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  2. Relax good guy. Don't take it to the edge and it doesn't need to go there. I'm cool with this mindset and saying this. It's less about being "against" the team and more about being so strongly sure that Lindsay is better than Ito after one year, which is why I mentioned the Beasley point.
  3. I like ito. He’s a playmaker. I like playmakers. When free went down ito stepped up behind Coleman. Ito also does things free doesn’t do so he’s not exactly a clone. Ito reminds me more of Bell with his patience in the hole. I’m more than confident in ito and so we’re all of you last season. Woulda coulda shoulda means nothing. We got a productive player. All that matters in the end.
  4. Head scratcher
  5. He has no playmakimg ability, how could he possibly make the team when he has no ability to make plays? We are much better with rotating DL like Rubin and Courtney Upshaw, Shelby.
  6. Any arrest is major imo.. Being booked is alot different than just getting a ticket..
  7. Did this really need it's own thread? Yes it did because it's Gazoo and since it didn't get the attention he wanted in the other thread it needed it's own thread.
  8. Yeah...this means nothing but you run with it. You’ll be talking to yourself though. Have a good day.
  9. 2 years is a long time to be out of professional sports.. Ill say this, if he does make the team he definitely wasted some valuable time and money during his prime
  10. Look, the Falcons have gotten a lot right in the player personnel department, we know that but If what Lindsay is saying is true then the Falcons missed on this one and for a bargain price too. You know, it’s ok to say that and still be bullish about this team.
  11. Ra’Shede Hageman sacked Aaron Rodgers with one hand while lying on his stomach One big swipe was all the big lineman needed to send Rodgers to the turf. By Christian D'Andrea@TrainIsland Jan 22, 2017, 4:25pm EST SHARE Ra’Shede Hageman is a strong man. Strong enough to sack Aaron Rodgers. From his stomach. With just one swipe of his hand. from this play The Atlanta Falcons’ defensive lineman powered through Green Bay Packers center Corey Linsley, forcing Rodgers back in the pocket. His drive left him face down on the turf, but he recovered in time to get one last swat in at the Packer quarterback’s feet. He hit Rodgers’ ankle to send the two-time MVP to the turf, locking down a clutch 11-yard loss with an unlikely sack.
  12. I can see someone bumping this the moment he gets cut(if he does) and throwing every stone in the yard at you
  13. Well that sucks. Lindsay is a stud.
  14. I guess you're too dense to know I don't agree with everything Trump or GG does regarding any matters. This matter you mention is one I happen to agree with GG on and not Trump.
  15. It can definitely help. Relationship issues on top of PTSD issues can be really really volatile too. I used to talk to him a lot but we both moved away from El Paso and our communication kinda tapered off. I knew suicide was always floating around in the back of his mind, which has been hard for me to deal with personally since he finally acted on it because I feel like I could have made a difference. It’s tough. Certainly hope the best for you and your friend and his new marriage. It’s so sad how much this happens with military folks.
  16. Just terrible signing, had no impact on Brady in the Super Bowl. He clearly can’t get to the QB as a backup rotating DT, BRING BACK AHTYBA RUBIN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! Look how Hageman can’t shed blocks, can’t get penetration, just isn’t impactful. Another situation where you can tell Cam Newton is playing with him. Hageman cant even wrap up diminutive 250lb scat back Blount in Super Bowl. Everyone knows how easy Blount is to tackle. and below is another Super Bowl photo where Blount is running right over Hagemen Another failure to wrap up the running back. No way this type of player rotating in on the defensive line could help this defense. No athletic ability, no pass rush ability, gets tossed around like a rag doll, gets run over by power backs, can’t shed blocks, has no power or playmakimg ability= Camp body
  17. Living in the Midwest, I've seen plenty of Winovich over the past couple years. He has a great motor and was the hungriest guy on Michigan's defense.
  18. Sure he did, our #1 RB missed all of last season.
  19. I’d love to have Lindsay on this team.
  20. And Beasley was the sack leader in 2016....
  21. And then Philip Lindsay has a down second year and Ito has a productive second year....ya'll gotta relax with this jumping the gun stuff. Did you TRULY scout (as much as a fan could) and say "Yep that undrafted guy is the bees knees...We're gonna regret that one for the next 4 years" SOME of you guys are funny. LOL!
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