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  2. I was there, and it is still the most frustrating moment I've seen in person at a Birds game.
  3. After dropping their last 2 to the Brews, this will be a great test for the Braves! Lets get it!!!
  4. Eugene Robinson's gameworn SB33 jersey.
  5. Ah, another day in paradise
  6. According to Julio's "thanks for letting us eat" tweet responding to Deoin's deal, it should be soon.
  7. We'll know by week 3.
  8. That soundtrack is good too. Ff9 was truly for the fans. Return to classic mysticism
  9. Even the duller songs more routine songs are nostalgic
  10. So take your pick, your can support the racist (Republicans) or the socialist (Democrats) what a great choice. So much total B.S.
  11. That presumes that every play is the right play call and there is enough time every play to go through all of the reads. And, it’s presuming Matt is missing open receivers. So, if the point was that Matt is not perfect well then neither are these surrounding factors. Such things that are implied to be a given when that’s not true. Basically, Matt became solidified as elite in 2016, is viewed as a one-year wonder; not true, and hated on for having Julio Jones.
  12. You mean on more pass attempts, right? Ryan threw the ball an average of about 38 times a game in 2018 compared to roughly 34 times in 2016. If Ryan did it on fewer pass attempts than in 2016 then his YPA would be closer to 10, which would be insane given the circumstances.
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  14. No chance. Did we not learn anything from the idiotic Grady Jarrett speculation?
  15. Jerry had an unfortunate injury. peters as a 3rd rounder in 2010 is still a starter playing well in NFL. How the heck is that a miss? Disagree that walker and Schweitzer, low round picks who became nfl starters, were ‘misses’ as well.
  16. Yep.
  17. FF9 was always my personal favorite for some reason (I think I just really like the way they did the world building for that one)
  18. Thank you 567....,you’re always there when I need help!
  19. That soundtrack makes me nostalgic as fuq
  20. 22.... No way it's less than 20. .... Also I think anything over 18 is idiotic to spend on anyone in that position
  21. Koetter's offense is probably more in vogue than Shanahan's to be honest. Shanahan has always done his own thing to be honest, often going against recent trends. Last year the 49ers rolled out the 21 personnel grouping (2 backs & 1 TE) on 42% of their offensive plays - that was highest in the league and 14% more from the next highest team. They also jointly led the league in the use of the 22 personnel grouping (2 backs & 2 TE's). Elsewhere around the league the trend is towards 11 personnel groupings (1 back & 1 TE). League-wide it was used around 60% of the time. The Ram's, considered one of the most explosive and trendy offenses right now, used it on 87% of their snaps.
  22. He was playing from behind a lot.
  23. ANY/A takes passing yards, TDs, INTs, sacks, sack yards, and pass attempts all into account. I do like YPA, sure, but ANY/A tells you a lot more about a QB's performance.
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