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  2. Vic is the worst defender on the team. Takk and Oliver have more impact than him
  3. Texans fans really out there thinking Watson is elite now just cuz he murdered our sorry *** defense lmao. Then he went and played well against the second worst D.
  4. Im so ready for us not to need the middle east for oil. It's nonstop drama and war. Just move on to green energy and let them fight among themselves forever without us being in the middle of the squabbles.
  5. I think it's more of a sentiment of "Well, how are the Democrats going to manage to **** this one up?" And you can't blame them. Most here are Atlanta sports fans so we came about that sentiment honestly.
  6. The guy likes to ask opinions of other posters, what's wrong with that? Usually the questions are valid and get people discussing pertinent issues with the Falcons. This one is kind of...out there though.
  7. That's what you get when you double down $13MM on a guy who's had 5 sacks or less in 75% of his seasons played.
  8. Pretty much. Also been talking about the impeachment inquiry and the witnesses. Looks like Rudy could be in trouble.
  9. can we start jordan miller and sheffield this week
  10. Some of the receivers had 14 yard separation average for the whole game, when running the routes. Most Receivers have 1-2 yard separation for the game. They are treating opposing Receivers as brothers.
  11. Ah ok middle east drama.
  12. The late-game management of Georgia Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart was under the microscope again after South Carolina scored an upset win in double overtime on Saturday. Former Georgia quarterback Hutson Mason, who played for the team under Mark Richt from 2010-14, appeared on The Paul Finebaum Show Monday to analyze the decisions made by Smart down the stretch. A pivotal play came when, with the scored tied at 17 and eight seconds left in the game, Georgia had a third-and-5 from the South Carolina 38-yard line. The Bulldogs chose to run a play to try and gain more yardage for kicker Rodrigo Blankenship to attempt a game-winning field goal, but a penalty for an illegal shift knocked them out of field goal range. "Paul I'm fine, I know a lot of people are killing (Smart) today they wanted to see Rodrigo Blankenship kick that 55 yard field goal; I think Kirby's exactly right there's not a coach in America that is not going to try to get a couple extra yards with eight seconds left," Mason said, "especially when you have the most trustworthy quarterback in Jake Fromm. He's taught, and he would have, just thrown the ball out of bounds if nothing was there. My core problem with this is that Kirby Smart was unprepared for the moment. "And I mean that by, if you remember the play was called in late from (offensive coordinator) James Coley, there were no timeouts left, Fromm then audibled at the line of scrimmage with under five seconds, illegal shift bumps them out of field goal range. The angle that nobody is talking about is why did the play take so long to get in? And it only points back to Kirby. Because in the situation there, Kirby is trying to decide, 'Am I going to punt it? Am I going to go for it? Am I going to kick a field goal?' And the problem is, he should have been a play ahead, two steps ahead thinking about these things. "And based on my history in these certain situations, James Coley was probably sitting there waiting, waiting, waiting, 'Kirby what are we doing? Are we gonna kick it? Are we going to go for it?' And he is waiting, and with about 25-20 seconds left (on the play clock), Coley then gets the OK green light for him and there's a process. The (graduate assistant) has to signal (the play) in, you know all this stuff that takes longer and longer. So I think the problem for me is again Kirby was unprepared in the moment and really kind of got caught with his pants down." Georgia has two first-year coordinators with Dan Lanning on the defensive side in addition to Coley as the offensive coordinator. Mason also believes that is affecting Smart's ability to properly assess in-game decisions. "Paul maybe it's because he doesn't have (former Georgia defensive coordinator) Mel Tucker next to him," Mason said. "I noticed that Kirby went from, in the first three quarters, not calling plays. And then in overtime, Dan Lanning's looking at him and Kirby's a lot more involved calling plays. That was an observation I had. And so maybe he's not able to handle more of the head coaching responsibility because he's got a young, inexperienced defensive coordinator in Dan Lanning. I don't know maybe that's so in that moment, you know, where a head coach who trust his defensive coordinator to be calling the plays, would be sitting back with this bird's eye perspective and this bird's eye view of thinking ahead. But you don't have that luxury when you're trying to call plays, and sit in the head coaching chair and handle timeouts, you know, challenge all these different things. "So it can't happen. And unfortunately it did. And unfortunately, in the big-game situations, the close ones, we are now talking about Kirby's in-game clock management more than we're talking about execution from a player standpoint. Where you know we're not talking about, and Fromm had four turnovers let's not forget that. That was a big part of the game. "But SEC Championship Game, national championship two years ago, this game...I mean there are several, there's a large enough sample size for us to see this now and go, you know, Kirby is costing his team in big time, crunch situation games." ********* What do you think of the above? I think a lot of what Hutson said is accurate. Kirby is a control freak and has his hands in way too much. He won't back off because he is who he is.
  13. Why are people so confident about Trump’s reelection? He only won by 140k votes spread across three traditional Democratic states. His popularity is way down from when he was elected and half of the public wants him removed from office. He’s lost a lot of the people who voted for him and I don’t see where he is making up that ground by drawing Clinton supporters to his side. He barely won, in other words, and everything he’s done since then has lowered his base of support.
  14. Imagine trading a 24 year old TE coming right into his prime and performing like a top five player at his position right now. Hooper is tied for the most TDs at the position and the second most yards. TD should be fired on the spot if he does that, especially given how hard it is to find TEs.
  15. If so, it will be the first time a World Series game has been played in DC since 1933. And we will get to see Trump throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Nationals Park and claim credit for the whole thing.
  16. He has decent OL this year but Defense in the last 2 years has been all time worst defense in franchise history.
  17. This is why I don’t like twitter for news — the full clip was so much worse than the twitter headline. And it would only have taken a few more sentences to give his full response. He started by saying, “well if we’re going to investigate Guiliani then let’s investigate Biden.” Then asked about Trump’s children’s conflicts, he says (paraphrasing here) that we shouldn’t try to criminalize everything politicians and their kids do and we shouldn’t descend into investigating everybody on the other side because of politics...WHICH IS WHAT HE JUST SUPPORTED.
  18. Matt Ryan, Jesse Tuggle, Scott Case, Julio Jones, William Andrews, Deion Sanders, the list just goes on and on of the talent that just gets wasted in Atlanta. This franchise just sucks the life out players. A speed bump franchise. How many times have players and coaches left here and had success? The problem with Atlanta is they always have three or four really talented players and then the rest of the roster is a joke. Vic Beasley is another Aundray Bruce, Desmond Trufont is another Bruce Pikens. Jake Matthews is another Sam Baker, Tak is another Jamaal Anderson, we just keep making the same mistakes over and over and over, for every one good draft pick there are 10 bad ones.
  19. Ryan never has a good defense or OL. TD is the main issue
  20. Lol I knew this was gonna come up. Two good drives early and FGs the rest of the way... Come on.
  21. MNF

    Interesting...I need to remember this for next season. I have directv but never watch anything on it. I keep it strictly for Sunday ticket every year
  22. I'm fine keeping Takk on his rookie deal as a rotational guy. I'm not fine keeping Beasley at premium edge money. Takk has more pressures and hits than Beasley. But Beasley cost this team an extremely higher amount.
  23. Perhaps investigate this as well... Speaking of China, the country—not known for its friendliness to American brands claiming intellectual property rights—has granted Ivanka Trump 34 trademarks since her father took office. At least three were approved the same day she dined, in her capacity as a presidential aide, with Chinese president Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago in March 2017. Another batch of trademarks were granted in the days before and after President Trump publicly announced he would take steps to keep Chinese cellphone manufacturer ZTE afloat.
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