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  2. Are you saying we shouldn’t be attacking other primary candidates?
  3. Happy Birthday ! Hope you get a great draft pick tonight as a present.
  4. What I remember about Gholston was that people fell in love with him at the combine. Lot's of chatter that year that he was a 'workout warrior'.
  5. We’re ready for Buuuush
  6. I don't know much about Bush, but at this point I'm fine with giving up on Riley, and we ought to let Campbell sign elsewhere and get us a compensation pick rather than us be the team that pays him in addition to Deion. Obviously I wouldn't want to move up just for the sake of making a move, but our linebackers last year were kinda dog****.
  7. You think so? I guess I’m in the minority thinking we don’t need a DT. We have Grady and Senate with great depth in Crawford and Davison. Clay can even play DT some and we have other guys who if they make the team can play DT. I mean I wouldn’t mind drafting one later in the draft just not a high pick unless we let Grady walk.
  8. I would not necessarily love moving up for Bush, but imagine the speed our linebacker corp would have. It would be a complete nightmare for an offense. Still need more beef up front to keep them clean, though. And can you believe the Davison contract is just $735,000....what a steal Debo - 4.37 at Pro Day Bush - 4.44 at Combine Foye - see graphic below
  9. That UNC line was the best money could buy. Why would the number one DT recruit in the nation choose Carolina ?
  10. lots of droppage
  11. I think it's increasing likely that Haskins and both Devins go top 10. Someone is going to drop.
  12. Better not be.
  13. Sad thing is, IF the falcons trade up, there’s gonna be an overwhelming sea of posts crying about “empty wins”..
  14. "For Atlanta, the options are varied." Love that quote. And that's just how it's going to play out tonight!
  15. Nobody hates to see our picks leave more than I do.. But in this case.. I'm very very happy to think we are getting what I think it the most sure fire DT in this draft,, JMO,, But this man will be a difference maker...
  16. Kim jon un meets with Putin and presents him with a gold sword.
  17. I can't either. DQ is constantly talking about proper tackling technique and fast and physical - Greedy doesn't fit that mantra.
  18. this. TD feeding bull to the media making them think who they are taking.
  19. He's such a weenie against the run. I like aspects of his game, and he's an insane talent, but I just can't see it.
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