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  2. Yep. Compare it to best Falcons season in 2016 or even 2017. The attendance is 96% this year. In 2016, more entertaining and winning season, it was 93%. The 2017 season was 95% attendance, less than 2019. It will start going down soon. Last year there was a big bump in attendance towards the end..
  3. No to Harbaugh please! He's made mistakes in the NFL and at the college level. Might as well stick with what we have now.
  4. Played out the way I called it.
  5. Was gonna say, Lowndes > Falcons but that would be too obvious.
  6. There is usually more to the story so I am sure you are correct. Even though there is certainly more to this story that we dont know about--the main essential problem is: 1) Dan Quinn is simply NOT a good head coach 2) Dan Quinn--although he had defensive success in Seattle, is not the defensive mastermind everyone thought he was and he seems incompetent at running a defense now. A good defensive coordinator could find a way --even with our defensive personnel--to at least be decently competitive 3) The brief success Quinn enjoyed was primarily due to Shannahan, unfortunately that success masked DQ's fatal flaws and AB let Shannhan leave and kept the wrong guy DQ
  7. People would be losing their **** if they let players like Deion and Jarrett walk. A lot of that money is also tied up in players who are very cuttable after this season. Freeman, Mack, Sanu, Stocker, Schaub, Bailey, etc. Could also cut players like Neal, Allen, and Trufant but I'd prefer to keep them around tbh.
  8. That's definitely not me I just thought your comment was funny based on the short term assumptions you made. I didn't want them to resign Freeman and I actually wanted them to draft Dalvin Cook.
  9. Redskins front 7 would wreck the Falcons offense.
  10. I aint saying Freeman still has it or anything because I didn't feel that way at all coming into the season and still not after he showed flashes. But making a judgement called based on 3 carries is a little silly
  11. And Freeman being hurt as of late and looking ineffective. Talent here is overrated and we tend to lionize average players made better by a good scheme. Time to trade away and draft Swift.
  12. That’s the only way to be with us being Atlanta fans! Smh
  13. Rico ain't it, but Kazee isn't either imho. Rico would actually be great in a nickel/rotational safety role. Still, we could use an infusion of game changing talent. We've drafted what, maybe two safeties in the first couple of rounds since TD got here? I'm more of a LBs guy - Debo is the only truly good LB we've drafted OR brought in via FA in a decade plus and it feels like TD just went, "aight we good, let's throw everything at the OL." This is an organizational issue.
  14. While using none of those words?
  15. they haven’t. Have you even looked at the stats? 2019 AVG: 72,135 2018 AVG: 72,898
  16. 3 whole attempts in the preseason. That's definitely a lot to make that type of judgement call off of.
  17. Of course he did. Cause Rico has been Dimi's baby since he was drafted. I like Rico, but INTs are INTs.
  18. Lip service. Beasley just does not have what it takes mentally to be successful.
  19. Blank could make a fortune by selling potatoes at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium...
  20. The context was 2019 Cook was better than 2019 Freeman, and Freeman showed nothing in preseason to warrant being better.
  21. Arthur Blank also needs to back off. A lot of that is him making certain players Falcons-for-Life.
  22. I sure hope so
  23. I had no problem with the moving on from Bryant. My problem is them not putting in any real effort to replace him. All they did was put blind faith in some unknown off the street guy. Same way they cut Alford and put blind faith into Oliver. And then when those decisions don't work out they sit there looking surprised with their mouths open because they're clueless. It's always "what now?" with them when things don't go right, just clueless
  24. ^^^^ THIS ^^^^
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