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  2. Why are we picking on the rookie when Matthews and Mack have been the two worst linemen we've got this year. James Carpenter has actually played very well this year but everytime you turn around #77 is stoning is man while #70 and #51 are attempting to chase down their guys who are sacking Ryan. It's ******* pathetic that our 2 highest paid linemen have been the two worst. BTW, I pointed out LAST YEAR that Alex Mack's play was slipping and he couldn't be trusted to handle 1-on-1 anymore and sadly this year has proven that to be true. But I was told I was an idiot for questioning Mack's play.
  3. i was with you until McDaniels...
  4. do not want. besides the fact he has turned out to be a overrated coach, Iooking at them ugly khaki pants every sunday would be tough...
  5. We made a mistake when we fired Reeves We made a mistake when we threw Zimmer out with Petrino. We made a mistake when we didn't promote LaFluer. We made a mistake when we went "explosive" We made a mistake when we built the shiny new stadium with no HFA We made a mistake when we didn't unload Julio when we could get maximum value We made a mistake when we didn't lock Shanny up We made a mistake when we resigned Beasley. And Baker. And DeCoud. And Jerry. And now it looks like Matthews too. and most of all... We made a mistake when we couldn't simply HAND THE BALL OFF 3 times in a row We've run out of mistakes to make.
  6. Is magic city open on Sunday???
  7. At least he admits to his shortcomings and owned up to it. Still, he should not make it past this season in Atlanta.
  8. It wasn't just Quinn. It was blank, his teammates, and the fans.
  9. Didn’t Debo and Allen say the same thing. I am tired of this cliches. It’s players way of giving vote on confidence to DQ like AB. The Defense has no football players, bunch of egos and no accountability. A clueless coach leading the way.
  10. Tulsi was once a person who was unanimously elected vice chair of the DNC and she received praise from the head of CAP. But after she endorsed Bernie she became bad.
  11. Vic said he didn't get it done. Kudos for THAT because a majority of folks who clown him wouldn't have even done THAT...
  12. I wish I had seen this, I'd definitely would've gone!
  13. Exactly lol. Side note Ramsey showed yesterday exactly what I said about him. He ain’t shutting down elite guys. He gets bailed by bad throws and help.
  14. Aaaaand their done
  15. boo hoo son of a *****
  16. Folks roaming around is a dated excuse now. The stadium has been open for two years and its not THAT exciting. If the product on the field was exciting, then people would stay in their seats like they do at the college games that are played there...
  17. "Yeah, I feel like I’ve let him down,” In other news... water is wet.
  18. It’s people like that guy that obviously don’t see clearly what happens in a game. I guess it’s too fast for them to comprehend what’s going on
  19. I pretty much enjoyed it throughout and thought all the performances were fantastic. The finale really worked for me, just explosive and dark enough to keep me on edge the whole time, and I laughed pretty hard at the shocking sequence. Thought they did a good job with framing it as either a season or series finale (given that they probably didn't know for sure if it would be picked up for the second season at the time it was written and filmed).
  20. Nope..go watch the video. 77 from the Rams pulls Frees hair and the Ref lost his balance and fell over Free
  21. "Prejudices are all the same. Whether you’re talking about a big hairy biker, a person of different ethnicity than yours, or a police officer. Your life experiences have created an opinion based upon the people you encounter. (Or how gullible you are to current media trends.) This has taught me that the only reason you have to fear them is if you give them a reason. In my experiences with police officers, I choose to believe that is a very small portion of law enforcement officers, and that the rest shouldn’t be judged upon the minority. If you have a fear of police officers, you should probably stop doing illegal things. That will greatly lessen your fears. Most police officers chose their profession out of an overwhelming sense of service and protection, a desire to help make the world a better, safer place. They should be honored and respected." (Sorry, lost link)
  22. Congress could revoke it if they wanted to.
  23. Yep. Compare it to best Falcons season in 2016 or even 2017. The attendance is 96% this year. In 2016, more entertaining and winning season, it was 93%. The 2017 season was 95% attendance, less than 2019. It will start going down soon. Last year there was a big bump in attendance towards the end..
  24. No to Harbaugh please! He's made mistakes in the NFL and at the college level. Might as well stick with what we have now.
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