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  2. MNF

    The three major calls in our game seriously went against us. You know it’s bad when cardinals fans are saying that we were robbed and apparently their players/coaches talked about how the calls went their way.
  3. You can add Matt Stafford to that list.
  4. MNF

    think next year will be uncapped if they don't agree to a new CBA. And if they do I think TD is banking on the cap to be higher.
  5. You can add Matt Stafford to that list.
  6. Yeah, karma hit them. Braves should’ve done the same to them. Too bad.
  7. MNF

    Yep, even if it was hard to overturn least it was close enough right? We had more evidence that Murray was C L E A R L Y short on that 3rd down...but they didn't care to make it right. I can see they reviewed that and said ball moved before the 3rd step was down...close but based on "enough to overturn"? They still overturned it. We got no such thing. Packers tho...
  8. MNF

    Should've let Beasley go but it doesn't give you freedom to sign anyone beyond a 1-2 year deal given the need to make cuts just to make cap next year. We are currently almost $10M over. $13.5M for one and $17.25M other...we can't add that at all. You'd be kissing Hooper goodbye as well as Sanu.
  9. MNF

    Why couldn’t we have these refs for our game? They may have actually made the right calls/reversals.
  10. MNF

    No way! Terrible overturn! Gotta be kiddin me with this stuff, we couldn’t get the obvious wrong calls overturned in our game, but they overturned that, sickening.
  11. I’d get whatever I could for Vic, Tru, Sanu, Freeman.
  12. MNF

    Of course and he is learning new offense too. Looks out of sync.
  13. Threw behind receivers... Godgers makes horrible throws as well. Should have been a walk in TD instead of an INT
  14. MNF

    Wish Ryan had his arm, he would be unstoppable.
  15. MNF

    Catch. If they overturn this to incomplete, fire all Arizona refs. I can't stand the lack of consistency between games.
  16. MNF

    I didn't....and I still don't. He could not make guys like Harvin amd Graham into his offense. He only did well because Lynch went beast mode....when he started to did the Hawks offense.
  17. MNF

    yeah 4 years 12 mil per. better than the return we are getting, we're just too worried about keeping all our underperforming talent, maybe the light will come on. Enjoy getting fired Quinn
  18. MNF

    Tried to tell folks years ago deception ain’t everything, that defensive players knew how to key run or pass before the snap more times than you’d think.
  19. MNF

    Wow Rodgers hit the guy in the face and interception. There would be 10 posts on that on TATF if it was Ryan.
  20. Another fail smh
  21. MNF

    Actually feel bad for Rodgers. Tonight has 2-3 players that happened reminiscent of 2017 Ryan's receivers. Funny. Aaron can't make his teammates do their job.
  22. MNF

    Some on this Board crucified Bevil. I don't know but I think DQ was serious about hiring him The Board outcry was load. He is not "trash" like some of you called him. He would have been great with our offense.
  23. MNF

    Lol Darius Shepherd bout to be the most hated man in Wisconsin.
  24. MNF

    Still not a fan of Patricia, but I like what he’s putting together in Detroit. It’s impressive how quickly he’s got that defense up and running. #Envious
  25. MNF

    LOL Booger just called the audible play!
  26. What did I say in the off season? He was the right man as our OC and we mucked that up. So many of yall choked on that stupid 1 yard in the SB.
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