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  2. You have to go back and look at the 2011 draft during that time. Von Miller was looked at as by far the best pass rusher of that draft, and went 2nd overall so the Falcons didn't have a chance to get him. No one had any idea the monster and future HOFer that JJ Watt would become despite being picked at 11. Some thought that the Texans even reached for him at the time. I think Robert Quinn had some sort of health condition that took him off some teams' boards if I can remember. Falcons dodged a bullet not being interest in Aldon Smith. Cam Jordan and Ryan Kerrigan would've been great to have, but I don't think Smitty wanted to take either of them though. There were reports that the Falcons were hoping to land Justin Houston in the 3rd round, it didn't work out the way they planned.
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  4. Does Bevell also coordinate defenses? /s
  5. By 2020 wfw's going to be correcting Twitter posts joking about Trump's oddly built *****.
  6. MNF

    They do have. With student discount it’s $99 per year. They don’t really verify if you are a student or not..
  7. If that's a dated version i'd love to see what a new version looks like. I watched 2 highlights from Sundays game where there was literally no defender within 30 yards of whoever had the ball. That's ridiculous and pathetic. Those 2 highlights were all I needed to see.
  8. That and the Alliances that were hard to make to begin with. Those aren’t coming back.
  9. Vandy, I don't think the OP was suggesting that. I can see the logic in the original post. There is no such thing as momentum from one season to the next. A long range plan is necessary to have long term success. Winning three meaningless games COULD have provided long term improvements to the roster. Even the ability to trade down, draft the same players we ended up getting AND acquiring extra future draft picks would have been better for the team than winning 3 games against mediocre teams. This subject has had its run. Some people believe that never say die. I can respect that, but I like to take a broader view and plan for the future. This season appears to be getting out of hand. If we don't go on a winning streak soon, I am not so sure that a few moral victories would be in the team's best interest.
  10. "Tank-Talent" on the D-Line.. 4-5 top 101st round picks... NFL Pre-Game shows on TV Networks kissing their @$$es already because of the legacy of The 49ers of the 1980s.. The offenses in that division are not dynamic, and Shanahan's offense carried The Falcons to the Super Bowl in 2016. His Falcon offense blew-out most opponents early, had phenomenonal time-of-possession late in that season.
  11. Still waiting for an answer.
  12. MNF

    If they had a streaming service for the nfl ticket. I would purchase it.
  13. I know this is a young team, I watched bits of a couple of pre season games, seem we hold for a half then get blown out. Is this what we should expect for the season? A very miserable year for GA sports, does anyone think the Hawks will be good enough to enjoy this year?
  14. Hooper is the only consistent offensive performer each and every week. Why should the Falcons get rid of him? That's one of the dumbest things I've seen yet. You keep producers. I forgot there's a good chance there will be a new regime come next season. New coach and GM(potentially) aren't obligated to keep anyone who isn't already locked in with a loaded contract
  15. If I were the owner, I would carefully look at what the HC and DC have had to work with. My first question would be: Does the DC get the most out of the players on the field? I don't think Quinn is getting the most from his players' talents. I think the defense looks confused and disorganized. Add in some poor tackling, and you get what we are seeing today. I do have faith in Quinn's ability to run a great matter who he can draft next year.
  16. MNF

    I watched that game and remember him saying that
  17. mdrake34 makes wfw look like a 4th grader.
  18. Survey-Opinion-taker for the media, radio station, or The Falcons. Question-topics since last two losses
  19. One wonders how Grampie will handle 5 more years of Trump in his twilight years? Just leave politics to us younger folks.
  20. Rudy will be next to take the fall just like Michael Cohen did.
  21. Remember when these guys got all indignant when some told them to 'shut up and dribble'? Right now, that's probably the best advice.
  22. Well, we did trade away some picks to move up. So atleast we have that.
  23. Only to be followed out the door by Trump.
  24. We haven't had a sack in three consecutive games (last time that happened to a Falcons team was 8 years ago) knowing this was a major concern going into the off season...not a good look
  25. Giuliani is the Roy Cohn of our time. Coincidentally, Roy Cohn also served as Trump's personal lawyer way back in the day.
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