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  2. You aint got no real replies on me but personal attacks. Suck an admin d*ck
  3. I mean, are you arguing our 2016 team wasn't better than our team the previous few years? Also if we're talking next year then we lose money if we get rid of Ryan, not save it.
  4. Good grief. Did you even watch our o-line and defense in 2013-14? Its rhetorical. You obviously didn’t.
  5. Everyone associated with the 28-3 collapse has got to go. All they ever say is the same old blah blah blah. But they never fix the stuff that is clearly broken. They never learn from their mistakes. They all need to go.
  6. Man I agree. I sure miss the good old days with the winning GM/QB combos we have had in the past. McKay/Harrington. Or maybe Norm Van Brocklin/**** Shiner? Or perhaps Dan Henning/Scott Campbell. And who could forget all those glorious victories we had with Ken Herock/Billy Joe Tolliver. Yes sir, those were good times.
  7. Yes. Let’s keep Quinn and trade Ryan. He’s the real problem...
  8. Nit trying to be ugly but at this point in time I dont really care what any of them say. Just go out and play 4 freaking quarters. Every team knows they can over come a significant deficit in the fourth playing this team.
  9. And we fall for them every **** year. Why do they get our loyalty when they turn on us week after week.
  10. Its ok......You will have 4 more years together, Arthur is not going to get rid of him that easy! You will have plenty of Quality time with your guy Matt Ryan...
  11. I think the fact that TD didn't pick up Takk's 5th year option speaks volumes. They tried to trade Freeman, but the talks fell apart at the last minute. Not sure about Tru.
  12. We'll defeat you and your gaw**** robot 2020
  13. When a thread has more words in the title than the actual OP...you know it’s terrible
  14. Matt Ryan I've learnt is not a easy QB to deal with. Too much arrogance..this is from his #1 fan. Hes a COACH KILLER! But, Dan Quinn is something else....if he's has even ounce of dignity and self respect left in his soul. He should submit resignation immediately.
  15. There are many players who support DQ but I wonder is that the case because he wants to be buddy buddy with everyone and not the head coach we need him to be?
  16. Blah blah...it's us, not him...we've got to be better...blah blah... No, Matt...it's him.
  17. As he should. QB shouldn't be throwing his HC under the bus. If Quinn is to be fired, that's up to the people above him.
  18. Perhaps we need to re-visit our philosophy and go back to maulers on both sides of the trenches with a big bruising long range HB. No more of these light in the *** lineman and LBs. We need to spend money on the defense, too. As much grief the defense gets form fans, they are actually playing according to their budget. You get what you pay for. Then, we need a HC that can restore the discipline, focus, and resilience Mike Smith brought here.
  19. The problem is why would TD trade him? Unless he is gaurenteed to keep his job he isn't going to trade anyone who could help him keep it. Look at what they did with trufanr and freeman last year.
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