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  2. No
  3. Omg hes wearing my "I don't give a fuq" shoes
  4. Dont mind me, I just got something in my eye.
  5. so hes like the rest of us.
  6. Keuchel is just locked in. Hes putting it exactly where he wants it every time.
  7. Mine was a pun too (albiet one that's pretty niche specific and one lve overused multiple times and continue to do so )
  8. Yesterday
  9. I’m pretty sure that’s a violation of the Geneva Convention.
  10. That cutter in is always exactly 86 mph
  11. Notice the "i" and not an "o?" It was a take on Lo get a pedicure.
  12. Injuries dont often happen as a result of conditioning. They just happen.
  13. 100% agreed
  14. DK looking sharp
  15. You are hatin on a guy who went outside like this: I still don't understand it either.
  16. He refuses to answer my simple question.
  17. I love, love, LOVE this! That made that baby’s year!!!!
  18. All of them because they have more cap space than us lol. Nevermind the fact we are as talented as every team mentioned. Im sure 70 would rather see any of the mentioned win over the Falcons just so he could say he told us so. Bro’s heads in the sand because what he thinks is the best way is being debunked at every turn. Cap TD Talent
  19. Need a new luck coach while they are at it
  20. **** happens. It’s unfortunate. It comes with the sport and the training. One bad step and you can **** something up
  21. Yeah but this guy dont have any clue if Nesman is gonna make the 53 or not.
  22. They had a crap OL so the system seemed foolish cause rather than protect the OL, it asked more of them. It’s the thing I don’t like about DK’s history. He tried to force his personnel into the system rather adjust the system for the limitations of his personnel. I don’t foresee that being an issue next year. Too many great coaches in the room to not hold each other accountable.
  23. Come on Flowers!!!
  24. Injuries thus early to me indicates we need a new conditioning coach or plan. Last year injuries happened very early also. How can we improve this? We used to be great at staying healthy. Your thoughts?
  25. Ok lets put a couple more on the board
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