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  2. That presumes that every play is the right play call and there is enough time every play to go through all of the reads. And, it’s presuming Matt is missing open receivers.
  3. You mean on more pass attempts, right? Ryan threw the ball an average of about 38 times a game in 2018 compared to roughly 34 times in 2016. If Ryan did it on fewer pass attempts than in 2016 then his YPA would be closer to 10, which would be insane given the circumstances.
  4. No chance. Did we not learn anything from the idiotic Grady Jarrett speculation?
  5. Jerry had an unfortunate injury. peters as a 3rd rounder in 2010 is still a starter playing well in NFL. How the heck is that a miss? Disagree that walker and Schweitzer, low round picks who became nfl starters, were ‘misses’ as well.
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  7. FF9 was always my personal favorite for some reason (I think I just really like the way they did the world building for that one)
  8. Thank you 567....,you’re always there when I need help!
  9. That soundtrack makes me nostalgic as fuq
  10. 22.... No way it's less than 20. .... Also I think anything over 18 is idiotic to spend on anyone in that position
  11. Koetter's offense is probably more in vogue than Shanahan's to be honest. Shanahan has always done his own thing to be honest, often going against recent trends. Last year the 49ers rolled out the 21 personnel grouping (2 backs & 1 TE) on 42% of their offensive plays - that was highest in the league and 14% more from the next highest team. They also jointly led the league in the use of the 22 personnel grouping (2 backs & 2 TE's). Elsewhere around the league the trend is towards 11 personnel groupings (1 back & 1 TE). League-wide it was used around 60% of the time. The Ram's, considered one of the most explosive and trendy offenses right now, used it on 87% of their snaps.
  12. He was playing from behind a lot.
  13. ANY/A takes passing yards, TDs, INTs, sacks, sack yards, and pass attempts all into account. I do like YPA, sure, but ANY/A tells you a lot more about a QB's performance.
  14. There is more to life and quarterbacking than one meaningless stat. YPA is like every other stat if taken in a vacuum: an imperfect and incomplete reflection of the whole.
  15. I just disagree. He's the same dude, his play hasn't gotten better at all, and that's okay because he's a really good player. He had downgrades at OC and across the OL and his play wasn't as good. I don't get the whole "he was practically as good as his MVP season in 2018" narrative or where it comes from but it's blatantly untrue and dishonest. He had almost as many yards and TDs, sure, but he did that on significantly fewer attempts, in a season that saw a massive explosion of passing efficiency, and all that stuff matters. It needs to matter. It's okay to say he was notably worse in 2018 than he was in 2016, he was still really really good. He was just all-time great in 2016 and saying his 2018 was in any way close to as good as that season is doing that 2016 season an injustice imo.
  16. This is as of now unproven and unsupported by facts.
  17. and this tells me you are a big fan of adjusted net yards per pass attempt which is a absolutely fine thing to like and support. You are acting like im saying the 2016 season was complete garbage and are acting like im saying the 2018 season was the best ever. Which im not im saying that compared to what he had to work with in 2016 vs 2018 to even come close to those numbers without actually having much more int's and bad play took more effort by him to get there which means to me shows he personally himself probably played better where as the team as a whole played better in 2016 to make it easier for him.
  18. if you were to make a ranked list of every 16 game QB season in NFL history, sorted by ANY/A, 2016 Matt Ryan would rank 2nd behind 2004 Peyton Manning. 2018 Matt Ryan ranks 31st. If you adjust for year, since 2018 had such a massive explosion of passing production/efficiency, 2016 Ryan ranks 4th behind 04 Manning, 84 Marino, and 07 Brady, and 2018 Ryan drops all the way down to 83rd. He had a good season - a really good season, even. But it wasn't anywhere close to as good as his MVP season.
  19. I didn't say 2016 wasn't better but i did say 2018 was very close to it. Rather you want to admit that or not is up to you which i don't really care if you want to or not it's your opinion and i have mine
  20. I burned all three of my authentic Vick jerseys. I would burn that one too.
  21. oh I'm not necessarily trying to say Koetter>Sark by any means. I hate that we fired both our coordinators when the OL was hot garbage and the entire middle of the D got ravaged by injuries. But it happened and now we're probably going to be worse for it. I've accepted it and I'm okay with it.
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