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  2. Ive never been a Coleman fan, but ive always been open that i like bigger rb's so I probably look at the situation completely different
  3. I didn’t compare his GAME to Bell. I said his PATIENCE in the hole is like Bell. Please read the words my man. This cuts down on confusion if you just read exactly what’s written lol.
  4. 6th and 7th round picks are where you take risks on guys like Bryce Love. I'd love to see the Falcons take a chance on him. Got nothing to lose.
  5. Why does a backup need to be special? Coleman wasn’t special. But he was d@mn good.
  6. I get where you're coming from.. Just dont see the comparison to Bell.. Not even close
  7. Should I put the draft recap on the beginning of the post? I get the feeling some people may vote with no regard to what positions we have already drafted.
  8. Ito is nothing special, and doubt he ever will be.. Just being honest man
  9. I'm sure they will be devastated.
  10. Why does Roddy not have a license is probably the biggest question in all of this.. People dont get put in the slammer for drifting into a HOV lane
  11. I cosign this thread, our run defense hasn't been the same ever since we cut shede,
  12. Upshaw was a good player with the Ravens though. The Falcons misused him and had him gain a lot of weight to become a DT.
  13. Our DL needs to add some girth so we’d need to go another route
  14. They are all right, We are much better with some of their hero’s rotating DL like Rubin, Joey Mbu, Courtney Upshaw, Shelby, Adam Replogle, Travian Robertson!!!! Each and every one of them had far more playmakimg ability and freak athleticism than Hageman. In all seriousness, my point is directed at those saying he has no chance of making the team and was signed as a camp body. I never even said he was a lock to make the team, I’m saying it’s foolish to suggest he has no chance.
  15. I think Burns is going to be a very special player IF he adds weight and gets stronger. He’s prolly a year or two away and we need help now. I’d take him over VB right now
  16. At 6’6”, 320 Lbs, he only had a vertical leap of 36”. No explosion whatsoever. Look how tiny he is next to former NFL Defensive Tackle DQ.
  17. Agree on oliver. I like your strategy...a lot actually....but we do need some CB depth. You could even argue we need two. I would go corner with that 95th pick...say Isaiah Johnson from Houston... other than not addressing corner, I love it!
  18. My daughter just rolled her eyes and laughed when I told her I’m going to say “we’re in the Endgame now” as we walk into the theater Friday.
  19. You’re right. Fair enough. All is well. I’m not really passionate about this, more so like welp there will be misses, but Lindsay so far has proven to be better in my estimation. Now that may change, however based on the body of work that’s what we have to go on.
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