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  2. No but his shirt neck size went from 18" to 6".
  3. Rice is very cultivated...
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  5. This post resonates in my soul... Been here since 89. I know a lot of y'all have been here much longer. I hope maybe we can have one in our lifetimes.
  6. @FalconFanSince1970 I'd love to see it happen...gotta believe.
  7. D1ck Shiner
  8. Interesting read!! Dawgs still control their own destiny by winning out!!
  9. I legit had no idea he had just changed his name until just now. Figured it was someone I hadn’t seen in a while
  10. With a Top 20 defense this team could easily be 6-0. Next question
  11. I feel you, but I don't think I'll see the Falcons win a SuperBowl as long as I'm alive. Or 100 years after lol
  12. Again. Absolutely wrong . I’ve watched Minkah a lot. He’s solid but I keep laying it out and you dispute facts he did play perimeter. I’m not arguing just saying I Love his talent He hasn’t proven to be an all pro I hope he does though Position 2018 Snaps Slot Cornerback 379 Perimeter Cornerback 281 Deep Safety 166 Box Safety 95 Defensive Line (Edge Blitz/TE coverage) 23 Total 944
  13. Ain't that a kick in the head.
  14. You choose to read or think whatever you want. I’m not against Minkah as I’ve started but I do think he has a lot to prove. But I haven’t seen the star he may become. Not that hard to comprehend what my opinion is.
  15. We win by 10 because. They put Ramsey on Julio with no help. So Julio explodes
  16. Susan Rice is awesome
  17. Zimmer's defense requires elite personnel to be effective.
  18. Montage of Kenyan Drake ducking passes boys!!! Woooooooooo
  19. Wonder if this kid was afraid?
  20. Post it. I wanna see what you realize first. That it only happened one time and wasn't a "montage" or "passes" but a single pass. Or that it wasnt Kenyan that even did it.
  21. It’s on twitter and it’s hilarious. Not inclined to do the search for you though.
  22. Ok except he never played primarily perimeter. Ever. He played safety and nickel.
  23. Where as i like Freeman im actually on the opposite side of this and it sorta pisses me off. The fact he knew he was injured and struggling because of it was hurting us severely. Snit asked him multiple times if he was hurting and snit said freeman told him he was fine. Thats selfish to me and he should have stepped aside and let someone healthier that was hotter at the plate step into that role if he couldn't perform to the standards we needed him to in the playoffs. Their was multiple times in the Cards series where he came up short that could have actually won us that entire series. I still love him as a player for the Braves but that bs he pulled was garbage to me.
  24. Lol this is all sooooo stuuuupid
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