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  2. I don't see how any team would look at this defense and say, "dude, let's hire that Quinn guy".
  3. Yeah, that's why he us POTUS right now Mr. Fiber Deficiency.
  4. You're an enigma. Not sure if I would trust you behind enemy lines, you might frag my *** or I cooked see us getting along really well. I guess I"m weird too?
  5. That's what Seattle did too.
  6. The eyes man the eyes...always look at the eyes
  7. WTF did you edit my post title? Sensitive people
  8. It starts with Blank. He hasn't fired a GM since he bought the team, unless you count Reeves!
  9. He was never the right piece for what Quinn was trying to
  10. We will end up with more wins than the tankers want by season’s end. If Matt has to throw for 700 yards to get a W given the state of the D, the competitor in him will do it.
  11. A reminder that literally nothing would ever get Mitch to remove Trump in the Senate.
  12. If I wasn’t such a cheapskate I would overnight a case of brooms to Busch stadium
  13. Today
  14. I agree w your stance on Sanu, but not drafting another WR to replace him. Sanu is important for his skill set not his size. All preseason the buzz was how much young talent we have at WR. We should be able to fill the hole w someone on the roster (Gage, OZ, Hardy). Having JJ, Ridley and Hoop makes another receiver a luxury more than a need, and capital is better spent elsewhere, both in FA and the draft (just my opinion)
  15. Massaging Ito Smiths hamstrings with warm milk while giving Ollison a foot massage
  16. Where is Cap?
  17. This. Anybody will look bad when they have to break a tackle before they even hit the LOS. If Freeman is in the game the defense is going to pay more attention to him then Ito Smith. Ito gets the element of surprise, Freeman gets guys shooting gaps. Free can still ball if he gets room to operate
  18. This is the best post period. We don’t need JAGs. We have plenty of those. We need a big time playmaker on defense, regardless of level. Right now we have Grady and Debo as playmakers. That’s about it. Takk is a JAG despite the board love.
  19. JUST KIDDING!!!!! This in itself eases the pain of the end for the Braves season
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