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  2. Jesus, this turned into a bunch of judgy women in here.
  3. The lemmings are going to hate you for your honesty.
  4. says Squirrely Bob for the umpteenth time...
  5. Won’t get but 2 cent per pound
  6. I can see y'all are still bat guano crazy about the man the Dems tried to railroad with the fake RC collusion/obstruction hoax. I mean grown (supposedly) intelligent men, still clinging to the false hope that a three year scam will take out a duly elected POTUS. It's shameful and I'm embarrassment for you since you don't have the sense to see it yourselves. We are talking grade school level buffoonery here.
  7. Yep they changes the rules on that
  8. I hate to say it but Trump might be in a heap of trouble courtesy of Mueller.
  9. And that might apply to obstruction (and witness tampering as well). I’d just like someone to confirm that. Edit: And if that’s the case — that attempted obstruction is still obstruction — then the Mueller report is a slam dunk case of obstruction. But I’d like to know if anyone has been prosecuted for attempted (but failed) obstruction of justice.
  10. Yo she's got so much plastic, I'm about to put her in the blue bin for recycling.
  11. I heard it explained by some legal authority on cable tv that it's called conspiracy to commit a crime. (Person plans to rob a bank, tries to get his partner to be an accomplice, partner backs out, the person planning is guilty of conspiracy).
  12. No message yet - but pm me your email address and name and how many you need. If he takes less than the 4 or if I don't hear from him - - then I would certainly send what's available based on your request. I'm loading up my car right now - so I'll probably be off line for a while - but I'll take care of getting them sent in time and will try to respond if I have a chance whenever there is a break from driving and caring for hubby.
  13. Falcons roster ranked second-best in NFL for 2018 By Tim Weaver | June 28, 2018 8:30 am It’s been two seasons since the Falcons made the Super Bowl, but their title window remains wide open. According to the experts at ESPN Insider and Pro Football Focus, Atlanta has the second-best roster in the NFL heading into the 2018 season. Only the reigning champion Eagles ranked higher. They pinpointed the Falcons’ greatest strength as quarterback Matt Ryan, who had some bad luck with interceptions last season but still had the second-highest grade for PFF at QB for the year.
  14. Could you imagine being Shede right now? All he could hv been doing the last couple of years is beat himself up about blowing the opportunity of a lifetime being in the league and to now to get that chance back? Dude if he truly has his head on str8... -somebody’s QB is gonna get damaged.
  15. Pure gold
  16. Just giving an update. He's having a hard time breathing since they removed 15% of his lung. So he has started PT. ..... when he fully recovers (because i know he will), i will update this thread again. But i think it's going to take a couple months until he is 100% able to return to combat and start flight training school. Also thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. That truly does help a person know there is others put there for them (even if they are just dating "thoughts"). And prayers help more than anyone knows. Also I "think" the army is paying 100% for everything. I've told him if he needs any money to ask, but he told me the army is taking care of everything....... and he is staying with his father on the beach in Florida while he recovers.
  17. I hope we draft Wilkins at 14 and trade up in the 2nd
  18. EDGE pressure.
  19. I hear ya with QW especially. But it would cost to much to move up. In my opinion I'd rather trade back in the first get your RT trade up in the 2nd and get Wilkens. Then grab Winovich with our next pick.
  20. Who are you thinking?
  21. You must be new here. If Vic plays well, people will still find ways to complain about him.
  22. Maybe our legal experts can weigh in on this, but if a person tries continuously to obstruct an investigation but is stopped by his that still obstruction? In other words, is attempted obstruction still a crime?
  23. A piece of advice run don’t look back just run.
  24. Does anyone think a guy projected at the end of the first round would fake an injury at combine so as not to fall out of the 1st?
  25. This board is always clamoring for one-year "prove it" signings. We get the most literal sense of that and now people want to **** on it. This is a total no-risk, all-reward type of deal. They will know fairly quickly if he will make it to the season or not. It also likely doesn't change draft strategy at all.
  26. Interesting story ..... I did want Lee. No doubt. I had also picked Keanu Neal as the player I hoped would be our 2nd round pick. When the day of the draft rolled around and all of ATL media was reporting Neal was going to be our 1st round pick, I immediately started hoping Jones would be our second round pick. Turned out the Falcons did too.
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