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  2. We could’ve had a number of veterans on a one or two year deal at only half the cost at most! Quinn is literally going down on that first draft pick.
  3. How is he losing tens of millions of voters? Has his popularity actually shifted enough to indicate that he's gonna end up with 30 or 40 million votes instead of 60? As far as I can tell his followers are loyal to a fault, whereas the Democrat that wins the nomination is going to lose millions of votes from people that refuse to vote for that sort of candidate as a Democrat.
  4. The few people who wanted Burns here were met with "He's Vic 2.0" rebuttals. Now look...
  5. Subjective. They got the guy they wanted. Keeping Smitty didn't prevent or hinder their HC search. That's my point.
  6. I have no problem with walking in the shoes of anyone that has a particular perspective. I also believe in accountability and not mincing words / facts. Most people that have an interaction with police don't want a negative experience. They are not looking to kill, attach or injure. They are not looking to go to jail or end up with a ticket. It amazes me how the system says an officer can "fear for his life" and it not have to be justified in anyway. Especially when he is initiating contact. A citizen for some reason doesn't have the same consideration for some reason. The regulations around how officers police need to change.
  7. When Art finally pulls the trigger, he should have a couple goons drive up to FB in a huge black sedan, tell Quinn “boss wants to see you”, and toss him in the back. He needs to start earning that Godfather nickname
  8. Again, none of that addresses the basic underlying fact — Trump barely won and since he took office he has turned off far more people than he has brought over to his side. It’s not just about making himself more popular, it’s about him actively losing tens of millions of voters and doing nothing to bring them back to his side. The only thing that I can see that would cause those people to vote for him is if the economy starts booming and things settle down to some semblance of normalcy when it comes to foreign policy. 2018 showed that the Democratic base is far more fired up than Republicans. Yeah, he can try to divide them but I don’t know a lot of moderate Dems who would vote for Trump against Warren or who would just stay at home. At some point, all of these elaborate grand theories have to give way to a basic underlying mathematical reality — Trump has less support now than when he won the election and nothing he’s done has brought those voters back to his side.
  9. So is this an argument for or against? Because it's looking like they didn't get the right guy. Smitty only had 2 losing seasons and unless there is a miracle Quinn is going to only have 2 winning seasons.
  10. Just what you want out of a 1st rounder. A good # 2 guy, but really I don't even think he is a good #2 guy. He hasn't done a thing this year.
  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... unfortunately your old *** eyes ain't beholding nothing.
  12. That is a keeper!
  13. Bad idea. No.
  14. It pains me to be on the same side of an issue as Clay Travis.
  15. You're biased because you know...TDS
  16. 22/22 578 yards 7 TDs 0 ints, 1 rushing TD AND 1 receiving TD.
  17. Yeah, it's funny when you hear people say that sacks are "overrated"!
  18. Put Kazee at SS instead of Ish
  19. Could Ruby actually end up in Prison!???
  20. Warren or Sanders would face major opposition outside of the Republicans and traditional right-wing media if either won the nomination, and if Biden wins it, the media's going to say he's ahead in the polls every day until election day, and then fewer people are going to vote for him than voted for Hillary.
  21. Exactly. Nobody is trading a first for Hooper. That's the only thing I'd take for him. Not even a second. He's legit. Him, Julio, and Ridley are the future of this offense's passing game. Build accordingly.
  22. I’m definitely starting Goff on fantasy
  23. This tells the whole story beautifully........honestly at this point though, I blv I would go ahead and relieve both DQ and TD. Let anyone who’s willing coach out string. Heck Matt R can handle his own offense and D isn’t being coached effectively anyway so they can let anyone call the D. Maybe draw a few lucky fans out of hat and let them each call a worse than the ostrich race gimmick at old Fulton county the Braves ran back in the day.
  24. Yeah I'm fine keeping Takk and letting him roll once his contract ends. Tagging Beasley was straight dumb though. Quinn cost himself his job with that one. Ego.
  25. IKR? I was sure Quinn taking over full control of the defense and calling the plays would be the crucial change that would get us back to the SB this year. LOL But on a brighter note, our chances of getting a high draft pick as a result of this Clown Show are really, really looking up!
  26. You cant hire a GM in Mid season, unless he's sitting at home unemployed..and no team is going to let you talk to their people during the season either
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