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  2. It could very well be someone that would cause shock throughout the league and sports media. By everyone thinking that the Falcons wanting Oliver badly as if it is 100% clear cut knowledge seems a bit strange strategically. Unless it is bait to throw off from who they really want. I'm thinking if the Falcons do indeed move up, it won't be for Oliver. Something is going on at Flowery Branch.
  3. I don’t get the indifference with Ito - dude was a pleasant surprise basically every time he touched the ball.
  4. There were too many good players on Clemson's d line for me to tell who was truly great. Everyone was winning.
  5. Explain carefully what his crime was please.
  6. Simmons already had a flag for the domestic incident - even though by all accounts he had righted himself. Now, the ACL/meniscus tear - I just don’t see it for a team that needs a fast start. A team with more depth probably takes him.
  7. Happy Easter. Still should have kept Coleman is all I'm saying.
  8. What a 1 second movie?
  9. I don't know what it is about Ferg, I've tried and tried again to like him more than i do. When I watch him I see a guy that is physically perfect for the role but most plays are uninspiring. It's like when he wants to he can but, most of the time he doesn't want to. Maybe its a scheme thing. Polite to me plays like a barbarian and I love that.
  10. Troll much??
  11. We are thinking along the same lines. I just think that the best player available will probably be an OT. There are a couple of DTs that may be good if they fall to us but there are a couple of OTs that would definitely start for years.
  12. I tried to watch but they were showing a women’s softball game instead
  13. Happy Easter
  14. Same train Quinn and other coaches have gotten large dt’s or de’s to lose weight. Belly fat doesn’t make you any better, and having less weight makes you faster. Just because you can carry extra weight doesn’t mean it’s your optimal playing weight. I dont care a ton. You’re just always looking for ways a player can get better. And if dex all of a sudden becomes a guy who can shoot gaps and shimmy in addition to what he already is, you’ve created a monster
  15. 200 dead
  16. Neal was well known here. I even mocked him in the second and I don't know much about college ball outside of UGA.
  17. If the Falcons got Ford and Lawrence I would be happy.
  18. Vafungul !
  19. Why not just trade down some and grab Simmons in the 20s somewhere? Sure we don’t get him for probably most if not all of this season, but he was a top 5 lock before getting injured and allows us to not give up a 2nd, 3rd, and next years 1st for playing this season. If we picked up another 3rd I’d pull the trigger.
  20. If the options are Greedy Williams at 14 or trading up for QW, then yes please. LOS > DB. Otherwise, count me in with those who'd rather stay at 14 and get BPA at OT/DL and use some of the remaining picks to trade back into the late 1st or early 2nd. imo the value in this draft is depth in some key areas rather than superstars that you have to mortgage the farm for.
  21. Lol....this draft is really hard to predict. Most likely picks: Ed Oliver (Trade up) Montez Sweat at 14 Christian Wilkins at 14 Jawaan Taylor at 14 Jonah Williams at 14 Cody Ford at 14 Dexter Lawrence / Trade down Chris Lindstrom / Trade Down it will be one of those 8 players
  22. Arresting officer must have been an 'Aints fan. If I would have pulled him over, I would have asked him to sign my squad car.
  23. ? @HolyMoses @Sn4tteRBoxXeR
  24. Pics?
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