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  2. I'm saying it's amplified by the media not solely due to the media .
  3. What a joke. Hopefully, the NFLs top 100 has him higher. I have him pegged in the top 25.
  4. Someone tells you that they feel unsafe because of their race, and you tell them that it's because of the news. It's presumptuous and dismissive.
  5. Knapp is a gifted QB Coach. That’s his lane
  6. Yes those things happened for descendants decades I'm not denying that at all. I'm saying it's happening far less but amplified more.
  7. Totally forgot about him. Add him to the Marcus Green bucket. Space guys who can be devastating.
  8. Diggs isn't even the best WR on his own team. LOL.
  9. Except it doesn't. All non Brits were treated as second class citizens. Even from it's foundation no one started at the same place.
  10. Just post this when @ButSkiuup tries his hand at trolling. It’s too bad, cause the few times he sticks to football it’s clear he has a very sharp mind.
  11. Yeah, I agree. Lists are dumb. I kind of like seeing the videos of the Top 100 because they are entertaining but one should never get too bent if Hopkins is rated over Julio or if Rivers is rated over Ryan. The Top 100 is a popularity contest more than anything as it is voted on by the players themselves. As to Matt Ryan and the HOF, I tend to agree w/ your take. If he plays to age 40 and maintains his current level of play for most of those years, he should easily make the Hall just based on his numbers - however, I have heard this shifting narrative with many talking about this "new era of passing in NFL" and trying to say the numbers won't matter as much - which is total garbage. Show me a player IN ANY SPORT who can have "Top 10 all-time" numbers who doesn't make the HOF in that respective sport. Ryan is 4 years behind Eli, Big Ben and Rivers but is outpacing all of them. Six more years of 4,000yds/season would likely put Matt Ryan as 5th all-time in passing yards in the history of the game. Matt's averaged 4,650yds passing the last three years - so assuming 4,000yds/yr takes into account a drop-off at some point. The Hall of Fame will have to administer a "Matt Ryan Rule" to keep him out of the Hall, barring injury. The only two players that Matt Ryan is guaranteed not to catch in total passing yards is Brees and Brady - who should be #1 and #2 by the time they hang it up (Brees is already #1 and Brady will easily pass Manning/Favre this year. Hopefully, somewhere along the way Matty Ice gets the SB victory to ice the HOF debate but, regardless, he should have the stats to get in without a dramatic fall-off - which I just don't see.
  12. I will watch it because I need a Falcon fix. I want to see who stands out.
  13. Yet, black Friday is a good thing. This can get confusing if you let the left take charge in reconstituting our language.
  14. You have no clue what anyone else believes, or why they believe it.
  15. Brian Finneran might be the nicest guy I’ve ever met related to the Falcons organization. He does weirdly weigh his opinions on the current teams... sometimes harshly. What did he say about tak? Do we know that?
  16. My schedule for today got changed to 5-9.
  17. Or just be who you are. Be genuine and we will respect it. I do believe this is genuine Takk.
  18. I wouldnt mind it if we did. Thought you had to miss the game today?
  19. This is a very honest and genuine post. A rarity on TATF cause it tells us a bit about you as a person. Takk & Vic are putting down 10 or more sacks apiece in 2019.
  20. I would never equate or simplify the Minority Experience in America to just a slogan.
  21. Be a bust everyone loves. Got it
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