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  2. I also read a while back that Jon Gruden told Mike Mayock that he better not draft a QB in the 1st round.
  3. Maybe different from most around here, but how is it the "worst idea"? Oliver is still a question mark and Tru is just... With Quinn in full control of the D, we're going to see true competition all the way around. Let Greedy battle with Oliver and eventually takeover for Tru in 2020. The loser still gets significant playing time and maybe more in the nickle if Kazee has to stay at FS early in the season for Rico. With a young huge athletic strong NT in Lawrence to pair with Clemson alum Grady (see Ridley & Julio last year), it's the perfect pairing. I think Lawrence can at "least" give us what Poe did in 2017. As far as OL. I think we already have our starters on the roster. OT is the biggest concern but the front office seems to have some kind of faith in Sambrailo. I would probably still draft an OT in the third depending on what we would give up to trade back up for Lawrence.
  4. As a former 2nd round pick he's spent the last 2 years being a nobody. Would be nice to get something from the bust.
  5. He wouldn't be the first player to really level up his game in the later years of his career. If he turns out to be just a camp body, oh well. Won't lose any sleep over that. I think, though, that just the fact that they signed him means that he's in good shape and has a good attitude; two things that weren't true when he was drafted. Love to see him redeem himself, more for the value he would bring to the DLine than the redemption story itself. Would still be a little ticked that he couldn't be bothered to do that last couple of years, when it would have made a difference.
  6. I've tried that one. Even my lawyer didn't believe me.
  7. I did. I don't see anyone in that thread saying he has no chance at making the team. I see lots of folks saying to take it easy because there's no guarantee that he'll make the team. That's vastly different than saying he has no chance of making the team. My opinion is the same, he's going to have to earn his spot on the team. That's far from saying he has no chance to make the team. Calling a person a "camp body" isn't a bad thing. It's not a "knock" against someone. Lots of "camp bodies" have gone on to make the HOF. Camp Body = Any player signed to the team that has to "earn" his spot on the roster because it's not guaranteed. Camp Body =/= Bum who has no chance at making the team.
  8. Hey, she almost got @athell kilt.
  9. The only punishment he deals is to himself. He bends his waist and leads with his head. The dumb*** gets himself hurt.
  10. That is one reason I left there in 1990.......... Soooo, I guess the mobility hasn't improved?
  11. Go read the Hageman signed thread of 8 pages, littered with “He’s just a camp body, won’t make the team, blah,blah,blah. These comments are utterly dismissive of his playmakimg and freak athletic ability. We already have proof on film of his last 10 games in a row he played here that he is a dominant pocket collapsing havoc wreaking DT. Camp body my *** Im not even predicting he is a lock to make the team, I’m say8mg it’s foolish to be so dismissive of us signing him.
  12. And Free doesn't do that? Free's only knock is his size and now injuries. He's not a finesse runner. I don't know why your memory is suddenly short and selective but Free is a hard runner that's dealt his fair share of punishment.
  13. He isn't Barkley so I don't care. A great o line can make any average back look good. That's what I care about. Why I'm hoping for Cody Ford if not Oliver
  14. Ive never been a Coleman fan, but ive always been open that i like bigger rb's so I probably look at the situation completely different
  15. I didn’t compare his GAME to Bell. I said his PATIENCE in the hole is like Bell. Please read the words my man. This cuts down on confusion if you just read exactly what’s written lol.
  16. 6th and 7th round picks are where you take risks on guys like Bryce Love. I'd love to see the Falcons take a chance on him. Got nothing to lose.
  17. Why does a backup need to be special? Coleman wasn’t special. But he was d@mn good.
  18. I get where you're coming from.. Just dont see the comparison to Bell.. Not even close
  19. Should I put the draft recap on the beginning of the post? I get the feeling some people may vote with no regard to what positions we have already drafted.
  20. Ito is nothing special, and doubt he ever will be.. Just being honest man
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