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  2. Fasting every now and then is fine, but I would not endorse the way you tackle this weight loss program. You can turn that hard to get rid of fat into muscle while eating more calories. Anyhow, I wish you well and do it safely.
  3. At my frustration weight i always plateau at this weight! If I can get past this, it’s smooth sailing down for the rest. Been contemplating if I’ll eat today or not. That would be 3 days without eating before I eat again. Not even hungry
  4. I certainly strain myself arguing with people who don't like to hear what I have to say. Steve thinks he's Jesus for getting banned for three days. I went to **** for three days arguing with the left about whether or not Trump's smart enough to do things on purpose. They made me explain why he's smarter than I wanted to believe. It hurt my soul.
  5. Worrilow was atrocious, trying to forget about that guy. Should have kept Lofton and let featherspoon and nicholas go.
  6. Happy Birthday Brother! Get Krunk!
  7. Happy B-Day young lady! Celebrate and enjoy!
  8. I said the same thing till I looked at their stats, Gordon is better, younger, and healthier.
  9. Here's a toast for a series win today!
  10. Absolutely. BTW, excellent thread, G.
  11. That’s only part of the story. Our roster was depleted of talent by 2013 due to years of bad drafting by GM. Fact is, our D hasn’t been any better 1st 4 seasons under Quinn than it was under Smith 1st 4 seasons. Even with Quinn given more reign and mandate in personnel and draft to improve the D than smith ever had. By 2013, Smith was burned out and his message had gotten stale, which happens often after 5+ seasons of same head coach. Very well could happen to quinn in a couple years as well, which is why this upcoming season is so critical for him after last year’s disappointment. But let’s not excuse the GM for the lack of talent we found ourselves with at that time in 2013-14 either.
  12. I'm thankful for the internet and for absurdist cartoons for putting so much air between my morality and my humor while they were still in the early stages of development. If I didn't watch all that Adult Swim in the early 2000's I might have grown into someone that posts Trump memes on social media and wishes Stephen Colbert would run for President. And the internet is especially fun because it's usually both how the bubble gets made and how it gets popped.
  13. New England relies on Tom Brady. Remind me again how their future is bright once he leaves? I doubt Bill sticks around either once Brady is gone. Philly is relying on a QB that has barely played in the last 2 years. Nick Foles is not around to save the day anymore. Pittsburgh just lost its Star RB and WR and Ben is 100 years old. New Orleans relies on Drew Brees. Remind me again how their future is bright once he leaves? Minnesota???? LMFAO. Out of the teams ahead of us I could see the logical reasoning behind Indy, Kansas City, Seattle, LA Rams, Cleveland, LA Chargers, Chicago, Green Bay and Dallas. That leaves us at 10 even though I still don't agree with a few of those teams I could at least understand it.
  14. I don't disagree that Deion has killed you guys I am simply saying Ryan has been a Saint killer. You mention the Jones Pick 6 and ignore the fact we had 38 points on the board at the time. Sure Jones got that pick 6 but our defense had also given up 32 points. Was it really Jones that killed you guys that whole game or was it Ryan and the offense? Then you look back at the last game of 2016 and see again we scored 38 and our defense almost blew it after giving up 19 points in the 4th. (How fitting how the 2016 season ended smh) Ryan: 513/797 (64%), 6,354 yards, 39 touchdowns, 13 interceptions A guy averaging over 300 YPG and that has a 3:1 TD ratio against you I would say has done his fair share. The rest of the team may not have. Ryan has not control over if the defense gives up 40 points a game.
  15. I strenuously object to the notion that the bubble only exists on one side of the political spectrum. Bubbles are everywhere because the internet is everywhere. Anyone can be at risk of inundating themselves with too much of the things they want to believe in, especially if their sense of morality is tied closely to their sense of humor.
  16. Very true. Same for patriots and Brady, BTW.
  17. Today
  18. For sure. Then it was the Worrilow love before people realized that he was completely awful. Was a cool story for half a season but he only continued to get worse as time went on and teams had more tape on him.
  19. One of the few times I agree with you top to bottom. I don't feel safe. Only thing I would add is the pass rush situation. Does anyone truly feel our pass rush will be improved? Sure Takk and Grady may continue to get better and be around the 8-12 sack mark each.. But Vic is awful, Means is on IR, Clayborne is what he is and Cominsky won't be much of anything this year and is more so a project.
  20. Lofton to Dent was a huge downgrade.
  21. Duke Riley has to play extremely well in the preseason to even make the roster. Ishmael, Carter and Grace are the likely backups at the 3 LB spots. Foye had a decent rookie year so it will be interesting to see if he makes a leap similar to how Campbell did in year 2.
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