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  2. Koetters offense was better than the offense in 2018 and 17. Sark wasnt the problem and neither is Koetter. Y'all keep thinking that.
  3. Who cares they will probably win it again love em or hate em you gotta respect the organization Didn’t think about this but she’s right the brotherhood is done.
  4. There’s obviously clear factions in the dressing room from the players that’s thee only way I can explain anything that’s going on with this team right now.Haves and the have nots. Now wheather the first mentioned aren’t communicating with the rest of the locker room or there just playing ducks n drakes in the media who knows. Coaches have obviously lost control behind the scenes and there are bigger issues than are being talked about.
  5. Not at all, just that Payton is the one driving that ship. Saban’s former assistants are like 0-18 or something against him, including Kirby Smart and he’s a **** good coach.
  6. He was one of my favorites... always willing to do the dirty work. Consummate pro... Saw an article a few minutes ago that claimed we got a haul for him because he had "fallen out of favor" here. If that was true then this staff is even more ignorant than I already think... no easy feat. Hopefully though it was just incompetence and underperforming on offense in general that led him to being underutilized... and not a willing choice for crissakes!
  7. According to AJC no body is biting on the Beasley trade. So we may end up just having to. I think Takk could straighten up but he's too focused on dallas etc that he probably won't.
  8. I understand trading Hoop is a controversial topic. I just see keeping him and paying him the large contract it will take - whether it's $8mm/yr or $10mm/yr or anything in the middle - is just more of putting our eggs in the being an elite passing team basket - when I'm not sure we will really be that. It also further unbalances the team skewed to offense in the years going forward. I believe you have to "stick the stake in the ground" and do something different with a new GM, new HC and a new vision. Re-Signing Hoop and further crushing your cap on the top end feels like more of the same. I really believe more draft picks, more defense, more lines of scrimmage and more physcial on both sides of the ball - IS - striking out on a new course. Trading Hoop and picking up a 2nd rounder - and maybe trading others - it's bold. Of course it is also odd if Dimitroff is trading players for picks for the future GM - would love to be a fly on that wall when he and Artie discuss. Are the guys now pulling strings knowing they won't be there to finish the job? Thomas Dimitroff has to have more lives than the NINE that the cats get.
  9. Im kind of not surprised koetter is worse than sark.koetter just soing thw aame he did with tampa bay
  10. Good player. Not great
  11. How exactly? I keep seeing the long route narrative but that's not every play?
  12. Imagine if our 2016 had played the easiest offensive schedule in the history of the NFL. That's what we are kind of seeing this year with the Pats defense.
  13. Cut every single one today! fk the draft picks we burned on them and their contract. The sooner they get the **** out the better
  14. There is some truth to this but the run game just hasn’t been on point early in game plans like in 2016 or even 2017.
  15. Let's check who they have played... Team/PPG Rank - Pitt/21 - Mia/31 - NYJ/31 - Buff/22 - WAS/30 - NYG/25 - NYJ/31 Not exactly a murderers row of offenses. No doubt they are playing well, and you can only play the team on your schedule, but they have benefited greatly from the schedule makers. We will see how they end up with games against Ravens, Eagles, Cowboys, Chiefs but they also have Cinci, Buffalo and Miami again...
  16. It's "Waiting For a Girl Like You" by Foreigner
  17. 5th or 6th rounder from the Raiders.
  18. Ridley and Sanu have been mostly single covered all year long and Rids hasn't produced. How do you think he'll perform when he becomes our only other passing option outside of Julio? Our offense isn't going to be a factor if all we have is Julio double teamed and Ridley who has been looking more and more like a bust on the other side failing to beat single coverage. Hooper has been the hardest working Falcon on offense the last three years and has seen his production take a huge leap every season. This year he has a very good chance at leading all NFL tight ends in TDs and yards, and is currently the top rated Tight End per PFF. He is also just turning 25 and has had a completely clean bill of health. He isn't the injury risk Freeman was. The only way you even entertain passing on extending Hoop is if Rid completely balls out in the second half of the season. Otherwise it's completely stupid. For a team with holes up and down the roster creating another hole to fill makes no sense whatsoever. The notion that it's easy to find a tight end that produces 1,200 yards and 8+ TDs is absurd, no matter how many of those yards are garbage stats or a product of double teamed wide receiver. Tony G played on a team with 2 star wide-outs who both drew double coverage and didn't get near those numbers, so let's not act like we are going to plug in the guy who barely made the team this year and see a third of that production, because it's not going to happen.
  19. Here ya go...
  20. Changing away from an inside gap scheme is an adjustment fort MR2. At one point, they'll start getting pissed.
  21. It was his media interview after 51 that did it for me. I got the feeling he would've strapped up that night and played 'em again. I can't recall exactly what he said but it was the way he said it. He put it behind him faster than anyone on the team.
  22. Falcons haven't had an elite edge rusher since John Abraham. Chase Young will give the Falcons that elite rusher coming off the edge that they desperately need. Trade Sanu, Hooper, Vic, Mack, Trufant - stockpile the draft picks. Get strong in the trenches and secondary. Falcons can contend again.
  23. If you can move Mack but idk about Wes after this year or Ryan behind Wes Who needs an aged C with 1 more year and unknown retirement changes; at the trade deadline of all times?
  24. ... this from a guy who signed a huge front loaded contract, and then refusing to attend OTAs and threatened to hold out a couple of years later when he wanted more money. Julio should be a team leader, but set a horrible example for others, created a huge distraction and risked jeopardising a season where it looked like we had a decent chance to make history by winning a SB in our own stadium.
  25. Hey UK Julio’s on about 17-18 a season the media haven’t calculated the rollover from the remainder of his last deal.There just using the extension as an example.You can see why they front load a lot more of money first up though. The fact of this is the teams losing so the numbers look worse than they are.If we were 6-1 this would be a different conversation. Beating the cap is about drafting consistency.You continue to do that it makes the hard decisions easier to make that’s what will hurt us the most with this top heavy roster.
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