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  2. Freeman sucks, even when he has space he jukes a million times in slow motion the first 3 steps and gets tackled behind the line of scrimmage. Then the few times they use Ito he gets positive yards.
  3. Posters thought I was crazy when I said we would go crazy with bobo
  4. Honestly, I would have preferred us to have played the young guys at the end of last year and if we would have won with them then I could see the momentum talk. I just don’t see the reason why you would play your veterans who have won before and know how to win, in meaningless games when you could save those hits and allow the guys that are on the back end of your roster a full opportunity to see what they can and cannot do against real NFL Talented guys.
  5. They check the 100s, anyone coming down is checked.
  6. The only thing is... are you really 1 pass rusher on defense away to invest draft picks into a 31 year old 3-4 scheme fit? I’d rather use our 1st and 2nd to move up for Young next spring than use our 2nd to get Miller for only 2 years. Cap is too rough as it is. In a trade do we only pay his base salary? Edit: lol it’s still too much by itself.
  7. Yeah, I liked it when UGA used theirs against ND. Adds some energy for sure.
  8. A recent poll had 50% of voters wanting someone else to represent Tulsi's district. He is definitely the strongest candidate she has faced.
  9. Please keep this crap out of the recruiting thread. If you're too immature to keep your thoughts to the game thread, then just stay off the boards during games altogether.
  10. How we gonna pay Von?
  11. 48-17 Rams!!!! Do you people not yet understand that Quinn has completely lost this team and this team particularly the defense is now in open rebellion and are not planning on stopping anything!
  12. Man, we are not going to agree ever on this one as it appears we are watching two different games.
  13. No that video does not show the hit Matt Shaub laid on a ref during his first tenure here. He's bloodied him up lol.
  14. I think I could use Vonn Miller with his hand in the dirt for sure.I think he has the ability to do the mentioned. For me if I had the ability to add talent like this I’d make it work even if it meant eating some dead money cutting who I choose to cut or trade scenarios. I wouldn’t dismiss it.
  15. I didn’t watch the game but just checked the score and I just about spit my water out when I saw Fromm with 9/12 for 35 yards. Is that even possible? This team is a mess and that’s really saying something, because to be honest, the defense, while boring, has been really solid.
  16. Cant get a sack when the QB can get the ball out in less than 2 seconds
  17. a falcon tanking can still do some serious dmg amirite?
  18. 7-0 Bama and Bryant-Denny is rocking tonight. Those LED lights are so cool! RMFT
  19. Yeah and getting an actual sack is overrated, I know. Lol Sorry, I couldn’t resist! I swear I won’t bring it up again. lol
  20. I'm sure the guy that sits where he sits because of "Christians" has this one under control brother.
  21. Lol, I can relate to roofies!! My wife was the target, and I drank her drink by mistake! Crapped on the hotel sofa, thinking it was the toilet!!! Lol
  22. Love some wildlife back straps. I will be rocking some steak and shrimp myself.
  23. Roasted Falcon
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