on my fast days in the morning. been reading up on autophagy. Pretty interesting concept. Tons of science behind it. A dr won the Nobel prize for it in 2016.
  8. But the economy is doing really great!
  9. Probably referring to Ivanka.
  10. How much are you exercising? What are your goals with this? I have to say that simply not eating is a horrible way to lose weight.
  11. Happy Birthday Tandy!!! Do something special for yourself today!!!
  12. I think Shanny is given a little too much credit for 2016. Offense was very fortunate injury-wise that season, only team in NFL where OL played entire season together as a unit. Ryan and passing game was every bit as good last year under Sark. A lot of injuries in OL and especially at RB killed our running game, as it would have if Shanny was still the OC. Our offense was meh in 2015, and SF has been meh ever since he’s been their HC.
  13. Happy, happy!
  14. All he really does is rile up the fake/scm/Dems/lemmings into an uncontrollable frenzy. This is what sparks his base.
  15. Happy birthday to a class act. Best wishes, young lady.
  16. Love me some Matt Ryan but as in that Philly game - he needs to step up and be the difference maker in a positive way and lead the team to victory in those situations.
  17. Trump will learn to keep his trap shut about the 'squad' and try to be more presidential. Doubt that he is smart enough. All he wants to do is rile up his racist followers.
  18. Stats aren’t better, at all. And he actually has bigger health issues than a fresh and healed up freeman does coming into this year. Free misses one season, and everyone forgets what a great RB he is.
  19. F*** the saints/swampers/rat-faced-boy
  20. Enjoy your day Tandy.
  21. Trump is far better at the game the Dems created then they ever hope to be.
  22. Fasting every now and then is fine, but I would not endorse the way you tackle this weight loss program. You can turn that hard to get rid of fat into muscle while eating more calories. Anyhow, I wish you well and do it safely.
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  24. At my frustration weight i always plateau at this weight! If I can get past this, it’s smooth sailing down for the rest. Been contemplating if I’ll eat today or not. That would be 3 days without eating before I eat again. Not even hungry
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