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  2. Hey man, I liked Nnamadi . But yeah he sucked for the eagles lol.
  3. If you can do it minus the name calling, no problem.. and I explained my reasoning..
  4. Yep. And we all know when AFC Shut down CB moved to NFC, they weren’t dominant.
  5. I assumed you were talking about trading Ender and using Pache as the backup to CF. Am I wrong in thinking that?
  6. Yeah I was thinking the stats may have been a bit off, but not completely skewed. Like you said, he’s not a shut down corner. That breed doesn’t exist anymore. Gilmore is the closest to it right now and I wouldn’t even say he’s a shut down corner. The last true shut down corner was Sherman during the LOB days.
  7. I don’t know man.. he was pretty bad in 18, 15, and 14..
  8. LOL ok Guess I'll use that excuse next time then. My perception is because of days like today. Had that been anyone else you'd have not done it, you are proving it now.
  9. Cooper Kupp is the Rams best offensive player so far this season. If he continues his level of play, then he'll be asking for #1 receiving threat WR money soon.
  10. PFF had different raw stats but it wasn’t Any close to shut down corner. Folks read some random pff grade and hear Cowherd or skip hype up players.
  11. I wasnt saying sit Pache and only play him every so often
  12. You could say the same thing about WR's...oh wait. Talented corners are becoming harder and harder to find in a pass-happy league. They're invaluable. If you have a chance to get one of the best, you do it.
  13. Great point Castro. Great point.
  14. He's always had huge power and been a great OFer. This year was what he was in Cincinnati before being very bad in 2018.
  15. Duvall in his 41 games with the Braves hit .267/.315/.567. His career mark is .233/.292/.461. In that way he far exceeded his career norms. So, yeah, I would call what he did this year an outlier.
  16. That’s your perception
  17. You think Falcons going to love Brown/compare him to Poe? Plays like Akiem Hicks. Where will they play him?
  18. There's a difference between not agreeing and instantly pissing on my opinion because I said it and that's exactly what you do whether you realize it or not.
  19. To be fair I think you have cornered yourself in a position to where you are trying to teach "these lefties" that they're being partisan, and sometimes in extreme cases where it's seriously all Trump being partisan and just dumb as ****, so they have come to expect it from you. I mean...... it's what you do No snarkiness either. It's literally what you do.
  20. Ramsey 2018: 78 receptions allowed on 128 targets(60.9%) on 455 coverage snaps, 13 PDs, 3 INTs, 946 yards allowed and 3 TDs, 78.5 Passer Rating allowed Trufant: 83 receptions allowed on 130 targets(63.8%) on 511 coverage snaps, 12 PDs, 0 INTs, 813 yards allowed 5 TDs, 91 Passer Rating allowed I’ll preface this with the fact that I’m not sure how exact these statistics truly are, because some of the numbers were very slightly off from what’s posted on sites like, but I’d assume if they’re off, it’s not by much. But as you can see, if they are fairly accurate, the disparity in both CBs performances are not very different at all. The only major difference is the fact that Ramsey was able to pick off some passes while Tru wasn’t, which helped Ramsey lower his opposing passer rating as compared to Tru.
  21. His offense in particular
  22. DQ makes Brissett, Mariota, and Mayfield look like elite QBs. I want Matt to have a chance going against his defenses.
  23. An outlier in what way?
  24. Every time the Dems debate gun control they give Fox News enough sound bites to entertain their viewers for days. They just stumble and fumble all over that issue.
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