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  2. Wait... who cares? this goose is cooked
  3. Sack, strip and score...
  4. You're 3000 million dollar QB and 50 million dollar OL. #1 draft pick, HERE WE COME!!!!!
  5. To the person who wanted to see Schaub today - you are going to get your wish?
  6. A picture is worth a 1000 words.
  7. They are making the Rams defensive line look elite. And now Matt is hurt. SMH.
  8. Quinn needs to be gone. Pull the starters and let see what the backups have to offer. All Quinn is doing is putting players at risk.
  9. Well, he is playing the falcons.
  10. Well boys. Game over, and was never going to be a win!!
  11. We can't block enough to stat pad today.
  12. Worst team in the NFL. Easy.
  13. Just dominance by the Rams...
  14. Ice not looking well after that play
  15. 2nd NFC South QB AD has taken out this season...
  16. These announcers - who cares about whether Ryan is injured - they are more concerned about whether there was a fumble?
  17. When it rains it pours
  18. They just need a new owner not a new town. Blank will never let go of McKay and until he does the Falcons front office, GM, and scouts will be light weight which will result in what we have now a roster full of 2nd and 3rd string talent with three or four actual 1st stringers. Blank needs to tear it all down starting tonight with McKay, TD, Quinn and all scouts. He needs to call a REAL football evaluator in Ed Dodds and let him rebuild his scouting department and then let Ed Dodds pick the next coach but Blank wont do this because McKay is his friend and thus we continues to be what we are.
  19. ******* pull Ryan let Shaub get killed
  20. Last year we were 7-9 with an injury-ravaged team. Hardly embarrassing. This year, since DQ took full command of the defense? Humiliating.
  21. This one game RB and defense should have carried the team.
  22. who has an incredibly intelligent fanbase?
  23. What ever makes you sleep better
  24. There has been immediate pressure so much today it’s insane
  25. Did yall see matts face?
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