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  2. Well, well, well I guess I had a good guess on Sunday. I think there will be more because of the cap and the many positions we need to fill to become competitive once again.
  3. Trufant --- still a serviceable CB (for the rest of this season, especially, if we could ever get someone in here who can actually sack the freakin' QB! Freeman --- overrated and over-paid!!! Probably couldn't get much for him, either. Beasley --- just go ahead and GIVE that sucker away, if we can't get anything for him!!! Ricardo --- mediocre talent --- he can go, as far as I care. Campbell --- Got "bust" written all over him!!! Pull the plug! Hooper --- Gotta hang on to that dude! Especially, with Sanu gone --- Matt's gonna need a reliable 3rd down target more than ever, now!!!
  4. I’m holding out for fewest sacks in a season in history
  5. I must say though @FalconsIn2012, I want a mean and nasty defense with some swagger. I'd take Rex Ryan as DC in a heartbeat. Want an offensive guy as HC. Kubes. Harbaugh. McDaniels. I'd be down for any of them. And for god sakes can we fix special teams? What is Dave Tolb up to?
  6. If you are gonna go, go big. Let’s go 28 quarters and 3 minutes without a sack
  7. Per Overthecap, cutting Tru outright in 2020 means $10.2M in dead money & just a $4.9M savings. As a post 6/1 cut, he'd save us $10.7M w/ $4.4M in dead money. Freeman as an outright cut in 2020 = $3.5M in savings but $6M in dead money. Free as a post 6/2 cut is a savings of $6.5M w/ $3M in dead money. So designating both Free & Tru as our post 6/1 cuts for 2020 saves us about $17.25M w/ $7.4M in dead money... or a net savings of about $10M.
  8. "Rise, Sir Panhead of Wideface!"
  9. *Welp* I guess this is gonna result in middle school health teachers all over the country tendering their resignations by tomorrow afternoon.
  10. It seems like it’s being listed.
  11. Sanu trade gives us 6 million to roll over into next year which was much needed. Saved us over 10 million
  12. I think some of that is due to the scheme differences from last season.
  13. I mean, they passed on Ryan. It’s 50/50. Flores is relatively green and comes from the Belichick coaching tree. So I would imagine that he wants defense first. Not to mention they aren’t in a “win now” mode. They are in their rebuilding phase.
  14. We run RPO and Ryan looks like a wounded giraffe when he runs.
  15. Coming from someone who has lost far too many people, its hard but its a part of life. It never gets easy but its just something everyone has to deal with. As far as the school thing, maybe math isn't your thing. Figure out what you think you could excel at and go for it. I spent 2 years getting am HVAC degree just to decide i don't wanna do that kind of work. I decided I wanted to do something that helps people so i just signed up for EMT school. Just try to find something you would enjoy.
  16. I might be tough on our guys but I'll always be Atlanta till I die.
  17. Seems like 10 years ago.
  18. Agreed....but even the LB’s have been bad this year. Dre & Foye have been a disappointment
  19. How in the h*** can an NFL team go 4 or 5 games without a sack?? You should be able to get a sack despite how bad a scheme is or anything else. Stats like this make you realize that this defense is completely void of talent. Even Debo doesn't seem as explosive as in the past. Grady is hustling but he's got no help. I think everyone outside of Grady is overrated. The players we thought were good are just not. Rico, Kazee, Neal(injured or not), Campbell, etc. We all know that Vic and Takk suck.
  20. Also look at coaches with strong ST’s pedigree. Guys like Belichick, Lynn, Meyer, Harbaugh, Marrone etc all say it’s the kind of coaching that most resembles being a HC as Nd provides the best training. Given an opportunity to talk with Belichick, Spagnuolo asked Belichick what in his coaching career had been most beneficial to him. “Without hesitating, he said, ‘I coached special team for three years,’ ” Spagnuolo said. Monday night, dressed in a suit for opening night of Super Bowl week, Belichick was asked about the influence his tenure as a special teams coach had on his career. Typically tight-lipped, Belichick spoke for 1 minute 47 seconds. “Being a special teams coach is the best training I ever had to being a head coach,” Belichick said. “Certainly, being a coordinator is a great experience. Being a special teams coach, you work with every player on the team, with the exception of the quarterbacks. “Those relationships, and understanding how to deal with different positions, different types of players, all the players at different levels — young players, developmental players, core players, players whose primary role was the kicking game, players whose secondary role was the kicking game. You put all that together, that was a tremendous experience.”
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