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  2. I like Ryan, i have 5 of his jerseys including the elite jersey.. The situation Ryan has allowed TD and Quinn to put this team in is what i dont like. If Ryan is as smart of a professional and carries any weight what so ever on team decisions we would have built a strong defense and he "should" be able to be successful without half the offensive weapons he now has.. But its all kinda blown up at this point. Its just a very unbalanced team and its not going to be easy to fix in a couple of seasons
  3. And You’re talking out of your *** with this bunch of crapola. falcons are top 10 NFL in offense, bottom 5 in defense. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist Slummy to figure out what needs to be fixed.
  4. I Don't think Gurley will ever really be healthy.
  5. Like I said this blew up so he doesn't get to be the guy righteously standing on the hill educucating your imperialist propaganda warped mind about the human right violations your not talking he's not into it
  6. Good grief Northwestern is not good. Bring on Wisconsin. That should be a legit matchup.
  7. I think we win. When we are playing bad we always have that one game where we put it all together and beat a team that we shouldnt. I think this will be that game.
  8. Have any of the players and coaches you mentioned been succesful elsewhere? Quinn isn't a good defensive coordinator but Beasley doesnt put the effort into the game to be succesful. He had the tools just doesnt have the drive
  9. Garbage stats.
  10. Kiss of death.
  11. I Hope the FO doesn't blame this all on VIC because it is not all his fault and they have a few of other players who are under performing and DQ continues to stick with them. But the truth of the matter DQ has not been the DC that he has a rep for. DQ is not the talent evaluator or motivator he thinks he is. DQ is also very stubborn. I betSomewhere MM, Cox, Feeney, Alford. Sark, Hage etc are feeling Vindicated.
  12. I hope M. Night Shyamalan produces the next Star Wars movie. Also, I'd be Green shirt guy the entire time. I already know how crazy the world is.
  13. #risehood #upembrace #suckbrother
  14. Don’t threaten me with a good time.
  15. What's all this about holding tickets back until gameday because of the PSLs? There are literally 10's of thousands on ticketmaster half face value. PSL's are bailing, they've had enough. $5000 PSL + $2000 a season for $2 hotdog? P.T. Barnum was right.!
  16. I put money that my mother listens to her garbage
  17. Might as well trade him straight up for Bill Belicheck
  18. One thing about Cambell he is the first one out there doing laps with his Gold Beat in pregame warmups at the Benz. I always thought he was pretty good, and he's stayed healthy. Who's calling the plays? Not Campbell! We had a better defense on paper last season when all the *STARS* were on IR. The problem is >Q U I N N< the same guy that lost us a super bowl with his *trickery* Same guy that is allowing Freeman up the middle on 90% of 1st downs for 1 yard. Until the cancer is ripped out the team will continue to suck. Seriously the guy lost a SB with a 25 point lead at half time, that alone should have got him canned.
  19. You forgot the 4th rounder... Two 1st and a 4th rounder #brothership
  20. I did too. I really wanted Henry too but knew we wouldnt draft him
  21. Nothing to do with it. But thanks.
  22. He is not long for this team. Simple cap reality. Only way he stays without a trade is extension and lowering 2019 cap significantly.
  23. If you're going to ***** about the media and how you don't follow the main stream......I'd recommend not following that up by posting an article from The blaze. All that aside....there has been discussion after discussion after discussion about how Dems need to reach out to rural voters. How their messaging just doesn't land with rural voters. I absolutely believe that urban can and has been used as a "code word" but I understand it being used here. Because if the discussion has been about how to reach rural voters....... isn't the other side of that convo going to involve urban voters? If someone tells you to name the opposite word and someone says rural..... what's the first word that comes to your mind? (Not you op, just a general question) I mean....there is some context here.
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