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  2. We need a cpl nasty lineman, a beast running back, keep hoop, a cpl beasts on D line and edges, two real cornerbacks and some coaches who aren’t fossils to run this thing and one professional/experiences HC who won’t be intimidated by any stars. GM sb a complimentary fit with similar vision and proven talent evaluator.
  3. We have an excuse for losing now, several of them in fact: bad defense, bad coaching, bad running game, bad o-line, bad special teams, etc., etc.
  4. We can beat Arkansas with Mac Jones. As long as Tua is healthy after the bye week for the LSU game we will be good to go.
  5. A 40 year old Mahomes would be 10 times as mobile as a 22 year old Ryan. Their athleticism isn’t going to decline to a point where they’d be anywhere as slow as Ryan at any point.
  6. As well as a half dozen other guys. Sanu has been a good influence in his time here, but he’s aging, and highly expendable now that Hoop has made him mostly irrelevant.
  7. Quit playing dumb, you know exactly what I mean. You disappear when events happen that doesn't support your narrative and then poof you pop up the second something looks like it does and crow about it. You are a recency bias genius.
  8. an open wallet is not the problem.
  9. Make Bill Polian and Bill Parcells offers they can’t refuse (up to minority ownership) for full time consulting svc. I’d evaluate everything from the scouting and draft board mgt to the game day, practice and clubhouse environments. We need professional NFL atmosphere installed top to bottom. No favorites, no sacred cows. If I was blank I’d fire my concubine(s) if they got in my way. Enough of the coddling and rah rah. No one is above the cap versus value scales. Time for a real defense anchored by a beastly nasty line and same for offense. Get innovative coordinators but philosophy must be hard nosed period!!!!!!
  10. Yes, but even with that I can’t help think that the game still wouldn’t have been iced. It was still the GOAT Brady over there. If they can convert two 2-pt conversions with no problem I don’t see how executing a successful onside kick is too much to ask. LOL
  11. Agree. I feel bad for him too. I kind of wish Blank would go ahead and give him the axe to get it over with. He's like a wounded animal just suffering. Go ahead and end his misery.
  12. Unfortunately, we won’t be so lucky to have Quinn leave in the middle of the night.
  13. Which is exactly why we should have traded him for that 3rd last year.
  14. No owner is going to come out and say "yeah, our head coach is gone come the bye week"
  15. I don't think Quinn with be gone at the break but I do think we need to start looking at trading some pieces away! We need cap space! Do i know who they should trade No but someone has to go!
  16. There are plenty of teams that have the head coach with complete control that still have. GM's.... that actually is very common in today's NFL...Seattle, Oakland...several others. Quinn does not have complete control like say a Pete Carroll. But he has considerable more say and Personnel matters than somebody like it Adam gase or Doug Marrone....and at the end of the day he gets the players that he wants...IE Alvin Bailey.....James Carpenter and others The fact is TD for Better or Worse as always done what he could to supply the coaching staffs with the players of their choosing. He signed so many former Jaguar players that it became a joke, he got Nolan several of his players.....he loaded up the falcons with former Redskin players because of Shannahan. I mean whos idea do you think it was to sign Rex "sexy rexy" Grossman to a contract?? Do I think he is indispensable? No do I think we could probably use a new voice? Possibly...... just like what part of me wants to give Quinn one more year there's another part of me that just wants to cut ties right now.
  17. AB has too much class, give him an extra day to clean up.
  18. They have drafted decently but could be much better. Missed on a lot of players that have been great. So that’s about it. Made some fire quotes to go with nothingness every year too lol
  19. in hindsight...i think the hiring of this staff is a complete over-reaction to a bad hiring of Sark...rookie playcaller asked to call someone's system!! WTF!! now bring in the Koetters, Mularkeys, Suttons, etcetc...nothing creative about them at all...just vet COs...nothing distinguishable about em. shows Quinn's lack of true vision going forward...
  20. SABAN!
  21. Then he needs to speak truth to power. The corporate talk is what’s leading to empty seats (aside from the on field shlt show).
  22. He scouts? He negotiates contracts? You know better than that.
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