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  2. Ding ding... winner winner, chicken dinner.. so to speak. I mean has anyone listened to other things Dukes has said? He talks about games and I often wonder if he even watched the highlights on ESPN. He talks definitively about things that happen in games and Bell has to explain to him that what he just said didn't happen at all.
  3. That ship already sailed bro. See the thread from 18 months ago when me, G-Dawg and Peyton got reamed for even suggesting it. That was the time. When he was a year younger, still on his second contract, productive, and starting up that Migo, TO holdout bush it. Too much of a dead cap hit now. Troffed.
  4. Not now... If we hadn't gave him that huge contract, in a heartbeat
  5. Yep. With this many picks, we could pick up someone like CeeDee Lamb or Jerry Juedy too.
  6. That's so important. You really need 10 or 11 capable everyday players in order to win the World Series, especially in the NL. Who knows how much longer we'll get to enjoy true baseball the way it was meant to be.
  7. Sanu was acquired for the playoffs, specifically KC. Look for him to throw for a TD in the SB. We won the trade but the patriots had a reason for grabbing some Sanu. It will pay dividends this year
  8. I'll have Metcalf in for one league and Lockett in another wooooo
  9. You have to vote to be a "voter".
  10. $32M dead money next year. He'll be here.
  11. Yes, Julio isn’t worth that big money because he takes plays off! I was at the game Sunday and every time after Julio is targeted, he skips the next play and stand on the sidelines smh I remember Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, TO all them never took a play off!
  12. I don't know Daboll, but he coached under Saban and Belichick. If he has adopted the same philosophy, habits and persona as his mentors, than I am very interested.
  13. For a bucket of chicken.
  14. Thanks everyone. At least we got to celebrate his birthday when he could still enjoy it. Which he did.
  15. I'd trade him, but not for anything less than a 2nd rounder. He's ascending and has exceeded expectations. He's a top 5 TE right now.
  16. Don’t need to tank just keep doing what there doing.
  17. If someone gives us 2 first rounders for Julio it is probably going to be a playoff team who thinks they have a shot at a deep playoff run. So chances are it will not be a high pick or a top ten pick. With that being said I would trade Julio for 2 firsts. Julio is the best receiver in the NFL, but I do think Ridley would pick up his game tremendously if he was the #1 and Hooper will continue to get his. Use those 2 firsts to add protection for Matt Ryan or rebuild or defense and we would have a much better shot at winning a title. Many quarterbacks have shown us that protection is more important than dominant receivers.
  18. Apparently so is winning
  19. I am in 4 FF leagues, I am glad to have Russel Wilson (1 league) and Chris Carson(2 leagues) as they face the Swiss defense of the almighty Dan Quinn led defense My Falcon‘s season is not yet done after all! Gonna be looking forward to starting everyone on my team when they face the falcons from here throughout. Here’s to FF!
  20. "Julio Jones will be a Falcon for life." A Blank
  21. Meanwhile in Flowery Branch, the Falcons offense relies on PA to fully utilize the playbook yet we refuse to try and run the football...more at 11:00
  22. IF we traded Hooper I'd want a 2nd. He's established himself as a top 5 TE
  23. So are "elite" quarterbacks
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